Video Analysis<br />Artist/Band-Muse<br />Song Title-Uprising<br />URL-<...
Video analysis muse uprising
Video analysis muse uprising
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Video analysis muse uprising


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Video analysis muse uprising

  1. 1. Video Analysis<br />Artist/Band-Muse<br />Song Title-Uprising<br />URL-<br />Genre-Alternative Rock<br />The Video<br />This video is mostly performance based and at the beginning of the video you see a lit fuse in a model city with little model people and with dull lighting the video is set at night. You then see the band playing their instruments whilst riding on the back of a small model pickup truck with shots back to the fuse moving along the wire through the city. The band in this video is wearing dark clothing which with the lighting gives the video a dark mood. Towards the end of the video teddy bears rise from the ground and start terrorising the city but at the very end of the video the teddy bears are defeated by fire and fall down again.<br />The Band<br />The image of the band that is being projected in this video is dark and rebellious and this is shown by again the costumes the band are wearing which are dark but modern, also in the middle of the video the lead band member smashes a window with his guitar which is stereotypical image of a rebellious musician. This image is also shown by the lyrics like when he says ’they will not control us’ and this shows that they are rebelling and protesting against something and this is how the record companies are trying to sell the band because this image goes with their genre of music.<br />Audiences<br />The target audience for this song and video are men around the age of 13-35 and women around the ages of 16-30 and this is because the song is sung by a rock band and there is no preference or elements of the video that would target men or women but the age difference is different because I think younger girls stereotypically like girl bands and girl singers because they see them as role models and boys are the same but at a younger age.<br />When the audience watch this video I think that they feel the rebellious power in the song because the lyrics in the song can be portrayed onto any person and the audience can relate and reflect the lyrics onto their own situations and problems with being controlled or wanting to stand up to someone else.<br />Lyrics/Music <br />The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals in this video are that the lyrics are explaining about protesting and rebelling against a higher power and the video portrays this with the band located in a model village and are represented as I think the lower power and the teddy bears that come later in the video are represented as the higher power and are the ones who are destructive and because they are bigger than the model people they have the higher power.<br />Intertextuality <br />The end of the video where the teddy bears fall down over the model city is said to be related to the end scene in Ghostbusters and the with the bass lines and synthesizers the song has been said to sound like the doctor Who theme and the Blondie song ‘Call me’.<br />Editing <br />The scene transitions used in this video are simple cuts to all of the scenes and aren’t quick cuts that fit with the beat of the music and at the begging and end of the video it fades in to start the video and fades out to end the video. The shots used in this video are mostly close ups or medium shots, with some birds eye views to give the video more of a dramatic impact. Also this video is based around CGI and special effects because all of this video apart from the band is super imposed which makes the video more interesting and different compared to other videos.<br /> <br />Still shots<br />I like this shot because it shows all of the band playing in the set of a caravan which is CGI I also like the lighting in this shot because its dark which goes with the mood of the song but has enough light through the windows to show the band in enough detaillefttop<br />I like this shot because its different from the other shots in the video because it’s a birds eye view and with this makes the video more interesting and would use this type of shot and camera angle in my video.1905084455<br />This is a good shot in the video because it shows the rebelliousness of the song and the band and again makes the video interesting to watch. -5143513335<br />This is a really good shot in the video because the lighting is good because of the sparks and bright light against dark effect which is effective for this type of rock video and makes this part of the song more dramatic.-36029901896110<br />