How to Win with Google for Free


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Discover free tools to help your business get found on Google. Learn how to do your own keyword research and apply it to effective marketing tactics such as blogging, directory listings and developing quality website content.

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How to Win with Google for Free

  1. 1. How To Win With Google (For Free) Adam Dince, Head of SEO & SMO @deluxecorp #DLXSpeedMktg
  2. 2. Today's Agenda • Introduction to search marketing • How to create winning content for your website • SEO tips for winning in local and regular search results - This presentation includes tips to get started, but should not be viewed as an allinclusive SEO strategy
  3. 3. Introduction to Search Marketing “If it’s worth building, it’s worth finding”
  4. 4. People are searching—are they finding you?
  5. 5. Search is one of the most popular online activities
  6. 6. Which means small business owners have an opportunity to: • Be found when people are looking for your brand, products and/or services on Google • Generate visits, leads and sales on your website from Google referrals • Drive customers in store from Google search pages
  7. 7. Dissecting the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ----- Paid ads Paid ads Auction based Auction based Immediate Immediate Promos / Deals Promos / Deals ------- Free Free Takes time Takes time Long-term Long-term Quality/Trust Quality/Trust Authority Authority Preferred Preferred REGULAR (Organic) RESULTS ------ Free Free Takes time Takes time Google Plus Google Plus Directories Directories NAP NAP Consistency Consistency LOCAL (Organic) RESULTS ADS LOCAL (Organic) RESULTS ADS
  8. 8. Google rolled out carousels within local search Primarily seen for travel, hospitality and restaurant searches
  9. 9. Today, we’re going to focus here LOCAL (Organic) RESULTS REGULAR (Organic) RESULTS LOCAL (Organic) RESULTS
  10. 10. How to create winning content for your website “Write for people, structure for search engines”
  11. 11. Before you can be found in search results You’ve got to have content
  12. 12. Great content starts with an idea Content should be focused on:  Interests of your target audience  Your business goals and objectives “Crowdsourcing is the process by which the power of the many can be leveraged to accomplish feats that were once the province of a specialized few”. – Jeff Howe, Wired Magazine
  13. 13. Power content ideas with free tools! Übersuggest Search Queries Search Queries Social Listening Free Free Free Type in a keyword and Soovle provides you the top suggested keywords from the major search engines Type in a keyword and UberSuggest provides you the top suggested keywords from the major search engines Input keywords and themes to see what’s buzzing about it on blogs, forums, and other social channels
  14. 14. Learn how people are searching with Übersuggest
  15. 15. Find specific content opportunities with SocialMention
  16. 16. How does content gain prominence in search results?
  17. 17. Optimizing for Local & Regular Search Results “Online to Offline”
  18. 18. Content optimization tips Include important terms in URL Name, address, phone Include important terms in content
  19. 19. Tips on building authority Make sure to acquire: • Links to your site from 3rd party sites • • • • Website citations Local directory listings Business partners Local news interviews • Share links to important content on your site through your social networks • Build relationships online and offline
  20. 20. Google crawls the major directories - be sure you are present and consistent Image Source: and david mihm, inc.
  21. 21. Use to get started 2 1 4 3 No reviews ? Different addresses?
  22. 22. Find local sites & industry blogs for new citation opportunities and updates Whoops, different names Whoops, different address and phone
  23. 23. Register with Google & Bing Places for Business
  24. 24. Best practices to keep in mind Remember: • • • • • • • • Have a consistent NAP (Name, Address & Phone) across all local sites, blogs and directories Link to your Website from directories and local sites PO Boxes won’t work with Google Places for Business Don’t try to fool Google with a fake address Get customer reviews on 3rd party sites (e.g., Google+, Angie’s List) (Carousel) Spend time growing circle counts on Google+ (Carousel) Add lots of photos on Google+ (Carousel) Share your content and third party content on Google+
  25. 25. Thank You! Get more information on