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Development and promotion of your Prestashop store. Hidden pitfalls and smart ways to bypass them
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Development and promotion of your Prestashop store. Hidden pitfalls and smart ways to bypass them


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Follow the link to get a free personalized audit of your Prestashop store …

Follow the link to get a free personalized audit of your Prestashop store
Hey, Prestashop owners! It is the time to give you a hand with your store development and promotion. We have teamed up with BelVG team specializing in ecommerce projects to cover a wide range of issues with your store.

BelVG are gurus of webstore development with one of their main specialization being creating products on Prestashop platform. These guys are official Prestashop partner and will introduce to you the best solutions for ecommerce site layouts, online store add-ons, and more.

Promodo will cover topics concerning SEO and online marketing side of your business. We have been receiving a lot of sites for review on our forum thread on Prestashop website, which gives us great insight on what problems worry Prestashop owners first of all.

So here are the main points of the webinar:

Building of attractive and functional homepage:

popular home-page layout models
recommended add-ons
rapid purchase
Techniques and online marketing tools for Prestashop store owners to boost sales and traffic:

typical Prestashop SEO issues and how to fix them
alternative marketing channels efficient for e-commerce stores
conversion rates optimization best practices

Published in: Marketing

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  • Zappos product page example here
  • Zappos product page example here
  • Zappos product page example here
  • you'd need to wrap the metatag in a theme.liquid if statement making sure it ONLY appears when you want to disable indexing. Depending on your theme design it may need to go inside the theme.liquid itself. Don't add anything until you know the if statement is (you don't want to make an error!).
    www and non-www both online at
  • To get indexed in search engines is to use URL name with the keywords not with numbers. For example:use like that “” not like that “”. This increases the probability of getting caught by the crawlers. To use friendly URL, go to the “Back Office >> Preferences“ and click to “yes”. But before this you have to generate a .htaccess file.
  • When you turn on friendly URL, some of URL may not be changed and may still work. Many search engines have filters in place to remove the duplicate listings – this keeps their search results clean, and is overall a good feature. Prestashop can not handle with duplicate URL well. To handle this problem, you may use
  • Google know reserves the right to modify your title tag…
    Avoid vertical lines in titles – they may associate with spam (I’ve seen it at a number of sites)
  • (no manufacturer’s descriptions on product pages) – Panda (first released in 2011)
  • (no manufacturer’s descriptions on product pages) – Panda (first released in 2011)
    Google local - Pay attention for description of your business. Your description limited with 200 symbols and should contain local-oriented key words (example: « Hamburg Dermatologe Clinic »).
  • Transcript

    • 1. Feb 27th, 2014 – online marketing session for Prestashop business owners Development and promotion of your Prestashop store. Hidden pitfalls and smart ways to bypass them
    • 2. About Promodo
    • 3. Speaker Dmitry Feduleev, Head of custom development at BelVG. Works with most challenging projects and helps other managers to achieve the best results. Supporter of the latest trends at e-commerce development area. Dmitry Feduleev BelVG
    • 4. Speaker Marketing manager and, in past, an SEO consultant at Promodo. As an SEO consultant Anna has worked with large sites of the following niche: gambling, dating, travel, ecommerce. Anna is a certified Google Analytics individual and a regular contributor to Promodo and external blogs, also a regular speaker at the webinars. Currently Anna manages and oversees all marketing activities of Promodo in the English-speaking markets: SEM, SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, events. Anna Korolekh Promodo
    • 5. Home page is the face of your site. Like a shop window at the busy streets. 50% of traffic goes to homepage
    • 6. Homepage Etiquette  Recognition  Informative and user-friendly  The Main message
    • 7. Recognition
    • 8.
    • 9. Informative and user-friendly
    • 10.
    • 11. The Main message
    • 12.
    • 13. An attractive carousel on homepage is a common trend
    • 14. Standard homepage layout solutions
    • 15. Mono-brand
    • 16. Variety store www.
    • 17. Specialized store
    • 18. Magazine
    • 19. Examples of frontend modules for looks, user experience and customer loyalty improvement
    • 20. Drop-down Menu Store pages will be enhanced with a stylish menu, containing category blocks with products, manufacturers, images, video and any other information. Default categories automatically display filtered items - bestsellers, new products, discount products and more. There are plenty of menu designs and position variants.
    • 21. Points and discounts You can define how many points the user gets and needs for buying this or that product. Assign associated products and create bundle deals to motivate users buy more. Related items can have discounts and point rewards when bought together with the main one.
    • 22. Holiday Sales If you want to attract your customers’ attention to a specific promotion or special offer which you are running on your web-store then this module is exactly what you need. Create special promo popups on your pages where you will be able to spread news about your sales campaigns and offer promo codes for your customers.
    • 23. Promotional Banner Once enabled the extension places a special promotional banner to all pages of a website. In this banner you can advertise products and items which are under the special offer or promotion.
    • 24. Background Switcher Treat your customers with a possibility to change store design within a second. Choose a background image and set it with one click. It makes your store style visually appealing for every single customer. Optimized and enhanced browsing experience will be appreciated and sales will increase.
    • 25. Loyalty program the why and the how
    • 26.  Points and coins  Gift certificates  Abandoned Carts  Email marketing
    • 27. Socialize
    • 28. Hidden pitfalls • Template unoptimised for all users. • Too many clicks to reach what you need. • No tools to find the exact product you want • Low-quality site content • Unreachable customer service
    • 29. Multichannel marketing
    • 30. Search Engine Optimization:
    • 31. 3 cornerstones of Prestashop SEO: Proper indexation Keywords and content Links
    • 32. Indexation:
    • 33. Site structure: • Easy to navigate, intuitive for users • Logical hierarchy for the search bots • Smart link juice flow
    • 34. Site structure:
    • 35. Htaccess, redirects and errors: ! Non existent pages return a 404 error
    • 36. Indexation: • Sitemaps • • XML HTML
    • 37. Friendly URLs:
    • 38. Duplicate URLs and canonicalization:
    • 39. Google Webmaster Tools:
    • 40. Google Webmaster Tools:
    • 41. Keywords: Define your target audience and brainstorm for the keywords Copy and paste your ideas into Google Keyword Planner, add ideas using Google ”Searches related to”, Ubersuggest tool and check their search volume + check and consider your successful competitors keywords (SemRush) Cleanse the list – remove too broad, too competitive (use SEO Quake or MOZ plugin) queries
    • 42. Snippets (titles & descriptions): Make sure your titles give a clear idea of what the page is about Use your keywords in the title, but never stuff more then two repetitions of one and the same keyword and don’t stuff too many keywords – test how it’s going to look like! Visible part is 512 pixels long! the most important key phrase at the beginning and close the title with your brand
    • 43. Rich product snippets swer/146750?hl=en Better CTR in organic traffic Snippets for Breadcrumbs, products, videos Use 21.3.11
    • 44. Content: Each page should have a unique piece of text content (at least 300 words) even the product pages!
    • 45. Content: Optimize the pages’ text: •use h1, h2 headings, wrap your keywords into h1’s and h2’s •use your keywords in the page body •link to relevant pages from the text using keywords as anchor texts Make use of user-generated content: reviews, comments
    • 46. Create your blog – Google+ Create your blog ASAP 3-6 articles per month Use Google+ authority 21.3.11
    • 47. Links:
    • 48. Link earning Content marketing Infographics Forums/blog posts 21.3.11
    • 49. Social channels 21.3.11
    • 50. Video for products Better conversions Traffic from video channels Its free. Easy. Use 21.3.11
    • 51. Other channels: product feeds Product listing ads Google / Forums/blog posts 21.3.11
    • 52. Other channels: coupons - deals Coupons sites Daily deals Discounters 21.3.11
    • 53. Remarketing 21.3.11
    • 54. Case study 21.3.11
    • 55. Free online marketing audit We would like to invite all you to take a free 10-15 minutes personalised webinar for a quick audit of your website and marketing campaigns by Google certified experts. - Quick usability audit of the existing site; Quick SEO audit and review of existing analytics; Audit of PPC campaigns; Technical audit; Best practices of conversion rate optimization; General online marketing strategy insights. Free online marketing audit
    • 56. Thank you for your attention! Anna Korolekh Marketing manager at Promodo e-mail: Skype: ann.moseva Dmitry Feduleev Head of custom development at BelVG e-mail: Skype: dfeduleev
    • 57. Please follow