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Nanocor ltd

  1. 1. Nanocor, LtdNanocor, Ltd was established on November 11, 2011.Nanocor, Ltd conducts translational research aimed at development and marketing of novel Nanoscience-based products for prevention and treatment of arterial atherosclerosis and blood lipid spectrumdisorders.Co-executors:The Federal State Budgetary Institution “Research Institute for Cardiology” of Siberian Branch under theRussia Academy of Medical Sciences, Tomsk, RussiaThe National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, RussiaActivitiesNanocor, Ltd launched drug discovery projectProof of mechanism studies suggested that biocompatible organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles (HNP)can selectively bind to cholesterol crystals in atherosclerotic plaque without disrupting lipid rafts of livecells. HNP induce physicochemical modification of cholesterol crystals by affecting the long-rangeintermolecular order. HNP increase bioavailability of cholesterol and promote the dissolution of thecholesterol crystals. HNP can also bind to blood lipoproteins providing a new way for blood purificationtherapy.ResearchThe preliminary experiments were conducted in three directions:I. Binding lipid components in blood, plasma, and serum:The first set of in-vitro experiments provided evidence for selective binding of lipids by HNP. Theexperiments showed that custom-designed HNP were effective at absorbing specific lipid components inblood lipid spectrum.II. Accumulation of HNP in human atherosclerotic plaque tissue:The second set of experiments addressed HNP ability to penetrate deep into the human atheroscleroticplaque isolated from human aortas and femoral arteries during prosthetic surgery.III. Safety of NP administration:The preliminary experiments showed that the life-time daily oral administration of the original carbon-covered nanoparticles did not have significant impact on health of experimental animals.Further studies are required to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of HNP-inducedtransformation of the atherosclerotic plaque material. Safe and effective modes for topical delivery of HNPshould be further identified. The key attention will be given to the development of the methods forcontrolled delivery (eluting) of HNP from vascular stents and other topical applicators. Additional researchis needed to establish the full range of correlations between HNP modifications and selectivity of HNPbinding to different lipid components in biological tissues and liquids.PatentsNanocor, Ltd, in a partnership with the co-executors, has developed and patented technology forconstruction of biocompatible organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles (HNP) to use them as an agent intreatment, diagnostics, and prevention of cholesterol crystal-related diseases such as arterialatherosclerosis. RF patents ## 2405655 and 2406015.
  2. 2. Becoming a Skolkovo ResidentNanocor, Ltd became a resident of the Biomedical Cluster of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre onDecember, 2011. And now we are searching a potential investment that makes support in share of 25%our project had previously approved by Fund of Skolkovo.Technological Entrepreneurship and InnovationBusiness Project Development: Summer School, 2012 Executive Summer School, Research team of Nanocor, Ltd received education grant and attended the2012: Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Business Project Development. WebsiteLooking for fundingGrant amountCo-investmentsLocation Tomsk, RussiaEmail Shamil@cardio.tsu.ruMarketAmong our potential clients are private and government-funded specialized medical centers,pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and academic institutions. Time to market depends on theproduct (2 – 12 years).CompanyNanocor, Ltd conducts translational research aimed at development and marketing of novel Nanoscience-based products for prevention and treatment of arterial atherosclerosis and blood lipid spectrumdisorders. To comply with GLP and GMP, the company plans to work with CRO in the leading specializedresearch centers.Investment opportunitiesNanocor, Ltd works on developing of several products, including: • Bulk HNP for pharmaceutical and biotech companies • HNP as an agent for atherosclerotic plaque removal • HNP-eluting stents • HNP-based cartridges for blood purification therapy • Technology for HNP constructionThe projects are into various stages of completion from proof of mechanism studies to prototypemanufacturing.
  3. 3. Te eamProfe essor Shamil D. Akhmedo MD, DSc ov, cDirec of Nanoc Ltd ctor cor,Depu Director fo Innovation and Strateg Developm uty or n gic ment, Research Institute f Cardiolog for gyReseearch area: cardiovascula surgery arProfe essor Victor D Filimonov, DSc D.Head of the Depa d artment of Bio oengineering and Organic Synthesis gToms Polytechnic University sk yReseearch area: fine organic synthesis sProfe essor Sergey A. Afanasye MD, PhD DMS y ev, D,Reseearch ConsultantHead of the Molecular and Ce d ellular Pathollogy and Gene Diagnosti Laborator ics ryReseearch Institute for Cardiolo e ogyReseearch area: cellular pathoology and gen diagnostic ne cs
  4. 4. Assis stant Profess Pavel Pos sor stnikov, PhD DReseearch ConsultantToms Polytechnic University sk yReseearch area: fine organic synthesis sAssis stant Profess Marina Tr sor rusova, PhDReseearch ConsultantToms Polytechnic University sk yReseearch area: fine organic synthesis sTatiana Rebrova, PhDReseearch Consultant