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Video analysis pink

  1. 1. Video Analysis<br />Rose Newbury<br />23/9/10<br />Video Information<br />Artist-Pink<br />Song Title-Don’t let me get me<br />URL-<br />Genre-Pop Rock<br />This video is about her being a teenager and not liking herself and wanting to be some else who is the complete opposite to who she is at the beginning of the video and is explained in a narrative form. At the beginning of the video Pink is being projected as a stereotypical rebellious teenager which is shown firstly in the first scene where she is sitting on a sports bench in a high school drinking from something is a paper bag which is suggested to be alcohol. Her rebellious teenage image is also shown in the lyrics when she says ‘teachers dated me, my parents hated me, I was always in a fight’ which are the stereotypical situations for a young rebel at school and this also shows that she has an aggressive personality because later in the video she punches a mirror and is playing with a knife.<br />Her costume also shows that she is young because she is wearing pony tails in her hair and by the clothes that she is wearing like the sports outfit at the beginning which shows she is in high school because it has their school team name on the front and when she is sitting in the class room she is wearing lots of bright colours that don’t co-ordinate.<br />In the video with the stereotypical representation of her being a rebellious teenager could affect the audience because in the video you can clearly tell what type of person she is portraying and with this stereotype young girls can relate on different levels because other girls can portray themselves onto her. <br />The main plot for this video is that again it is set out in a narrative form and referring to Freytag’s pyramid the video’s exposition is where she is unhappy about whom she is and that she wants to change, which is shown by the way she acts like when she is being mocked by her own reflection. The climax to this video is when she changes into a rock star which is shown by her being on cover of a magazine and being surrounded by an entourage and she has a change of image then being the girl with the pony tails and the uncoordinated fashion sense but you can see that she is unhappy. The denouement in this video is when at the end she has her pink hair back and her own style which you can see with this she is happy but is still the rock star she wanted to be.<br />Intersexuality<br />In this video there is a guest appearance from LA Reid a famous and award winning record producer who has also singed artists such as Avril lavigne, Justin Beiber, Usher and Pink herself and he appears in the middle of the video when she is sitting in his office and talking bout what she has to do to become a pop star. <br />Audiences<br />The target audience for this song and video are young girls, who are into rock pop music, aged around 12-20, mostly girls in their adolescence stage of life and this is because she is talking about wanting to be someone else and most girls go through adolescences deciding who they are and worry about their appearance but this song could also be targeted at males because they could also be going through the ‘who am I’ phase like girls. This target audience will find this video appealing because for young girls they could see Pink as an idol and look up to her and could be appealing to men because of the way she looks.<br />Lyrics/music<br />The relationship with the lyrics which are sung in an American accent and the visuals in this video are that the visuals are showing what is being sung in the lyrics like when in the lyrics she’s singing about not liking what she sees in the mirror and in the visuals she is actually looking at herself in the mirror. The main meaning and point behind the lyrics in this song is that she wants to be someone else because she is unhappy with the way she is, so she becomes someone else by changing everything about herself which is shown in the lyrics when she says ‘you could be a pop star ,although you have to change is everything you are’ but is unhappy but at the end of the video she changes back to herself with her own style and look which tells the audience I think that they don’t have to change to be someone they’re not to be famous or happy. <br />Editing<br />The editing rhythm in the video is doesn’t fit with the rhythm of the song because the scenes are a suitable length and the scenes change with some special effect like the last scene zooms out and is located in a photo frame in the next or you her on the cover on a magazine and the camera zooms in on the front of the magazine and transfers into the next scene which are unusual but interesting transitions. Also in this they use special effects again with the scene transitions like when at the beginning of the video when she’s at the volleyball match and the scene transitions by bubbles appearing in the video and the next scene appears inside them.<br />The Song<br />This song was from Pinks second album ‘Missundazstood’ and was released as a single in 2002 and reached number six in the UK charts. This album was again Pink’s second album and is mostly the genre of pop rock and pink went through an image change for this album because her first album was more of an RnB and hip hop genre which means her clothes and style are different then in this video which is more punk and rocker and this is the image she has stuck with and is well known for. <br />-209550314325Video Stills<br />This is a still of the beginning of the video where the first scene transition is made and is shown here as bubbles appearing on the screen and the next scene appears in the each of them. This is an unusual scene transition and wit the special effects used makes the video more interesting and makes this I think a good shot.<br />-20955052070This is one of the shots in the changing room where pink is being mocked by her own reflection and this is a good shot because special effects have been used to make the scene more interesting and so that it ties in with the lyrics so the audience get a better idea of what the song is about. <br />-361950222250<br />This shot shows another interesting scene transition where the previous scene is shown in a photo frame and then zooms out into the next scene and again with this effect used it makes the video different from other videos and is a different way to change between scenes.<br />-361950288290<br />This shot is of another scene transition where pink is shown on a magazine cover and the camera zooms in and the next scene starts and this is a good shot because it’s a good way to link in other media material in the video and shows her change of image for the first time in the video which ties in with the lyrics.<br />