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  1. 1. Following in its footsteps is AsusÂ’ latest touch screen netbook which is the Eee PC T91.Asus transformer prime
  2. 2. The Asus Eee PC 701 was a pioneer in the world of netbooks whenit was released by the company a couple of years back Following inits footsteps is AsusÂ’ latest touch screen netbook which is the EeePC T91 With such an esteemed name to live up to, this latestaddition to the highly successful Eee line will have some big shoes tofill HereÂ’s how it measures up
  3. 3. Screening Process One of the best features of the Eee PC T91 isits 8 9-inch resistive touch screen interface This means that eventhough it does come with a stylus with it, users can still use theirfingers to navigate through the netbook with excellentresponsiveness And although some might argue that accuracy issomewhat sacrificed (as compared to the capacitive screen variety),the resistive technology on the PC T91 is what makes the devicemore economical and ideal for the mid-range market
  4. 4. Â An excellent function of the screen is that it can also work as astandard tablet once users rotate it and flip it around in order to coverthe PC T91Â’s keyboard It can also double as an upright-standingA-frame which is perfect for watching videos during a long haul flight A Netbook Through and Through Although the PC T91 does seemlike a flashy new machine, the truth is that it still remains true to itsnetbook image
  5. 5. Testament to this fact is its low-powered Intel Atom Z520 processorwhich has a lower thermal design power as compared to thestandard N270 processor which is found in most Intel-poweredlaptops At a clock speed of 1 33 GHz itÂ’s also a bit slower thanmost, but the US15W chipset is able to makeup for whatevershortcomings
  6. 6. Because of the accelerated video decoding on this particularchipset, the PC T91 is quite comfortable in running 720p HD videos– a feat that can only be performed by an elite few in this particularcategory   Also on board are other features that are also up topar with the Eee line’s high standards such as the 1GB built-inRAM (DDR2) and a 32-Gigabyte SSD which gives it an excellentbalance of practicality and functionality  Other Notable FeaturesConsidering that the PC T91 is still marketed as a functionalnetbook, one could say that it is definitely faster and more powerfulthan expected
  7. 7. Aside from the accolades mentioned previously, this device also hasa very responsive keyboard that is both easy and comfortable to useHowever, those who would prefer the touchpad shouldnÂ’t encounterany major problems as well Asus has been known for producinglaptops that possess exceptional battery life
  8. 8. Although the PC T91 isnÂ’t exactly in the same league as some ofits predecessors (i e Asus transformer prime the 12-cell battery ofthe 901), its battery is still able to hold its own
  9. 9. It manages to make an impact with its 3 hours and 20 minutes ofbattery life One criticism though is that unlike other Asus models,the PC T91Â’s battery is not removable which means that userswonÂ’t be able to keep a spare battery pack for backup
  10. 10. Asus transformer prime