Bermuda Triangle


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Bermuda Triangle

  2. 2. •The Bermuda Triangle (sometimes also referred to as the Devil's Triangle) is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida.
  3. 3. •The term "Bermuda Triangle" was first used in an article written by Vincent H. Gaddis for Argosy magazine in 1964. •In the article, Gaddis claimed that in this strange sea a number of ships and planes had disappeared without explanation. Gaddis wasn't the first one to come to this conclusion, either.
  4. 4. • As early as 1952, George X. Sands, in a report in Fate magazine, noted what seemed like an unusually large number of strange accidents in that region.
  5. 5. •In 1969 John Wallace Spencer wrote a book called Limbo of the Lost specifically about the Triangle and, two years later, a feature documentary on the subject, The Devil's Triangle, was released. •These, along with the bestseller The Bermuda Triangle, published in 1974, permanently registered the legend of the "Hoodoo Sea" within popular culture.
  6. 6. The Marie Celeste •On December 5th, 1872, a ship was found abandoned near Puerto Rico. •They had thought that the crew had just left in a hurry. •The crew on the Marie Celeste were never heard from or seen ever again..
  7. 7. The Disappearance of Douglas DC-3 NC16002 was a DC-3 passenger plane that vanished on the night of December 28, 1948, during a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Miami, Florida. The weather was fine with high visibility and the flight was, according to the pilot, within 50 miles of Miami when it disappeared with its three crew members and twenty-nine passengers.
  8. 8. The Disappearance of Douglas DC-3 Though no probable cause for the loss was determined by the official investigation, it is known that the plane's batteries were not fully charged on takeoff and this may have interfered with communications during the flight. A message from Miami to the plane that the direction of the wind had changed may have not been received by the pilot, causing him to fly up to fifty miles off course.
  9. 9.  The Marie Celeste  Flight 19  Douglas DC-3 •The Magnet theory •The Gas release theory •The Alien theory •The Atlantis theory
  10. 10. The Magnetic Theory The Bermuda Triangle is thought to be at a point on the earth where there is high magnetic activity. The high magnetic energy causes compasses to spin and could confuse navigators. Disruptions in the geomagnetic flux may also be a reason.
  11. 11.  The Bermuda Triangle is situated over a large oceanic trench.  It is believed that this trench occasionally undergoes oceanic flatulence (methane gas erupting from ocean sediments) releasing gas which lowers the density of the water. Because of this
  12. 12. The Alien Abductance Theory  Some people believe aliens are the reason why the vessels disappeared.  Some of these people think that there is an underwater base in the region.  Others think that vessels are confused by a downed UFO.
  13. 13. The Atlantis Theory  Some people believe that the strange phenomenon is caused by the fabled city of Atlantis.  The city was believed to be powered by crystals and it is thought that these crystals cause the strange disappearances.
  14. 14.  In 1975 Larry Kusche, a librarian at Arizona State University, reached a totally different conclusion.  He found that many of the strange accidents were not so strange after all.  Often a Triangle writer had noted a ship or plane had disappeared in "calms seas" when the record showed a raging storm had been in progress.
  15. 15.  Often a Triangle writer had noted a ship or plane had disappeared in "calms seas" when the record showed a raging storm had been in progress.  In one case a ship listed missing in the Triangle actually had disappeared in the Pacific Ocean some 3,000 miles away! The author had confused the name of the Pacific port the ship had left with a city of the same name on the Atlantic coast.
  16. 16. The Bermuda triangle has been under learning since 1950. It is impossible to describe all the hypotheses explaining mysterious events in this research work, which take place in Bermuda. But we can continue the scientific work on this subject, because we have a lot of materials to study and interesting describes are waiting for us. It’s the mystery which excites brains of many people and sometime it will be revealed. Conclusion