Bermuda Triangle


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Bermuda Triangle

  1. 1. The Secrets of Bermuda Triangle The power point made by Saivamsi.Dheekollu 09HR1A0426
  2. 2. The contest1. The introduction2. The theories3. The facts4. The conclusion5. The bibliography
  3. 3. 1. The subject of the investigation – The Bermuda triangle2. The object – To get to know about the secrets of the Bermuda triangle and to tell them to you3. The problems – 1. To get to know about the secrets of the Bermuda triangle from the different sources4. 2. To describe it from the ecological point of view5. The actuality of the work – the mystery of the Bermuda triangle hasn’t been studied yet, that’s why it’s very interesting
  4. 4. The introductionWorld Ocean keeps many secrets, the first among them isthe mystery of the Bermuda triangle, where many ships andairplanes have disappeared in the visible time.The legends about this strange area have already been known for about 100 years, but nobody can still explain strange phenomena taking place in
  5. 5. Location The Bermuda triangle is a legendary area of the Atlantic Ocean between Puerto- Rico, Florida and the Bermuda islands in which in the opinion of many explorers a lot of unaccountable events happen.
  6. 6. The cause of speculations is the disappearance ofships and airplaneswhich happens here too often. As a rule thecatastrophes in the sea and air takeplace very quickly. Before that all onboard tools usually fall out, particularly navigation system,control system and
  7. 7. The hypotheses1. Gases and vapors having unknown to science physical andchemical properties break out of the cracks on the ocean bottomto the surface of the Earth with enormous energy. These properties make magnetic fields destroying ships and airplanes. When power of this gases and vapors is not great, they don’t do any harm, but they cause hallucinations and delirium from the members of the crew. Because of that people plunge
  8. 8. The hypotheses2. In the Bermuda triangle unknown physical phenomena results in transferences through space and time, because of that lost ships and airplanes cross to the fourth3. dimension, to the Thanks to the curvature of space the straight way to otherworlds is open. future. past or the
  9. 9. The hypotheses4. The reason for disappearance of ships and airplanes may be the hydrate of methane, which is formed at the depth of more than 300 meters at the temperature of about 2 degrees above zero. The conditions on the bottom of the Bermuda triangle are just the same. This substance is very unstable and easily turns into gaseous state. Powerful eruption of methane under water results in churning of it. Because of that the density of the water (or the air) descends sharply and they can’t secure floatation of ships (or flair for flying).
  10. 10. The hypotheses Another variant ispossible. The work ofaircraft altimeters is basedon the measurement of airdensity. Because of thespike of methane they beginto show, that the airplane is Burningrising unexpectedly. And the hydrate ofpilot has to lose height into methanethe water.
  11. 11. The hypotheses5. Solution of the secret of the Bermuda triangle may berogue waves. Some time ago they were considered non-existent, but now because of satellite survey their existenceis proved. Usual stormywave reachesmaximum altitudeof 15 meters. Thesuper-wave, whoseprecise origin isuntil known, growup in 30 meters.The vertical wallof water and deep“pit” can be seen
  12. 12. The hypothesesSuch waves beat with the force of 100 tons, while contemporary vessels canwithstand the impact of 15 tons. Damages, were given byAccording to the facts of the Norwegian tanker the satellite of the ESA named Wilstar in 1974 because of the wave of every year in the world’s about some tens metres. ocean in the area of 150 thousand square kilometers minimum 1 wave appears.
  13. 13. The hypotheses 6. The Gulf Stream is an ocean current thatoriginates in the Gulf of Mexico, and then throughthe Straits of Florida, into the North Atlantic. Inessence, it is a river within an ocean, and like ariver, it can and does carry floating objects. Asmall plane making a water landing or a boathaving engine trouble will be carried away from itsreported position by the current, as happened tothe cabin cruiser Witchcraft on December22, 1967, when it reported engine trouble nearthe Miami buoy marker one mile (1.6 km) fromshore, but was not there when a Coast Guardcutter arrived.
  14. 14. The hypotheses Sometimes in the Bermuda Triangle sinsUFO, people from Atlantida, mistycreatures, FBI, who tested Tesla-technology areaccused. What is really happening in the BermudaTriangle? Formerly, a lot of airplanes, ships havedisappeared there.
  15. 15. Some facts about the Bermuda triangle• Planes and ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.• Over 8,000 people have disappeared in the Triangle.• People have had instruments such as a compass stop working while in the Triangle.• There has also been strange yellow fog seen in that area.
  16. 16. Flight 19 On December 5, 1945 five bomber TBM-3 “Avenger” were disappeared there.
  17. 17. The last time someone disappeared in the Triangle• It has just been in 2003 when any one has disappeared in the Triangle.• There are still some reported technical difficulties from people going through the Triangle.
  18. 18. “the weather is fine…” None of the ships gave SOS signals beforedisappearing. However, there are some cases,when not long before the disappearing the wirelessoperator of the ship broadcasted signals “verygood” or “the weather is fine”. Suddenlybroadcasting broke off. But a lot of pilots, captains managed to saveships, airplanes. Everybody tells that they saw alot of vertical clouds. Electric facilities failed towork inside. People lost orientation but after theplane’s coming out of this zone the equipmentstarted working as usual. Air maps warn about the danger of beinginfluenced by magnetic fields in this area too.
  19. 19. Another hypothesis According to I. Sanderson’s theory, the map ofEarth has twelve mysterious zones. The center sof ten zones are located in 30 degrees oflatitude.Two zonesare located inthe poles.One zone islocated in theSaharadesert.
  20. 20. what we’ve learnt• We’ve learnt about the incidents in the Triangle such as flight 19.• We’ve learnt a lot about the Bermuda Triangle and something that happens in it like how many people have disappeared in
  21. 21. Conclusion The Bermuda triangle hasbeen under learning since1950. It is impossible to describeall the hypotheses explainingmysterious events in thisresearch work, which takeplace in Bermuda. But we can continue thescientific work on thissubject, because we have alot of materials to study andinteresting describes arewaiting for us. It’s the mystery which
  22. 22. The bibliography www.ufodigest.comwww.practical-encyclopaedia.blogspot.com