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  • 1. Influencing a Culture ChangeNASA PM Challenge – Orlando, 2012Mark Wiese / NASA KSC
  • 2. 2Agenda• Introduction• Culture & Branding• Background• Process• Launch Vehicle Processing S&MA Example• Summary• Q&A
  • 3. 3Introduction• Who am I?• Driving influences in my life ▫ Upbringing ▫ Perceptions ▫ Influence• My core values ▫ Work-Life Balance ▫ Excellence ▫ Creativity/Innovation ▫ Integrity ▫ Teamwork
  • 4. 4Why Culture?• What is the connection to Project Management? ▫ Cost ▫ Schedule ▫ Technical• People & Teams are the true key to a successful project ▫ You can effectively manage your cost, schedule, and technical requirements through your people and the diversity of your team• How do you assure you have the best team? ▫ Pick them yourself? (Can’t always do that, surely doesn’t guarantee results)
  • 5. 5The Power of Brand Recognition• Why does “Branding” your organization work? ▫ Inspires ▫ Connects the Mind & Heart ▫ Lasting• How do well known organizations differentiate their brand to you? ▫ Through Visions, Logos, & Products that define their team and/or their goals  Pink Ribbons  Yellow Wristband ▫ Through Slogans; can you name the organization tied to these below?  “Just Do It”  “Be all you can be”  “Breakfast of champions”  “Think Different”  “Don’t be evil”
  • 6. 6Culture as it applies to teamsCulture: the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization (www.merriam-webster.com)• Strong cultures immediately invoke emotions ▫ Examples:  Music/Phones: Innovation, integration  Sports/Football: Black & Yellow, multiple championships• What culture exists in your team today (+/-/neutral)?• As a leader you can take steps to re-shape a team culture• As a team member, you can influence a culture• Your environment can set it; however it may also drive the need for you to pay more attention to influencing a culture
  • 7. 7So What?• Cultures will form anyway• Cultures can be negative and counterproductiveThe right culture can cultivate your team to have…
  • 8. 8My environment won’t support change • Find a way, set a vision no matter what your environment may be • Don’t ignore the negative, openly talk and refocus on what you can influence, what your team is in control of • Use examples
  • 9. 9Challenge yourself• Dream• Share the vision, no matter how big or small• Examples from my career ▫ Launch Services Program S&MA ▫ Shuttle (framework for following charts) ▫ Source Evaluation Board
  • 10. 10Background: Shuttle example• KSC S&MA Directorate – Shuttle Division, 2007 ▫ Team of 140+ (120+ Civil Servants, 20+ Contractors) ▫ Projected to scale down to a team of 1/4 the size after the last Shuttle Mission ▫ 15 Missions Remained ▫ Challenges in front of S&MA  Poor perception of “value added”  “Oversight” (Shuttle) vs. “Insight” (Constellation)  Engineers vs. Technical Specialists (Union Represented) ▫ Poor morale; people in jobs that were a poor fit for their skills; unknown of how they could contribute in the future
  • 11. 11Process Overview• Setting the culture and branding the organization requires ▫ Time  Less, if starting from scratch on a new team  More, if attempting to turn around the Titanic ▫ Attention  Less, if a small group, easily focused  More, if team is large, spread out, distracted• Process Steps Influencing the Culture Branding the Organization Initial Establishing Rollout Make it Stick Planning Framework
  • 12. 12INITIAL PLANNING Influencing the Culture• Dream (brainstorm, listen, seek help) ▫ Invest the time (took me 4 months for Shuttle example) ▫ Capture ideas, then capture more! (notes, charts, drawings) ▫ Discussions with mentors and leaders ▫ Obtain expert help from Human Capital  This step brought me back to reality!  Influence vs. Direction• Document “Why” ▫ Main reasons your team needs change ▫ Find a selling factor (business case) ▫ What will improve as a result• Determine “How” ▫ Full participation ▫ Focus group ▫ Leader only• Obtain approval to proceed Initial Planning Establishing Framework Rollout Make it Stick
  • 13. 13Why Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• Facilitate a smooth transition to Constellation• More insight, less oversight• Better utilization of assets & resources• Improve communication• Increase efficiency Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 14. 14How Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• SA-B Realignment Advisory Team (BRAT) ▫ Members from all SA-B elements ▫ Labor Union leadership ▫ SA-A1 Admin Office ▫ BA-C (HR Operations) ▫ BA-E (Facilitator/Organizational Development)• Utilized Organizational Development Model to establish Vision, Mission, Goals, Organizational Design and Change Management Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 15. 15ESTABLISHING FRAMEWORK Influencing the CultureFor your Team, determine each of the following;• Purpose ▫ Document the goals you wish to achieve ▫ Understand any guidelines you must fit within ▫ Develop a Vision, Mission, & Values (Top Down approach) ▫ Analyze tasks the team performs or should perform (Bottom Up approach)• Structure ▫ Find a structure that is a “best fit” to Top Down and Bottom Up analysis ▫ Assure structure enables career progression ▫ Assure structure allows for proper accountability• Relationships ▫ How will each sub-team interact ▫ Establish interface points• Norms ▫ Empower ▫ Assure understanding of Values Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 16. 16Purpose Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• Goals • Allow for seamless transition to Constellation • Transfer SMA operational/floor knowledge to Constellation • Restructure Quality Engineering function • Increase Mission Assurance focus in Division • Improve leadership development structure• Guidelines • No FTE increase, reduce supervisors in prep for smaller organization • Continue to meet Shuttle requirements • SA-B workforce buy-in Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 17. 17Purpose, cont. Shuttle Example LVP S&MA DivisionTop Down AnalysisVision:“Advancing Space Exploration through Safe and SuccessfulLaunch Vehicle Processing”Mission:“Playing a key role in space exploration by independentlyacquiring insight, assessing risk, and influencing safe andsuccessful launch vehicle processing”Values: ▫ Integrity ▫ Competence ▫ Cooperation ▫ Independence Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 18. 18Purpose, cont. Shuttle Example LVP S&MA DivisionBottom Up Analysis• Review of all functions in org today (with PPBE projections for each task)• Evaluated who should perform functions ▫ Safety ▫ Quality ▫ Mission Assurance• Identified major attributes from mission statement (1 - acquiring insight, 2 – assessing risk, 3 - influencing) ▫ Determined primary & secondary attributes for each function ▫ Weighted between safety, quality and mission assurance• Realigned FTE based on weighting and PPBE numbers Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 19. 19Team Structure• Organization outline• Clear description of roles• Interfaces (with whom, how, badgeless)• Understanding of major changes and benefits ▫ Globally, from an entire organization standpoint (up, down, across to customers) ▫ Locally (internally to the team itself) ▫ Break down personnel movement, responsibility movement, position creation & abolishment Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 20. 20Team Structure, cont. Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• Complete revamp of organization structure ▫ From 5 branches to 3 ▫ Eliminated 8 supervisory positions ▫ Created “lead” and “senior” positions for improved career paths• Updated position descriptions• Improved use of support contractor to add flexibility• Major Changes & Benefits ▫ Transfer Floor Knowledge ▫ Mission Assurance focus ▫ Leadership and developmental opportunities ▫ Increased communication within the Division Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 21. 21Relationships & Norms Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• Detailed communication between leadership and BRAT team• BRAT representatives relayed information discussed to employees• BRAT concluded with go-forward actions for management team ▫ Finalize new position descriptions to clearly communicate duties ▫ Creation of a leadership development training program for Division ▫ Team leads for new organization would continue to meet regularly (without management) in order to assure consistency in communication processes ▫ Management would establish process for assuring constant flow down of information ▫ Division would kick-off a “knowledge capture” effort to assure all internal processes are captured for post Shuttle era learning Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 22. 22ROLLOUT Influencing the Culture• Communicate your plan ▫ Uphill (w/ Senior Leadership, Human Capital) ▫ Horizontally (w/ your Team) ▫ Externally (w/ stakeholders or interfacing organizations)• Set a timeline for next steps Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 23. 23Communication & Timeline Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• Created master All-Hands presentation ▫ Outlined process, provided additional details of changes ▫ Focused heavily on new Vision• Shared this presentation when seeking approval of Senior Management & Human Capital• Used presentation for an All Hands with Division employees, followed by smaller Q&A sessions ▫ Shared new vision and how change will work ▫ Explained commitment to success of the plan• Used presentation to communicate with stakeholders ▫ Smaller modified version of presentation, focusing on stakeholder expectations from our team• Timeline (before & after) included in presentation ▫ Previous steps (15 months) ▫ Next steps for implementation (phased over 8 months) Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 24. 24MAKE IT STICK Branding the Organization• Actions speak louder than words ▫ Leadership must set the example ▫ Leadership must follow through on commitments ▫ Allows you to continually gain trust of your team• Provide continual attention ▫ Communicate, Communicate, Communicate• Create an identity ▫ Team logo, adopt a mascot ▫ Bring life to the spaces you work in ▫ Give nicknames (don’t offend!), stay light hearted ▫ Empower the team to do the same Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 25. 25Actions, Attention, & Identity Shuttle Example LVP S&MA Division• Provided constant updates during final stages of change in order to share status with the team (this proved invaluable following cancellation of Constellation)• Spent time meeting in smaller groups (or one-on-one where appropriate)• Created a new sharepoint site, including Mission, Vision, Values; logo for Directorate; videos from leadership explaining their groups• Spent time teambuilding, away from office, focused on relationships and team interaction• Celebrated our successes through use of mission patches on wall after each landing, newsletter to team members, special awards and recognition events• Continual empowerment of team members to innovate and create while respecting lines of communication Initial Establishing Make it Rollout Planning Framework Stick
  • 26. 26Culture – Before/After Shuttle Example LVP S&MA DivisionBEFORE AFTER• Low morale • Excitement, contagious attitude• Lack of trust • Initiative• Uncertainty surround roles • Embraced change (even after• Uncertainty for future Constellation cancellation)• Status quo (it isn’t broke, leave • Pride of ownership it alone) • Innovation
  • 27. 27Summary• Culture is critical to the growth and success of your team• Leadership drives culture (actively or passively); however you can influence even as a team member• Set a plan, act on it, continually follow-thru Influencing the Culture Branding the Organization Initial Establishing Rollout Make it Stick Planning Framework
  • 28. 28Question & Answer