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Chloe_Lady Gaga Powerpoint

  1. 1. By ChloeLady Gaga
  2. 2. Her Life Before the Fame Lady Gaga was born on March 28 1986, and was named Stefani Joanne Angeline Germanotta She is oldest in her family, and she only has one sibling, a sister called Natali Her mother’s name was Cynthia Germanotta and her father’s was Joseph Germanotta Lady Gaga learned to learn the piano at the age of four and wrote her first official piano ballad at the age of 13 In school, she was considered a freak and didn’t really fit in
  3. 3. Stefani Joanne AngelinaGermanotta
  4. 4. Early Career Stefani got the name “Lady Gaga” when her producer Rob Fusari called her radio gaga from the song by Queen “Radio Gaga”. From then on, he kept called her Lady Gaga Lady Gaga started her career off by performing at any stage, in her hometown of New York, which got her recognized by the media
  5. 5. Albums Her first album was The Fame, which was released in August 2008 by Streamline Records The Fame was nominated for six Grammys including Album of the Year Her second album, The Fame Monster, was released in November 2009 This album also was nominated for six Grammys
  6. 6. Fashion Here are just a few of Lady Gaga’s less than ordinary outfits The Bubble Dress: she The Meat wore this Dress: she dress when wore it at the she was on MTVs VMA the cover of event. She the June 2009 wore it to issue of The make a Rolling Stone statement for gay rights in the military Kermit the Frog Outfit: she wore this dress during an interview for a German TV channel
  7. 7. Fashion Cont.Red Lace Hello Kitty Dress:Dress: she this dress waswore this dress part of a photoat the 2009 shoot lady gagaMTV VMAs did with a theme of Hello Kitty Bad Romance Outfit: lady gaga wore this white outfit in her music video, Bad Romance
  8. 8. Top Ten Best Songs  These are the ten songs of Lady Gaga’s that were in the number one spot in the Much Music Top Ten 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Bad Poker Paparazzi Telephone Alejandro Just Love Starstruck Eh Eh I Like itRomance Face Dance Game Rough
  9. 9. Awards Lady Gaga has been nominated for 186 awards and has won 82 of them Some of the biggest awards she has won are American Music Award for Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist, BET for Best Video of the Year for he r music video Telephone, and Two Grammys so far. She has also won many MTV awards as well such as MTV Music Video Award for Best New Artist
  10. 10. Fun Facts
  11. 11. Music Videos Here are some of Lady Gaga’s music videos Alejandro Telephone Poker Face Just Dance Paparazzi Eh Eh Bad Romance Love Game Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
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