Assignment 1 b


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Assignment 1 b

  1. 1. Assignment 1B DISNEY BUYS MARVEL aug/31/disney-marvel-buy-out
  2. 2. What companies were involved? What is the ownership information for the companies involved The companies that were involved was: • Walt Disney • Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. Walt Disney Company is an conglomerate; Disney owns a range of companies in different industries such as theme parks, cruise lines, Disney consumer products and much more. Also Walt Disney Company is a parent company owing many small companies such as Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and much more. Marvel Entertainment Group was the parent company of Marvel Comics and Marvel Productions. Since Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment Group, its ownership is now subsidiary to Walt Disney. ney#Walt_Disney_Studios What are the companies involved famous for? Both companies are famous for many different things. Marvel is famous for their comics on super heroes; Spiderman, the hulk, iron man, X men and much more. Many comics feature in many films which raises their brand awareness. Also comics such as Spiderman have been made in to films, using well known actors to play in the film. Walt Disney is famous for many different things such as classic animations; Mikey Mouse, theme parks, children television programs, toys and much more. Walt Disney has been known to people since 1923, since then Walt Disney has development and become a world wide company. -man_premiere_comic_2012_1
  3. 3. When and why did the deal take place? The deal took place in 2009 and was completed at the end of that year. Perlmutter Marvel's chief executive has been involved in running Marvel since helping to buy the business out of bankruptcy in 1998, as the heavy debts slumped comic sales. Walt Disney buying out Marvel will increase sales again in comics and making the Marvel characters as well known as the Disney ones. Disney will make a remarkable turnaround for Marvel, Disney will be able to appeal to an even more wider audience as their audience is dominantly young females. Disney will be able to attract more young male teenagers after buying Marvel. How has the deal increased the power or influence of the company within the film industry? The deal has increased the power of Walt Disney by appealing to an wider audience, by not only appealing to a dominantly young female audience but now young teenage males. By combining Marvel characters to Disney theme parks and merchandise it has increase the power and influence of the company with in the film industry. Disney can now in the future make more animated films for younger audience using Marvel characters which will increase the income dramatically. There is now an monopoly within the industry as Disney has gained more control and power by owning a lot more smaller companies within the industry. 1/disney-marvel-buy-out
  4. 4. What do you think the impact will be on the other major film companies? The key issues with this ownership I think the major impact on other major film companies is that the audience will start to lose interest as two big well known companies have joined together. The other major companies audience is not as big and diverse since Walt Disney and Marvel have joined together. Also since the two companies has emerged together the other major companies revenue will not has high as Disney. Disney would be gain more money rapidly, resulting in the other major companies losing out in money. • Since Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for four billion dollars. It led Marvel fans to angrily set up a backlash, contemplating that Marvel would become more Disney-esque than being Marvel. • The comic and scripts that were made by Marvel, can be alerted and change to fit Disney ceria and the way they run. t_Disney_Company#Marvel_Comics I have learnt that within the film industry one company can own as many companies at once. By owning lots of different types of companies will lead to a better status within the industry, will allow more revenue in the company. Also merging two well known companies will dominate have more control within the industry as there will be a wider target audience.
  6. 6. Cinema tickets sold On Demand Films shown on TV Sponsorship Product placement DVD and Blue rays Different ways in which the film industry makes money from audiences. Merchandise Private investment Development Funds Corporate investment
  7. 7. How does product placement help films make money? Product placement is when a company pays the film makers to allow their products to be featured. For example in the film I Robot made by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation the A list celebrity Will Smith is wearing converses. The Company converse has paid Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation for them to feature their brand in the film. This helps films make money by the company paying a certain amount for their product to be shown.
  8. 8. Where do independent film companies get their funding? Independent film companies get their funding from their own money like savings or from family and friends. Independent film companies can also get development funds and film funding schemes. For example the BFI British Film Institute development funds they use Lottery funds to nurture and invest in a diverse mix of first-class filmmakers UK-wide. • The microwave organisation is an example that funds feature films, they help fund the feature film Ill manors for £100.00. • The Kickstarter organisation is an example that funds filmmakers, it allows people to advertise their film ideas worldwide and for people to invest in their project ideas in order to reach the funding goal.
  9. 9. How sponsorship deals work within the film industry? Man of Steel Corporate sponsors include the ones like Mattel (action figures) and businesses shown in the background during scenes (like Sears). They also had the Gillette campaign about how Superman shaves.
  10. 10. Sources