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How To Create A Content Strategy


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Content Strategy, How to Create for online marketing and public relations

Content Strategy, How to Create for online marketing and public relations

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  • 1. How To Create A Content Strategy Presented by: Expansion Plus © 2009 Expansion Plus Inc All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Purpose of the Exercise To prepare an Internet marketing strategy to maximize your web site's search visibility and conversion rate
  • 3. Content Is King Top ranking sites consistently have well writing content as a feature in common. The old saying “content is king” has never been more true than it is today.
  • 4. Copywriting Good copywriting can help change your website focus to address your visitors’ concerns and help you out- perform your competitors’ websites.
  • 5. Generate Content • Thus a major effort must be made to generate and syndicate content that contains links back to your web site. • Searchers believe natural search results produce the most relevant information.
  • 6. Think Like A Publisher • Successful online marketers must now ‘think like a publisher’. • SEO is more than making a few adjustments to the site’s page copy, or adding some extra code. It is an ongoing process that helps your site evolve over time into a viable competitor in your industry.
  • 7. Search Visibility & Brand Value Being found on the first half of a search results page increases your brand value.
  • 8. Google Golden Triangle
  • 9. Internet Ad Spending • Set To Overtake All Other Media By 2011 • Will reach $61.98 billion, and will surpass newspapers to become the nation's leading ad medium - 21st Communications Industry Forecast.
  • 10. What is Influencing Consumers and Business Buyers? “A Person Like Me” Now The Most Credible Spokesperson for Companies Global opinion leaders say their most credible source of information about a company is now “a person like me.” Edelman Trust Barometer
  • 11. Consumer Reviews
  • 12. Influencing Purchases 58% of consumers prefer websites with peer-written product reviews. - MarketingSherpa
  • 13. Control of Consumer Spending? Women represent just over 50 percent of the US population but account for 80 percent of consumer spending, making women top candidates for word-of-mouth marketing. - Trendwatching brief
  • 14. Word Of Mouth Over 25 million US adults regularly share advice on products or services online. - eMarketer
  • 15. Social Media 1 in 20 internet visits go to social networking sites. - Hitwise
  • 16. Seniors • Internet Growth Driven by Senior Citizens • The fastest growth in Internet use is being driven by the older age groups, starting at 55. The Media Audit
  • 17. Top 5 Media Influencers on Consumers Buying a Car 1. Word of Mouth 30.4% 2. TV Broadcast 24.1% 3. Read Article 21.3% 4. Newspaper 20.2% 5. Magazine 17.5% Source: Ad Age Domestic Spending by Category and BIGresearch, 2007
  • 18. Top 5 Media Influencers for Consumers Buying Electronic/Home Furnishing/Appliances 1. Word of Mouth 42.6% 2. Read Article 34.1% 3. TV Broadcast 32.3% 4. Newspaper Inserts 32.0% 5. In-Store Promo 27.2% - BIGresearch, 2007
  • 19. Organic Search • Although social media has become important, being found on the major search engines is still vitally important. • Aim to own the ‘above the fold’ real estate
  • 20. Audit Your Site • Locate search visibility problems and usability issues with the current site • Review content for persuasive function and conversion
  • 21. Check the Competition Compare your site to the competition and other websites that have page one ranking on your keywords
  • 22. Persuasive Content • Studies show that the average website loses over 60% of the visitors right off the home page due to usability issues and a lack of relevant content. • 50% of visitors spend less than eight seconds on a site.
  • 23. SEO Basics • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done well results in high rankings with the search engines • Most people find content through search with Google leading the pack
  • 24. Back Links Are Vital • The site must be optimized • The site must have volumes of links to it (Called back links or one way inbound links)
  • 25. Keyword Research • The objective is to find a viable number of keywords that your target audience is using to find your site or your products/services. • Then use the keywords on the site and in the content
  • 26. Keyword Research • Look at the titles of the web pages and look for keywords • Go to ‘View’ and click ‘Source’ and see if there are keywords in the meta tags • Note the ones that you find • Open a browser and go to
  • 27. Keyword Research (cont’d) • Look up any words that relate to the site and see which ones have the highest search numbers. • Then look down the list and find ‘long tail’ words with smaller search numbers but a more specific description of your activity or service.
  • 28. Long Tail Long Tail: low-demand products/services can make up a market share that equals or exceeds high-demand products -- if the distribution channel is large enough.
  • 29. Sample Camera Keywords • Digital camera • Digital camera accessories • Photographic equipment • Point and shoot camera • Medium format camera
  • 30. Keywords • Find all the words that you think can bring good visibility and traffic • Open another browser in Google so you can do a search on the words you pick and see the number of competing pages
  • 31. Start of the Strategy • Note the words you will go after first. • With correct optimization, there are several terms which can be taken advantage of that have high searches, but relatively low competition.
  • 32. Home & Interior Pages • The homepage & interior page content needs to be rewritten to utilize these keywords to the best advantage
  • 33. Content Items Note phrases that can be used in content syndication – news releases, articles and blog posts.
  • 34. Competition • Take each major keyword or phrase picked for the strategy and do a Google search on that keyword/phrase. • See who shows up at #1, 2 and 3
  • 35. Eye Track: Web Page • This is the normal eye pattern on a webpage – where it is red 100% of the people looked. • You can increase the way people read the site by using chunk of content and sub headings on the content.
  • 36. Top Five Errors • Too much motion – animation • Slow downloads, too many graphics • Confusing navigation • Not enough content or outdated content • Technology that will hurt Search results (Frames – no keywords in text – text in a image)
  • 37. Optimized Press Releases • Optimized (making full use of keywords and links) press releases are an excellent tool to generate leads. • An important benefit of optimized press releases is that they create volumes of links back to your site, which is critical for search engine rankings - especially Google - and they work very quickly
  • 38. Press Releases Online News Engines Search Engines Journalists Buyers
  • 39. RSS Feeds It’s the ability to access content any time of the day that’s attracting the audiences--a perfect match for RSS (really simple syndication) feeds.
  • 40. News Aggregators The blog and feed search sites - called news aggregators - gather syndicated content and have growing audiences who visit their sites to find new content.
  • 41. Blogs • Use blogs to help tell your story • Brings a face to your organization • Can provide feedback to a specific question or topic • Search engines love them • Cross linking in your site
  • 42. Strategy Elements • Upgrade the site • Undertake ongoing SEO (search engine optimization) especially link building • Issue optimized press releases • Add RSS feeds for press releases, articles, video, etc • Utilize social media sites where appropriate
  • 43. Recommended Reading THE POWER OF A CONTENT STRATEGY By Sally Falkow
  • 44. Contact Details Robin Shereshevsky Expansion Plus Inc 626-793-4911