Competitive Intelligence

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  • 1. What is CI ? *CI is defined by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) as “the process of enhancing marketplace competitiveness through a greater -- yet unequivocally ethical – understanding of a firm’s competitors and the competitive environment.”
  • 2. Do we Really Need ?
  • 3. Why CI ? o Predict competitor’s next action o Exploit their weaknesses o Undermine their strength o Blow up threats against them o Undercut their opportunities
  • 4. Competitive Intelligence Model Intelligence Information Data Organize Analyze
  • 5. Does CI becoming more of a Corporate Intelligence ?
  • 6. CI Has Always Been About Better Decision-Making • Strategic Decisions – What business are we in and where are new opportunities for growth? • Operational Decisions – How do we structure those business units to most effectively compete for and win market share? • Tactical Decisions – Which customers are available to us and how can we convince them to select us over functional equivalents?
  • 7. Corporate Implication Priorities of CI  Current Competitor Activities and Strategy Monitoring  Operational Performance Benchmarking  Product/Service Sales and Marketing Support  Possible Futures Movements  Intellectual Property Exploitation and Protection  Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Support  Long-Term Market Prospects & Spotting Weak Signal Blind spots  Counter-Intelligence & Information Security  Executive Decision-Support and Competitive Strategy Planning
  • 8. Challenge 1: Aligning Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) to the company’s strategic priorities (19%) Challenge 2 : Capturing the competitive information held by your company’s employees (20%) Challenge 3 : Incorporating competitive intelligence insights into the company’s revenue-generating activities (11%) Challenge 4 : Creating and/or managing a portal to centralize CI-related information for the company (16%) Challenge 5 : Developing a methodology for identifying emerging challenges (12%) Top 5 Competitive Intelligence Research Challenges
  • 9. Tools for performing CI Keyword Research and Tracking Media Monitoring Key Word Feeds Online or Traditional Clipping Services
  • 10. Competitive Intelligence Solution Providers  Digimind  clearCi  Cipher  CI Radar  Comintelli
  • 11. Thanks