State of Puppet - London
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State of Puppet - London



The State of Puppet presentation delivered at Puppet Camp London by Luke Kanies.

The State of Puppet presentation delivered at Puppet Camp London by Luke Kanies.



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State of Puppet - London State of Puppet - London Presentation Transcript

  • Luke Kanies @puppetmasterd IRC:
  • Thanks toour Sponsors Quru and Red Hat
  • The State of IT
  • Shorter Cycles
  • BuiltinConstraints
  • DevOps
  • Change must be embraced
  • Cloud
  • State of ITAutomation
  • Enabling FrictionlessTechnological Change
  • Customers Everywhere
  • Simple, Declarative
  • New Approach: SoftwareDefined Infrastructure 1. DEFINE 2. SIMULATE } Re-usable infrastructure-as-code Before deploying changes 4. REPORT 3. ENFORCE CURRENT STATE DESIRED STATE Insight into changes Automatically and reliably
  • Lifecycle of a Puppet Run Node 1 Facts The node sends normalized data about itself to the Puppet Master. SSL secure 2 Catalog Puppet uses the Facts to encryption compile a Catalog that on all data specifies how the node transport should be configured. Report 3 The node reports back to Puppet indicating the configuration is complete, which is visible in the Puppet Puppet Dashboard. Master 4 Report Collector (Puppet or 3rd party tool) Report can also send data to third party tools.
  • Puppet PUPPET FORGE CONTENT MARKETPLACEArchitecture PUPPET MASTER SERVER GUI & Admin & Reporting Content Workflows Security PUPPET OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM PUPPET PUPPET PUPPET AGENT AGENT AGENT Web Server Application Server Database Server Hardware Virtual Machine Cloud
  • Strong Community Forum Members Jan 2012 Feb 2013 puppet-users list 3588 5402 puppet-dev list 724 971 N/A 383 #puppet 600 980 Repository Jan 2012 Feb 2013 Puppet Forks 236 496 Puppet Watchers 526 1185
  • Easy to Get Involved• Help with Documentation• Ask/Answer questions • • mailing lists • IRC• Help with bug triage• Contribute code• Contribute modules on the Forge• Visit to learn more
  • AUGUST 22 - 23
  • PuppetEnterprise
  • Puppet Enterprise GUI Cloud Provisioning Orchestration Compliance Services & Packaging Support
  • GUI for Puppet Time-based display for insight into rate of changeHigh levelstatus for nodes Detailed node status to pinpoint specific issues
  • PE Live Management Choose nodes to clone to ensure consistency Browse for Preview the managed impact beforenodes in your you cloneinfrastructure nodes
  • VM/Cloud Provisioning1. Create VM node capacity using VMware vSphere or AWS2. Automatically install the Puppet Agent on new nodes3. Configure nodes using existing definitions VMware vSphere or AWS Respond quickly to business demands while maintaining configuration consistency across environments
  • Recent Features• Certificate Signing from the GUI• Authentication with LDAP and oAuth
  • Organizational Scalability
  • PuppetActivity Log
  • Puppet 3 Developments• Removal of dynamic scoping• Extensions loaded from gems• Full Ruby 1.9.3 support• Pluginsync by default• Data Separation with data binding• Performance improvements• Better version numbers• More platform support• Code loading improvements• Even more documentation
  • Scope# dynamic scoping is goneclass parent { $var = "from parent" include included}class included { notify { $var: } ## NOT GONNA WORK notify { $parent::var: } ## YUP}
  • Builtin Data Binding class ntp($server = hiera(ntp_server, ‘’)) { ... } # can be changed to class ntp($ntpserver = ‘’) { ... }
  • PerformanceGains
  • Puppet 3 moving on from 2.7 2.7.0 Release3.1.0 Release 3.0.0 Release
  • API Documentation!
  • Transparency in plans
  • Puppet Armatures (ARM)• Proposals to enhance / add features to Puppet or other projects in the Puppet eco-system• ARM is a process for collecting, reviewing, sorting, and recording the result of proposals for enhancements• Used for work that require 2+ weeks effort, has significant changes, is in high demand, or contains changes to Puppet Language / evaluation semantics• Community-focused process to improve openness and transparency for Puppet Labs-funded and contributor efforts
  • ForgeActivity Log
  • By the Numbers Jan 2012 March 2013 Modules 260 950+ Users 930 2270+ Total Downloads 439,000+ Since Feb 2012
  • MCollectiveActivity Log
  • Continuous Release• Agents in packages, real packages• MCO does it, so you can make them too• Continuously built, continuously released
  • Usability• Better docs• More Complete applications• Out of the box usability• But still the framework it always was• Full integration into puppet training
  • PuppetDBHappenings
  • Better Query, More Storage• PuppetDB 1.1 released• Enhanced Query API for facts, subqueries, regular expressions• Report Storage• Report Query in an experimental API
  • Razor Happenings
  • Razor Present and Future• Security audits, fixes in the 0.9.0 release• Not yet ready for prime time• Help us get it there• File bugs, contribute to the community
  • Hiera Happenings
  • Hiera• Support is built into Puppet 3, and is available as an add-on for Puppet 2.7
  • Puppet Labs
  • Puppet Labs: by the numbers Jan 2012 March 2013 Employees 55 120 Customer Countries 29 42 836 m2 2,232 m2 Office Space 9,000 ft2 25,000 ft2
  • Puppet Labs: A Great Place to Work!Weekly Company Lunch Awesome Espresso & Tea Photos by Gary Larizza
  • We’re Hiring!
  • Training &Certification
  • Training by Country
  • Puppet Education:Training and Certification Track
  • Questions?
  • Thank You! Learn More: