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Bermuda triangle - Science Or Myth!


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From the very beginning, Bermuda triangle is something that has always created a fusion in your brain.

This presentation aims to guide through some of the Common misconceptions and Scientific Facts of this Mystery.

This presentation is not at all aimed to make you believe in something, but it will definitely clear your Conception to a little.

Hope you Enjoy it.

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Bermuda triangle - Science Or Myth!

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  2. 2. World Ocean keeps many secrets, the first among them is the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, where many ships and airplanes have disappeared in the visible time. However there is actually much more to the Bermuda Triangle than this........ The legends about this strange area have already been known for about 100 years, but nobody can still explain strange phenomena taking place in the enchanted triangle
  3. 3. Where is the BERMUDA TRIANGLE?? The Bermuda Triangle Is A Legendary Area Of The Atlantic Ocean Between PUERTO-RICO, FLORIDA And The BERMUDA ISLANDS In Which In The Opinion Of Many Explorers , A Lot Of Unaccountable Events Happen.
  4. 4. A MYSTERY STARTS FROM A SCRATCH  Nobody knows exactly how the Bermuda triangle mystery came into existence, but it was the Flight 19 incident which propelled it to fame.  Every subsequent incident added to its mysteriousness leaving the whole world bewildered.  Alongside these incidents, the mystery was also fuelled by the sensational media and more importantly, some self-proclaimed experts.  Some of the authors responsible for the infamous reputation of Bermuda Triangle : Vincent Gaddis George X. Sand Charles Berlitz • Coined the term 'Bermuda triangle' in 1964 • Initiated the perception that there is paranormal activity in the “Bermuda Triangle”. • Expert in the field of Paranormal • Author of the 1974 book titled "The Bermuda Triangle"
  6. 6. THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS :  The Left Over Technology Of Atlantis Is Responsible For The Sinking Of Ships.  The Presence Of Crystals Belonging To Atlantis Is Also Believed To Be Responsible For Sinking Of Ships.  Some Also Believe It Is Due To The Ancient Curse Which Was put Upon Atlantis For Sinking Ships.
  8. 8. TIME WARP Pilots also believed that if a plane goes to that area, it goes into the past or the future. (generally to the time period of the French revolution)
  9. 9. UFO’S a. Many scientists think that it is a place where the aliens come to collect humans or their technologies. b. The Bermuda triangle is a major place where all the aliens meet at a place and capture human specimens and take back to their planet to study
  10. 10. THE HUTCHINSON EFFECT In 1979, John Hutchinson hatched a theory and conducted experiments to prove that electromagnetic fields of different wave lengths can connect with each other, and when this happens, that you should expect the unexpected. In experiments conducted by him, this combination of various electromagnetic fields resulted in some interesting outcomes including objects like metal and wood being able to float, water swirling in a cup, metal melting, mirrors shattering and a host of other unusual phenomenon. However Hutchinson has suggested that if he can create these phenomena in a controlled environment, nature too can do this anywhere and at anytime.
  12. 12. COMPASS VARIATIONS  A compass actually points to the magnetic North, while the absolute geographic North is located at Greenland.  The angular gap between the absolute geographic North and the magnetic North is known as the compass variation.  The ‘Bermuda Triangle' is one of the two places on earth that a magnetic compass does point towards true north.  If a ship moves along a specific narrow strip within Bermuda Triangle, the magnetic North and the absolute geographic North come into the same line, i.e. the Compass Variation is ZERO  So accidents or loss can happen all over the world and not just in Bermuda Triangle, if such compass adjustments are not done.
  13. 13. GULF STREAM  The Gulf Stream Is An Ocean Current That Originates In The Gulf Of Mexico And Then Flows Through The Straits Of Florida I nt o The No r t h At l a n t i c .  I n Es s e nc e , I t I s A R i v e r Wi t h i n A n O c e a n , And, Like A River, It Can And Does Carry Floating Objects. It Has A Surface Velocity Of Up To About 2.5 Meters Per Second (5.6 M i /H )
  14. 14. HURRICANE & ROGUE WAVES Hurricanes Are Powerful Storms, Which Form In Tropical Waters And Have Historically Cost Thousands Of Lives Lost And Caused Billions Of Dollars In Damage.. These Storms Have In The Past Caused A Number Of Incidents Related To The Triangle. In various oceans around the world, rogue waves have caused ships to sink and oil platforms to topple. These waves, were considered to be a Mystery and or a Myth….
  15. 15. METHANE HYDRATES Methane Lowers The Density Of Water The Presence Of Methane Hydrates Indicates Enormous Eruptions Of Methane Bubbles That Would Swamp A Ship, And Projected High Into The Air- Take Out Flying Airplanes, As Well. A n o t h e r v a r i a n t i s p o s s i b l e . T h e wo r k o f a i r c r a f t a l t i me t e r s i s b a s e d o n t h e me a s u r e me n t o f a i r d e n s i t y . B e c a u s e o f t h e s p i k e o f me t h a n e t h e y b e g i n t o s h o w, t h a t t h e a i r p l a n e i s r i s i n g u n e x p e c t e d l y . An d t h e p i l o t h a s t o l o s e h e i g h t i n t o t h e wa t e r e d s wi f t l y
  16. 16. H M ER O U AN R R O of t he m ci t ed expl anat i ons i n of f i ci al ne ost i nqui r i es as t o t he l oss of any ai r cr af t or vessel i s hum er r or W her D i ber at e or A dent al , hum an het el cci ans have been know t o m M st akes r esul t i ng i n n ake i cat ast r ophe, and l osses w t hi n t he B m Tr i angl e i er uda ar e no except i on.
  17. 17. I N F A MO U S I N C I D E N T S O F B E R MU D A T R I A N G L E FLIGHT 19 : • • • On December 5, 1945 five bomber TBM-3 “Avenger” DISAPPEARED there. The five pilots and nine crewmen, led by instructor Lt. Charles Taylor, were to practice bombing and low-level strafing on small coral shoals 60 miles east of the naval station They Never Returned ELECTRONIC FOG : Bruce Gernon is the only person in the world to witness what creates the Bermuda Triangle. Others have seen parts of this phenomenon and some have seen it but vanished. Gernon is the only one to see this from its birth stage through its mature stage and enter the heart of the Time storm and escape through a Tunnel Vortex and experience a time warp of 30 minutes forward in time and 100 miles forward in space.
  18. 18. AT LAST THE REALITY TURNS OUT TO BE……. It is impossible to describe mysterious events in place in Bermuda….. all the hypotheses explaining this presentation, which take No expert or survivor can totally be sure about the Bermuda Triangle.. It’s the mystery which excites brains of many people and sometime it will be
  19. 19. Thank You……..