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SCC2011 - Diversifying your audience - Tracey Letts
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SCC2011 - Diversifying your audience - Tracey Letts



Tracey Letts' presentation from 'Diversifying your audience' at the 2011 Science Communication Conference

Tracey Letts' presentation from 'Diversifying your audience' at the 2011 Science Communication Conference



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SCC2011 - Diversifying your audience - Tracey Letts Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Working with Prisons
  • 2. Working with Prisons
    • Schools and Community Outreach Team
    • Science Night Team
  • 3. Outreach Schools and Community Team
    • The Team
  • 4. Outreach Schools and Community Team Deliver science shows and workshops around the country To a variety of audiences We reach 100 000 people per year
  • 5. Science Night Team
    • The Team
  • 6. Science Night Team Sleepover in the Science Museum Exciting hands-on workshops Launchpad
  • 7. Science Night Team
  • 8. Science Night
    • 20 February 2010, 1 st Science Night for families with relatives serving a prison sentence.
    • Different in a few ways
      • Free
      • Carers/guardians received massage
      • Food proved by the museum
      • Children were given goodie bags
      • Photo taken with ‘Gene Cernan’
  • 9. Science Night
    • Plan for 200 people
    • 180 people returned application
    • 30% drop out on the evening
    • But those who attended thoroughly enjoined it!
  • 10. Science Night
    • “ I am sorry I did not contact you earlier to tell you just how much my granddaughter and I enjoyed our night at the museum. It was both educational and entertaining and it was joyous to hear Kyra explain to her mum just what she had learned. Yesterday we showed other family members our photos and Kyra explained the light box. I do intend to visit the museum again, it was my second visit but now it feels like an old friend. Thank you again”
  • 11. Outreach Schools and Community Team
  • 12. Why we got involved
    • To work with an audience we would never get to work with.
    • To break down barriers and change their views on what a museum is.
    • Staff get a personal reward.
    • To encourage a desire to learn.
    • To inspire family learning with in a interactive and fun way.
    • To build bonds between prisoner and child.
  • 13. Trial Program
    • Trailed out a 3-tired program.
    • Hosted a day within the Science Museum for families with relatives serving a prison sentence in Holloway Prison
      • The Bubble Show
      • Tour of Wallace and Gromit exhibition
  • 14. Trial Program
    • 2) Visited the mothers in Holloway Prison
      • Kitchen Science Workshop
  • 15. Trial Program
    • 3) Visited Holloway Prison on Family Day
      • Hot Air Balloons Workshop
      • Slime Time Workshop
  • 16. Other Prison
    • Decision to only run the 3 rd part of the program
    • Extend the program to Pentonville Prison
    • Brixton showed and interest – complication arrose
  • 17. Pentonville
    • Program differed slightly
      • Slime Time
      • Mission to Mars
  • 18. Quotes from inmates
    • Did you enjoy all the activities? Which ones did you enjoy the most and why?
      • “ All of them. They got everyone involved together”
      • “ Making rockets. Because I liked seeing my son smiling and having fun launching them.”
  • 19. Quotes from inmates
    • What did you learn about your children whilst taking part in the activities?
      • “ They love Science.”
      • “ That my daughter can read and write.”
  • 20. Quotes from inmates
    • What do you feel your children learnt from taking part in the activities with you?
      • “ We’re close. Giving opportunity to be normal like at home. You can’t do that on a normal visit.”
  • 21. Quotes from inmates
    • Are there any other comments you would like to make?
      • “ These have been the two best days since I been in prison. It’s the only time I feel close to my son. It makes me cry but its brilliant.”
      • “ A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Actually forgot where I was. Thank you.”
      • “ Family day from you was fantastic. Coming to the prison is hard enough but you made it enjoyable.”
  • 22. Quotes from officers
    • “ Fathers may feel they have an excellent opportunity to bond with their children for a short time in a relaxed atmosphere. The overall impact may have a really positive result in the long term.”
    • “ This was a very positive and enjoyable family day due to the programmes presented and the overall interaction.”
    • “ Very positive impact. Hopefully this impact will aid their re-offending behaviour.”
    • “ It helps the fathers bond with their families. Helps them build and maintain relationships."
  • 23. What have we learnt?
    • Even well established workshops need adjusting
    • Regulations and restrictions
      • no photos
      • no computers/memory sticks
      • no glass
      • no sharp/metal objects
      • nothing that would or could make a key impression
      • no scissors and the list goes on
  • 24. Inmates
    • Holloway were a bit reluctant to get involved
      • believed we were only there to tick boxes
      • negative attitude towards learning and science
    • Pentonville inmates were more involved from the word go
      • few minor hiccups
  • 25. Top Tips
    • Allow a lot of time to sort out the regulation and restrictions that will be imposed upon you be the prison
    • Pre-visit the venue, as every prison will have different restrictions
      • the venue may have bolted down furniture, or the ceiling may be very low etc
    • Do as the prison stuff instruct, they are your best friends and will be of great help in making the day run smoothly
  • 26. Top Tips
    • Ensure all staff visiting the prison have a valid passport
    • Always arrive at least 2 hours before you are due to start, this will ensure that you have plenty of time to get thought security
    • Know your contact person in the prison, ensure they know who is coming with you, what you will be bring (everything even down to the pen) and what time you will be there
  • 27. Top Tips
    • You are not allowed to take electronic equipment in to prison, so on your visit leave behind your camera, ipod (mp3 player), USB strikes etc, it will make your life easier
    • Go in with an open mind
    • Be as flexible as possible!