Advert analysis


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Advert analysis

  1. 1. 1895475285750Advert Analysis<br />The image above shows the advert for the Florence and the machine album Lungs and this genre of music is alternative and the target audience for this album is a 16 to 25 year old woman which is around the same target audience as my product.<br />Image <br />The image on this advert shows the lead singer of the band which will instantly cause recognition for the audience when they see a music video or other advertisement because they will see her and know that it is Florence and the Machine. Also on the advert you can see that she has lungs attached to her chest which is placed as it seems a necklace with giving the illusion that you can see her lungs which with a glance draws your attention to the advert. The lungs on this advert could relate to the connotation of the singing because the lungs are sometime said to be the instruments for singers and by having this on the cover it could show that she is a powerful singer.<br />You can also see that the background is covered in flower and leaves which give then cover a ‘girlies’ tone which supports the fact that the target audience is 16-25 year old women. The background is also dark which contrasts with the light colours that are shown on the singer which makes the main focus of the advert the woman.<br />Text <br />The largest text on the advert is used for the band name which is placed at the top of the advert as a heading and shows the viewer what the poster is about and who the band are that are selling their album. The font used for the heading has an old styled look and stands out to the viewer because of the black background and the text being white and draws the viewer’s eye to the heading making sure see the name of the band at a first glance. The name of the album Lungs is also set inn an old fashioned text and also stands out because of the white text and the dark background so that viewers can see the name easily which is also why it is set as a large size. <br />The other pieces of text included on the advert are examples of the versions that the album can be bought in which are ‘CD, Deluxe CD, Vinyl and Digital’ by having this included on the advert it shows the audience that they can purchase the song in different formats which could appeal to different audiences. Also by having this on the advert in the same text as the other elements of the advert it gives the overall image a vintage look.<br />Conventional Elements <br />and on this advert you can see that they have included conventional elements such as the date of release which tells the viewer when the album will be available for them to buy and some adverts instead of having a date they have ‘Out Now’ which is what I would like to include on my advert. The website of the singer placed at the bottom of the advert in small text but this and this is placed on the advert to make sure that the viewer can visit the website in the chance to buy other merchandise and find out more information about the singer and this is a conventional element that I would like to include on my advert. At the bottom of the advert it also shows what songs are included on the album which is a good conventional element to have because it means that the audience know what songs the album includes and means that they can search for the song that they may want to hear which will encourage them to buy the album if the song they like is included on it.<br />Appeal<br />The overall appeal of the advert is that it gives a girly yet vintage tone because of the flowers and the old style text. This means that this particular artist is targeting their target audience which is again 16-25 year old girls and to do this she has included again various classy feminine elements, instead of including too much sex appeal which would appeal more to male audiences.<br />Advert Analysis<br />1466850250190<br />This is the advert for the Muse ‘Resistance’ album and the whole advert is the same design as the digi-pack cover and this is done so that the audience can instantly recognise that this image is associated with the band Muse <br />