The Power of Confessing Gods Word


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You truly need to know where to find the Scripture that you are basing your confession upon.

Walk with Prophet Ronald Flowers in this classic book "The Power of the Confession of Your Words." Clear, Crisp, Easy to Understand.

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The Power of Confessing Gods Word

  1. 1. The Power of Confessing God’s Word “Putting into remembrance the Word of God” Prophet Ronald H. Flowers1|Page
  2. 2. Copyright All Rights ReservedProphetic Insight Ministries International Published by Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries @20132|Page
  3. 3. The Power of Confessing God’s Word “Putting into remembrance the Word of God” Prophet Ronald H. Flowers3|Page
  4. 4. Contact Information Face Book Ronald H. Flowers|Page
  5. 5. Table of Contents Rehearse the Word…6 Scriptural Confession…11 Fruit of Your Mouth…16 Choices We Make…26 Notes…315|Page
  6. 6. Rehearse the WordOne of the most powerful forces on theearth is speaking God’s Word. It is apowerful thing to rehearse the word ofGod in his hearing. Putting God inremembrance of His word always bringsgreat results, not that he has forgotten.It shows that you are confident in whatHe has spoken and therefore you arerehearsing the things that He has spoken,knowing that He will fulfill His word.6|Page
  7. 7. The problem is we have many peoplemaking confessions but not necessarilybased on the word of God. Positiveconfession and positive thinking can onlytake you so far.Only when we put the word of God uponour lips will it affect our spirit, than wewill see true results. Many times, I hearpeople say, “That confession stuffdoesn’t work”. It is because they arejust speaking words, but they have noidea if what they are speaking is basedon the word of God.7|Page
  8. 8. It is great to confess you are healed, butwhat Scripture are you basing you arehealing on. Many times, I asked peoplewhat Scripture they are basing theirconfession on and they look at me with ablank stare.They are speaking words that they heardsomeone else say, not based on the Wordof God. How many times have I heardpeople say, “God is going to make me abillionaire?”8|Page
  9. 9. That sounds great and wonderful, butthe moment I asked them what Scriptureare they basing it on, they look at melike a deer staring into headlights, orsay, “Well Brother Flowers I might notknow where the Scriptures is found butI know it’s in there.”You truly need to know where to find theScripture that you are basing yourconfession upon.9|Page
  10. 10. Perhaps I can better explain what I meanif I were to give you an example. I amnot just saying I am healed by the stripesof Jesus. What I need to say issomething like this, “According to theword of God found in first Peter thesecond chapter verse 24.” Who Hisown self bare our sins in his own body onthe tree that we, being dead to sins,should live unto righteousness: by whosestripes ye were healed.”10 | P a g e
  11. 11. Scriptural ConfessionTherefore according to the word of Godhe has carried my sins away, I now standon the righteousness of God and I declareby his stripes I am always healed.”We need to find the word of God thatwill fit whatever circumstances we arefacing, and make our confession basedupon the word of God. If my childrenare not walking according to the word ofGod I need to find out what God says inhis word concerning my children and11 | P a g e
  12. 12. make a confession based upon his word.If my marriage is not working well I needto find out what God promisesconcerning marriage, then I can boldlyand with confidence speak the word ofGod and expect a change in my marriagesituation.Remember professing the word of Godonly works when you base yourconfession on God’s word. You cannotconfess what you think, what you feel, orwhat you heard someone else say.12 | P a g e
  13. 13. You need to know that your confession isbased upon God’s Word.Some people are waiting for God tofulfill a prophetic word. However, makesure that prophetic word is based withinthe word of God. I have seen peoplegive a so call prophetic word that haveno such basis whatsoever in God Word.Imagine this: someone is speaking a wordand say I see seven men riding in twocampers, coming down Interstate 94, andthey are going to bring you a threemusketeer’s candy bar. (Now when I13 | P a g e
  14. 14. finally get up off the floor laughing Iknow this is not a word that was spokenby the Lord.) Every prophetic wordshould have a basis in the word of God,do not put your hope in something thatjust sounds good, and maybe gives yougoose bumps. It must be based uponGod’s Word.I live my life confessing the word of God,based purely on the word of God and Isee that God manifested his word in mylife.14 | P a g e
  15. 15. Let me encourage you to stand only onthe word of God and he will hasten toperform his word in your life.“Death and life are in the power of thetongue: and they that love it shall eatthe fruit thereof.” (Pro 18:21) Yourwords are like seeds and they willproduce fruit. Your fruit will produce aharvest. If you are not satisfied with theharvest, you need to change the seedsyou are planting.15 | P a g e
  16. 16. Fruit of Your MouthI have a friend who is always saying howbroke he is. I cannot get him to realizethat the words that he is speaking areproducing poverty and lack in his life andhe wonders why he stays broke. Thewords that come out of your mouth areproducing life or they are enabling lack,sickness, and spiritual destruction.“A man shall be satisfied with good bythe fruit of his mouth: and the16 | P a g e
  17. 17. recompense of a man’s hands shall berendered unto him.” (Pro 12:14)God promised to bless the work of yourhands, but many times, we curse thework of our hands by the words of ourmouth. Our hands and mouth should beworking with one another. The fruit ofmy mouth and the work of my hands Godwill give me increase in abundance. Justabout every job you do you use yourhands to perform the work. If you arecomputer technician, you use the handsto repair the computer and type in the17 | P a g e
  18. 18. programs. If you work on a farm, youuse your hand to operate the machineryin order to plant the seeds and gather inthe harvest. Your hands and mouth areworking together to bring forth a harvestinto your life. If you are speaking wordsof lack, poverty, and destruction, yourhands cannot produce the blessings theywere meant to bring forth.Let me give you an example, if you go towork and complain about your job, youare crippling the work of your hands toproduce the promised blessing into your18 | P a g e
  19. 19. life. What would happen if you startedspeaking life over your job, speakingblessings over your supervisors, sayingthat God will give you smart andinventive ideas that will advance you onyour job?“A man’s belly shall be satisfied withthe fruit of his mouth; and with theincrease of his lips shall he be filled.”(Pro 18:20)19 | P a g e
  20. 20. Let us go a little deeper; you are madein the image and likeness of God. Thewhole world was created by the words ofGod.Whatever God spoke was created. If youwill take a closer look at the book ofGenesis in the first chapter, you will seethat God created the entire worldthrough words.Since we as born again believers aremade in the image and likeness of God,we create the world around us byspeaking the words of God.20 | P a g e
  21. 21. Increase on Your LipsNotice what the Scripture says, a man’sbelly shall be satisfied with the fruit ofhis mouth and increase of his lips. He iscreating and bringing forth Godsblessings by speaking what God hadpromised. Once again, if you do not likewhat is around you perhaps you need tochange what you are speaking.This is just more than name it and claimit, this is a lifestyle that we speak everyday of our lives.21 | P a g e
  22. 22. Most people when they first hear aboutthe power of confession try it for amonth or two and give up, declaring thatit does not work.The problem is you have been speakingnegative words for the last twenty yearsif not longer and you expect everythingto change all at once. I promise youthey will change; it will take time touproot all the negative fruit and harvestthat you have produced over the years.22 | P a g e
  23. 23. If you will be faithful to continue tospeak the word of God, and base yourconfessions upon God’s word, you willchange the circumstances of your life toreflect the promises of God.Many believers who love God and whohave walked in the knowledge that Godhas given them have not searched theword of God concerning his promises.They will say what happens just happensand I am powerless to do anything aboutit. That is not true. God who is thecreator of the universe cannot violate23 | P a g e
  24. 24. the words of your mouth. If you speaknegative words, doubt and unbelief, Godis powerless to change yourcircumstances until you change yourwords.Remember Zacharias the father of Johnthe Baptist, when the angel of the Lordappeared to him. He begins to questionGod’s word sent by the angel. God hadto shut his mouth so that he would nothinder the blessing that God was tryingto bring into his life. He told the Angelof the Lord I am just too old and my wife24 | P a g e
  25. 25. is too old, this just cannot happen to me.The angel I bring you words from God forI stand in his presence and you will notbe able to speak until the day God hasfulfilled the promise told Zacharias.Perhaps God needs to shut some of ourmouths for we are speaking words thatare hindering God in fulfilling thepromised blessings.25 | P a g e
  26. 26. Choices We Make“For in many things we all offend. If noone offends in word, the same is a full-grown man, able also to bridle the wholebody. Behold, we put bits in the horses’mouths, so that they may obey us, andwe turn about their whole body. Beholdalso the ships being so great, and drivenby fierce winds, yet they are turnedabout with a very small rudder, wherethe impulse of him steering desires.26 | P a g e
  27. 27. Even so, the tongue is a little memberand boasts great things. Behold howlittle a fire kindles how large a forest! Inaddition, the tongue is a fire, a world ofiniquity. Therefore, the tongue is setamong our members, spotting all thebody and inflaming the course of nature,and being inflamed by hell. For everykind of animals, and of birds, and ofreptiles, and of sea-animals, is tamed,and has been tamed by humankind.However, no one can tame the tongue; itis an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.27 | P a g e
  28. 28. By this, we bless God, even the Father.In addition, by this we curse men, whohave come into being according to theimage of God. “Out of the same mouthproceeds blessing and cursing. Mybrothers, these things ought not to beso.” (Jas 3:2-10)Did you know that your tongue couldcontrol your entire body? It is a smallmember (part) of the body but is verypowerful. Here the Apostle James tellsus as large as a horse is he can becontrolled by the bit in his mouth. Have28 | P a g e
  29. 29. you ever seen a supertanker? Thesehuge ships are controlled by a rudder,which guides the ship. Either yourtongue is controlled by the power of theHoly Spirit, that is speaking andconfessing the word of God or you haveno control of it.You have two choices, one you cancontinue on your present course of lifeand ignore the knowledge of the powerof your words. The second choice is tobegin to change what you are speakingand search the word of God, understand29 | P a g e
  30. 30. the power of your words and speak onlythe word of God.30 | P a g e
  31. 31. NOTES:31 | P a g e