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E-Books & E-Audiobooks


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E-Books & E-Audiobooks

  1. 1. E-Books & E-Audiobooks Overview
  2. 2. The Help Menu has many valuable functions. It should be your first stop if you’re doing this for the first time. There are how-to videos and FAQs. Note that with MyMediaMall’s recent facelift, familiar tasks have been altered. Most notably, the Search and My Account buttons have moved to the top of the page.
  3. 3. Click on Device Resource Center to see what formats are compatible with your device.
  4. 4. In addition to Browser-based reading, e-books can still be downloaded and transferred using Adobe Digital Editions or delivered/transferred to your Amazon Kindle. Download Free Software to manage downloads and transfers.
  5. 5. OverDrive Media Console manages the download and transfer of Audiobooks. It’s free to download as well. We’ll take a tour of OMC in a bit. /software/omc/
  6. 6. We always want to sign in first. The sign in link is at the top of every page. By signing in, you get to see content exclusively for Wilmette & Kenilworth Cardholders.
  7. 7. Now let’s execute a search for content. I always recommend doing an “Advanced Search” because we can limit our search to formats compatible with our device.
  8. 8. Choose a subject or format compatible to your device. Note: You can even limit your search to what’s available now at the bottom of the advanced search screen.
  9. 9. This is our search results screen. Take note of the icon in the upper right hand corner of the books. These icons differentiate between e-books and e-audiobooks. Note: A black icon indicates an item is available, a gray icon indicates an item is checked out.
  10. 10. Note the important information in the right hand sidebar. It notes how many copies are available in what formats. Click the blue “Borrow” button to check out the book.
  11. 11. Once you borrow the book, you are taken to your bookshelf. The Bookshelf can be accessed at any time by clicking the Account button at the top of the page.
  12. 12. Click on the download button, and you can choose your format. Choose wisely. Once a format has been selected, it cannot be undone.
  13. 13. In this instance, I have selected an EPUB format to work with my Nook. EPUB books are downloaded and transferred using the free software Adobe Digital Editions. NOTE: The EPUB e-books only understand to “Open with” ADE. They will not work if you save them to your computer first.
  14. 14. Download Free Software to manage downloads and transfers.
  15. 15. I have plugged in my Nook, and it prompts me to authorize my device with my Adobe ID. When you first launch ADE, you will be prompted to authorize your computer with an Adobe ID.
  16. 16. Getting an adobe ID
  17. 17. When I plug in my Nook, it will appear in the left hand pane. By clicking on the gear icon, I can authoze my Nook with the same Adobe ID.
  18. 18. I can transfer downloaded titles to my Nook by right clicking on the book cover.
  19. 19. I can return or delete the downloaded book by right clicking on the book cover.
  20. 20. Clicking “Get for Kindle” will reroute you to Amazon. Amazon manages the lending of the Kindle books available through MyMediaMall. Clicking “Get Library Book” on the right hand side will prompt you to log in with your Amazon ID, choose your device, and deliver the content via WIFI. Note: Kindle Books can be returned by visiting the Manage Your Kindle Page.
  21. 21. Let’s try the audio version now. I search for Gone Girl and selected the copy with the “headphones” icon. NOTE: MP3 and WMA audio formats are vastly different. Check the compatible device list to see what works with your set up.
  22. 22. Audiobooks only open with OverDrive Media Console. They will not work if you save the file to your computer first. You must choose to “Open with OMC.”
  23. 23. OverDrive Media Console manages the download and transfer of Audiobooks. It’s free to download as well. We’ll take a tour of OMC in a bit. /software/omc/
  24. 24. Choose where you want to save your files to.
  25. 25. Your audiobook will download in parts. This can take a long time, especially if your book is long.
  26. 26. The transfer wizard will assist you in transferring to your device.
  27. 27. Mobile Devices OverDrive Media Console App (free download): iOS Android Windows Phone Blackberry Kindle Fire Nook HD, HD+, Color, & Tablet … and many, many more!
  28. 28. Tapping “Add a Library” will prompt you to search for WPL. You can tap the star next to MyMediaMall to add it to your favorites.
  29. 29. ALWAYS Sign in right away! Signing in right away is a good idea. It allows you to see content exclusive to Wilmette & Kenilworth cardholders.
  30. 30. Tapping “Borrow” will add the item to your Bookshelf.
  31. 31. To bring up the menu in the Reading view, just tap in the middle of the screen. This menu allows you to adjust the display & text attributes.
  32. 32. Tap & hold the book jacket on the Bookshelf to delete or return the item.