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An informational power point presentation about group discussion....

An informational power point presentation about group discussion....



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    Group discussion Group discussion Presentation Transcript

    • A GD is a methodology used by anorganization to gauge whether the candidatehas certain personality traits and /or skillsthat it desires in its members.In this methodology,the group of candidatesis given a topic or a situation, given a fewminutes to think about the same and thenask to discuss it among themselves.
    • Leadership in a GD isestablished implicitlythrough onesperformance in a GD. Stimulation of thinkingin a new way. Expansion of knowledge. Understanding of yourstrength and weakness. Your true personality is revealed and qualities of leadership crystallize.
    • Leadership skills :Ability to take leadership roles and ability to lead, inspire andcarry the team along to help them achieve group’s objectives.Interpersonal skills :It is reflected in the ability of the individual to interact withother members of the group in a brief situation.
    • Practice:Start practicing your discussion skills in an informal setting orwith a small group.Participate:Take every opportunity to take part in social/informaldiscussions.Persuading:It involves being able toconvince others to takeappropriate action.
    • Be assertive: An assertive person is direct , honest careful about not hurtingothers ‘self-respect’.A patient listener:Listening to another person is one way of showing appreciation.Right language :Words can make friends & right words at the right time make thebest results.Be analytical and fact-oriented :It is necessary to make relevant points which can be supportedwith facts and analyzed logically.
    • Appropriate to the issue . Make original points &support them by substantial reasoning . Listen to the other participants actively &carefully. Whatever you say must be with a logical flow, & validate it with an example as far as possible. Make only accurate statements. Modulate the volume, pitch and tone. Be considerate to the feelings of the others. Try to get your turn. Be an active and dynamic participant by listening. Talk with confidence and self-assurance.
    • Shy /nervous / keeping isolated from G.DInterrupting another participant before his arguments are overSpeak in favour ; example : Establish your position and stand by itstubbornlyChanged opinionsDon’t make fun of any participant even if his arguments are funnyBeing .Don’t engage yourself in sub-group conversation.Don’t repeat and use irrelevant materials.Addressing yourself to the examiner.Worrying about making some grammatical mistakes , for yourinterest the matter you put across are important.
    • A GD is generally of 15-20 minutes duration. Dont ever make the mistake of addressing the panel members. The GD is between you and the other members, not the panel members. You must avoid even looking at the panel members whilethe GD is in progress. Just ignore their existence. Seating arrangement could be semi-circular, or seating along side a rectangular table , depending upon the venue.
    • You would not be looked upon favourably if you kept speakingall the time and did not listen to anyone else. Contrary to themisconception, the person who talks the most is not necessarilythe one who is judged the best.The quality and not the quantity of your contribution is thesuccess factor it is important to be cool and emotionallyobjective in a GD.If you react emotionally you are likely to lose control overyourself during the group discussion.You have to be calm and logical, not emotional in a GD.