'Turning a New Page: eBooks & AudioBooks': The OverDrive Experience at Loreto Normanhurst


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Workshop presentation for the 'AIS Integration Conference 2010' @ Tara Anglican School for Girls.

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  • Excellent intro to OverDrive. Their website has a lot of info but fails to give a clear summary of how their software works!! Thanks a million!
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'Turning a New Page: eBooks & AudioBooks': The OverDrive Experience at Loreto Normanhurst

  1. 1. OVERDRIVE EBOOKS & AUDIO BOOKS Turning a New Page: eBooks & AudioBooks The ‘OverDrive’ Experience at Loreto Normanhurst
  2. 2. Workshop Overview  Background to OverDrive at Loreto Normanhurst  Content: OverDrive eBook/Audio Book collection  Demonstration: The OverDrive platform. Self- service ‘check-out’ and download process  „Play‟ time :) Test-drive the LN OverDrive website.  Wrap-up:  Advantages & Obstacles  Questions? http://www.billfrymire.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/direction-guidance-finance.jpg
  3. 3. Background Why OverDrive at Loreto Normanhurst?
  4. 4. Background  AudioBooks:  To encourage reading for leisure  To support struggling readers  eBooks:  Explosion of interest in eBooks & eReaders  Multimedia text enrichment  Textual flexibility (searching within text, annotations, ‘social highlighting’)  Convenience, portability, titles inexpensive
  5. 5. Why AudioBooks? Research indicates that AudioBooks:  offer particular benefits for struggling readers and students with disabilities (Boyle et al, 2003)  ‘improve fluency and comprehension’ (Carbo, 1987, 1990 as cited in Montgomery, 2009, p.4)  ‘improve reading and academic performance for both English language learners and native English speakers’ http://www.innovopublishing.com/images/I nnovo%20Audio%20Icon%202.jpg (Montgomery, 2009)  support auditory learners (Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences).  ‘accelerate reading gains. Data shows that audio books can improve reading comprehension by 34% as it bridges the gap for students... read[ing] text above their reading level.’ (Boston Public Schools, as cited in Cothran, 2009).  ‘help students acquire new vocabulary... effective fluency instruction begins with modelled reading’ (Boston Public Schools, as cited in Cothran, 2009).
  6. 6. Why eBooks? eBooks have reached critical mass !  eBooks now consistently outselling hardbacks on Amazon. eBooks sales predicted to overtake print sales by late 2011.  Popularity of eBooks boosted by the release of eReader devices (eg. Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle, Border’s Nook), SmartPhones (eg. iPod) & 1:1 programs. (Tweney, Epicenter,19 July 2010 & Shroeder, July 2010) Tofel, 2010 Benefits of convenience & portability. Inexpensive:  OverDrive eBooks approx 75% cheaper than their print equivalents  Amazon’s eBooks also cheaper: 510,000+ titles cost under US $10.  Discounts mean that the cost of the device is fairly quickly recuperated.
  7. 7. Why eBooks?  Search within text.  Define words.  Add bookmarks.  Highlight  Add comments/notes. Share your highlighting with others = eg. “social highlighting” (eg. send selected quotes directly to Facebook or Twitter), Amazon’s ‘Most Highlighted Passages of All Time’). Images: Kindle app from http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/5_ways_that_ebooks_are_better_than_paper_books.php
  8. 8. Why eBooks?  Multimedia text enrichment (eg. glossary, contextual info, illustrations, hyperlinks, graphics, video) provide a combination of visual, tactile and auditory modalities improving comprehension and supporting student learning via their preferred modality (Poarow, 1990; Hastings, 1997; Lewin, 1997, and McKenna, 1998 as cited in Short, 2010). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QCAPv-IKuU
  9. 9. Evaluating the Options Comparing download services:  Audible (affordable AudioBooks; but no eBooks; no institutional subscriptions)  Bolinda Digital (excellent Australian Fiction content; but download product still in development; no eBooks)  InfoBase eBooks (no AudioBooks)  NetLibrary (similar service but less Fiction content – English texts)  OverDrive Choosing OverDrive - Seamless management of student loans. A self-borrowing online service, connected to LMS/patron information. - Compatibility: - AudioBooks: compatible with most devices (eg. iPod/iPhones). - eBooks: eReader compatibility improving. - Content: coverage of English texts, YA eBook/Audio Book Fiction. - Marc records available for library catalogue: ‘one-stop-shop’ for locating library-owned AudioBooks (ie. content on OverDrive, mp3 CD’s, cassettes etc).
  10. 10. OverDrive Content Currently 1142 AudioBooks and 84 eBooks... http://www.bibl.hj.se/dokument/bibl/webb_eng/blog/futureofbooks.jpg
  11. 11. AudioBook & eBook Collection Including English texts, new/popular fiction, selected research/reference works (eg. Bloom’s guides, the Cambridge Introduction to Literature series):  English set texts  Audio Books  eBooks
  12. 12. Demonstration The Loreto Normanhurst OverDrive Service
  13. 13. Getting Started To download titles, you need:  A computer (or use the LRC ‘Download Station’)  A student/staff ID card  Free software  Internet
  14. 14. Downloads are easy as 1... 2... 3 ! 1. Browse Select an eBook/Audio Book from the LRC Catalogue or LRC’s OverDrive website 2. Check Out Enter your student/staff ID number to „borrow‟ the eBook/AudioBook. 3. Download Download the eBook/Audio Book to your computer. Play/read it there orTransfer it to your iPod/iPhone/iPad/mp3 player etc. Titles automatically expire! So no overdue fees 
  15. 15. 1. Browse Select an eBook/Audio Book from the LRC’s OverDrive website or LRC Catalogue
  16. 16. 2. Check-Out Read description Listen to an excerpt See which devices the book can play on Consider other recommendations Read reviews Add to ‘Library Bag’ & ‘Check-out’
  17. 17. 2. Check-Out „Always available‟ Some titles are ‘always available’. This means several students (or an entire class) can borrow the title simultaneously ‘Reserve this item‟ If all copies are on loan, you may place a hold (email notification when available)
  18. 18. 2. Check-Out ‘Add to Library Bag’  ‘Proceed to Checkout’ (or ‘Continue Browsing’ to add more titles – max 3 – and then ‘Checkout’):
  19. 19. 2. Check-Out Log In with your ‘Student/Staff ID number’: Select loan period and ‘confirm check out’:
  20. 20. 3. Download! Free software: 1. AudioBooks: OverDrive Media Console 2. eBooks: Adobe Digital Editions (Free/quick downloads from LRC’s OverDrive website)
  21. 21. Downloading AudioBooks Using ‘OverDrive Media Console’
  22. 22. 3. Download! Example: Audio Book OverDrive Media Console launches: Click ‘OK’
  23. 23. 3. Download!  ‘Check all’ the boxes to download all chapters & click ‘OK’  Multi-task, while the AudioBook downloads in the background...
  24. 24. Playing AudioBooks (PC) Double-click to play on your PC! Playing options:
  25. 25. Transfer Keep the download software open and... 1. Plug in iPod/mp3 player (see list of ‘Compatible Audio Devices’) 2. Select the AudioBook: click ‘Transfer’ 3. Follow the steps: ‘Transfer Wizard’ (note: select all parts) Hints (for trouble-shooting errors): 1. Ensure iTunes & iPod software is up-to-date. 2. Enable ‘Manually Manage Music’ in iTunes (select the device [left menu] ‘Summary’ Tab [top]  Tick ‘Manually Manage Music & Videos’.)
  26. 26. Finding AudioBooks (Apple devices) Music  AudioBooks (titles transfered from PC) OverDrive app: (titles downloaded directly via app) iPod shortcut  AudioBooks (iPad)
  27. 27. Downloading eBooks Using ‘Adobe Digital Editions’
  28. 28. Downloading eBooks Check-out process for eBooks & AudioBooks is exactly the same. BUT ... ensure you are using ‘Internet Explorer’ (eg. Chrome not supported)
  29. 29. 3. Download! Free software: 1. AudioBooks: OverDrive Media Console 2. eBooks: Adobe Digital Editions (Free/quick downloads from LRC’s OverDrive website)
  30. 30. 3. Download! ‘Download’  ‘Open’  Adobe Digital Editions launches...
  31. 31. 3. Download! Your eBook will open... !
  32. 32. Change page display (ePub) 4. Read, annotate & enjoy :) Enlarge/reduce OR Print (ePub) font size (pdf) Search Jump to within text page Create bookmark (highlighting OR page; add notes) Select chapter Turn pages
  33. 33. 3. Download! Like AudioBooks, eBooks expire after the loan period:
  34. 34. Compatible eReaders
  35. 35. ‘Play’ Time Explore the website! - Browse and search for titles. - Borrow titles with guest . . . patron login. - Download titles / transfer . http://www.squidoo.com/groups/childrenandparenting . to device. - Guest login: 2001-2030
  36. 36. Other Ways to Download AudioBooks OverDrive Download Station OverDrive Media Console App
  37. 37. Other Ways to Download AudioBooks  LRC Download Station  Computer loaded with OverDrive download software for AudioBooks (opp. LRC Help Desk).  Find a book, plug in your iPod/mp3 player and download instantly
  38. 38. Yep... ‘there’s an app for that’  Alternatively, * or iPhone/iPad/ BlackBerry/Windows Mobile/Android download DIRECT to your iPod* using the OverDrive MediaConsole App and LRC Catalogue/OverDrive website (hint: save website shortcut to iPod Home Screen: Go to website  ‘+’  ‘Add to Home Screen’) + =
  39. 39. OverDrive MediaConsole App  Check-out & download process is identical (ie. select book on website, check- out & download using OverDrive app):
  40. 40. Wrap-Up - Obstacles - Advantages - Questions? http://www.etceteramedia.com/etceterablog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/pin-set-all.jpg
  41. 41. Obstacles?  Time: 12 weeks predicted for implementation  double. Unexpected delays experienced with:  installation of Amlib DIY/SIP2 module for patron data (firewall.. argh!).  marc records (still waiting on OCLC...)  Additional purchase of Amlib DIY/SIP2 module ($2,400) to facilitate self-checkout of online loans.  Download speed: AudioBooks (10-45 mins; average size 150MB. eBooks significantly faster/smaller at approx 700KB)  Content limitations: international copyright currently prevents Australian sites from purchasing some titles (eg. Stephenie Meyer’s The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner ).
  42. 42. Advantages?  Positive feedback from students and staff.  High usage:  430 downloads and 1,600+ website visits in first 6 weeks.  Seamless process for patrons:  Students report very few technical glitches.  Minimal intervention required from library staff.  Avoids risks of copyright infringement associated with lending/loading CDs (‘format shifting’).  Staff training: thorough training for library staff (via webconferencing & recorded video demonstrations).  Project management: OverDrive assigned the school a Project Manager to oversee implementation and ongoing support (Ben Alcorn).
  43. 43.  Responsive technical support (via email – response usually supplied overnight).  Customised marketing materials supplied (eg. posters, bookmarks, media releases).  Impressive support and customer service (eg. customisation of website, responsiveness to emails, willingness to accommodate Australian time zone).  Marc records available for library catalogue: ‘one-stop-shop’ for locating the library’s varied AudioBook collection (ie. content on OverDrive, mp3 CD’s, Audible etc).
  44. 44. Contacts & Questions? Questions? Contacts: Therese Kenny Teacher Librarian & ICT Integrator http://www.high-output.com/hot/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/ask-300x299.jpg Loreto Normanhurst tkenny@loretonh.nsw.edu.au | Ph: 9473 7463 | Fax: 9487 8561 Mike Shontz Business Development Account Executive OverDrive mshontz@overdrive.com | Ohio: responsible for clients in Oceania