Technology For Team Building I Kwest


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The latest in interactive mobile technolgy for to enhance training, team- building, development of leadership skills and edutainment...

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Technology For Team Building I Kwest

  1. 1. Copyright PsiTec Inc. GPS-based Scavenger Hunts and races for Team-Building
  2. 2. iKwest proudly presents “Focus Race”, an innovative programme to improve the ability of teams to meet and beat their goals by discovering their own weaknesses in focus and execution and develop strategies to improve results and measure progress The programme is based around a highly motivating customized outdoor team competition which can take place in a rural or urban setting. The key difference is that, unlike other outdoor activities and ropes courses, iKwest incorporates technology to set the course and measure the performance of the teams and individuals in achieving concrete results and provides follow-up to ensure sustainability. Focus Race Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  3. 3. iKwest is a new generation of outdoors training programmes incorporating the latest developments in technology including GPS, internet access and, increasingly, the new phenomena of Augmented Reality. ¿Qué es iKwest? iKwest has segmented its participation in three Market Areas: • Tourism • Education • Training Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  4. 4. Core Team Heiko Linn, General Manager of Mobilitas SpA, Pyschologist - Innovator, Technology Developer, International Consultant and founder of PsiTec Servicios Psicológicos Ltda. Gonzalo Torrealba, Commercial Manager of Mobilitas SpA, Ontological Coach, Innovator, Corporate Consultant, Founder of Stress Out, HR Manager of Gendarmería de Chile, Director of Technological Transfer for the Instituto Chileno de Estudios Municipales de la Universidad Autónoma. Copyright Mobilitas SpA Philip Ray, Board Advisor to Mobilitas SpA responsible for International Ventures. Entrepreneur, Consultant and Facilitator for Corporate Training and Educational Projects.
  5. 5. The player’s position is permanently monitored using the GPS on a mobile phone and all teams are able to see where their competitors are on a virtual map. The first team to arrive at the location has the first shot at the specific task assigned to that particular “spot”. Real Time Entertainment Blending technology with “Treasure Hunting” the objective of the game is to solve clues, puzzles and/or codes to discover geographic locations as quickly as possible to subsequently solve a team challenge. Copyright Mobilitas SpA Physical fitness, mental agility, creativity, strategic thinking and especially team work are some of the factors that can be keyed in as a requirement to win.
  6. 6. • What are the main features of the latest model which was launched by the company in March this year? Copyright Mobilitas SpA. Objective: Each question should give rise to discussion and interaction between team members. Dynamic and extremely fast. Flexibility in use and pricing for the client Funcionality and Design All of the above Note 1: Questions are developed in close collaboration with the client.Note 2: There can be a mix of questions to test company specific knowledge management and leadership abilities and general culture. A typical question… That can be used to test the teams’ specific knowledge or skills:
  7. 7. Technology for learning in the great outdoors. Copyright Mobilitas SpA Take your teams to the outside environment of your choice - in your clients’ or competitors’ territory; in the middle of the desert; or half way up a mountain… and provide them with our state of the art technology. Evaluate the ability of your collaborators and teams to use their corporate, strategic, product and market knowledge. Challenge their abilities to solve problems and achieve results in stressful situations against the clock. Reinforce and evaluate team-building, leadership and coaching skills. With the iKwest learning system you can:
  8. 8. Value Proposition (collaborators) iKwest makes learning fun. Collaborative learning becomes the means to improve team and organizational results. Values and skills necessary for teamwork are reinforced Colleagues learn to interact in unfamiliar environments. Corporate agility and interdepartmental effectiveness can improve by creating mixed teams from different areas and disciplines. Use of prizes/trophies can stimulate motivation, commitment and respect from the rest of the community Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  9. 9. Attitude Copyright Mobilitas SpA. Competition, Work under Pressure and Collaboration in a Winning Combination
  10. 10. Value Proposition (Organization) iKwest is an excellent diagnostic tool to evaluate teamwork. Provides an opportunity to detect the kind of leadership practiced by the team and individuals. Evaluates use of problem- solving tools and process. Provides an opportunity to practice leadership and coaching skills in high pressure situations. Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  11. 11. iKwest permanently provides on-line information during the games to ensure the safety of the participants and their effective participation. iKwest is highly adaptable, enabling company/organization specific information to be presented to the participants in an entertaining and motivating way. iKwest is a powerful tool which allows the organization to diagnose the attitudes and aptitudes of its employees/collaborators. Copyright Mobilitas SpA Value Proposition (Organization)
  12. 12. Areas in which iKwest can be applied within the organization Induction programmes Team work and Leadership Evaluation of technical knowledge Strengthening of Sales Abilities Task Orientation Organizational Communication Development of Attention and Listening Skills Language Training Group integration and cohesion Competitiveness Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  13. 13. Focus Race- Debriefing Methodology “What Happened?” The Debriefing Workshop is designed to cover all the key areas and concerns specified by the organization in the initial brief. Begins with a plenary discussion of the activity as perceived by the different teams. The gap between desired objectives and on-line results obtained in the on-line measurements obtained from the participants is thoroughly investigated The organization receives a report with a full analysis of the statistics and conclusions of the activity. Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  14. 14. Focus - Race Types of Challenges Pre-designed categories: Sales Race: Entertaining game to test the sales skills of the participants. Mission Imposible: An urban game at varying levels of difficulty. Aims at testing resilience and developing ability to start from scratch again and again. Synergy Race: All players compete to beat the other teams without knowing that in order to win they have to join forces. Copyright Mobilitas SpA Games can be custom-designed to the client’s specification and developed in any language.
  15. 15. O’Ryan Challenge: Full Competition Copyright Mobilitas SpA Interesting challenge game based on Chile’s “Platoon” TV reality show. As well as contending with the iKwest challenge, competitors have to go through a series of obstacle races and physically challenging exercises. The workshop ends with a talk on leadership and teamwork led by Commander Rene O ´Ryan or equivalent local personality. Focus - Race Types of Challenges
  16. 16. Focus Race - Winners In addition to the design and specific objectives of the activity, categories should be created which allow individuals or teams to gain recognition from peers and other stakeholders. Winners are not announced until the end of the activity to maintain interest and tension. Copyright Mobilitas SpA
  17. 17. Types of Report Copyright Mobilitas SpA. Ranking of correct answers per team   (points obtained divided by maximum points possible) Team A Question 1 56% Question 2 80% Question 3 73% Question 4 93% Question 5 66%     Team B Question 1 70%   Question 2 92%   Question 3 86%   Question 4 39%   Question 5 79% Team Ranking  (frecuency of questions answered correctly) Team A 56% Team B 80% Team C 73% Team D 93% Team E 66% Teams receive a report on their performance for each question compared with maximum scores and a comparison with the other teams.
  18. 18. Copyright Mobilitas SpA. Types of Report
  19. 19. Types of Report Copyright Mobilitas SpA.
  20. 20. Copyright Mobilitas SpA. Overall Performance : 86% Finally a chart is produced comparing the scores of all teams Types of Report Maximum Maximum Points Available Points Available Question 1 240 300 80% 60 180 300 60% 120 Question 2 200 300 67% 100 230 300 77% 70 Question 3 110 300 37% 190 150 300 50% 150 Question 4 201 300 67% 99 60 300 20% 240 Question 5 90 300 30% 210 240 300 80% 60 Team A Team B Points obtained Performance Time (in seconds) Points obtained Performance Time (in seconds)
  21. 21. Contact us! Copyright Mobilitas SpA Santiago (SCL) – Berlín (TXL) – Londres (LON) Commercial Manager 56-9-74678820 Gonzalo Torrealba General Manager 56-9-97749430 Heiko Linn