Face to face - Integrating facial coding and survey responses


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Face to face - Integrating facial coding and survey responses

  1. 1. Face To Face:Integrating facial expressionsand survey tools SARAH WALKER MILLWARD BROWN1
  2. 2. MILLWARD BROWN NEUROSCIENCE PRACTICE8-strong team across the globe, with network of local expertsOver 500 projects to date, using a wide variety of methods, in a range ofcountriesContinual program of developmentand assessment of methodsGOAL:TO INTEGRATE NEUROSCIENCE ANDPSYCHOLOGY-BASED METHODS INTO THERESEARCH WE DO FOR CLIENTS
  3. 3. ‘NEUROMARKETING’ IS A BROAD FIELD Implicit Brain Brainwave Autonomic Eye Facial coding association Scanning measurement arousal Tracking measurement Neuroscience Physiology Cognitive Psychology ALL INDIRECT MEASURES OF RESPONSES TO MARKETING AND BRANDS
  4. 4. WHAT IS FACIAL CODING?Based on the idea of many facial expressions are instinctively shown inpeople‟s facesDarwin: Expressions are universal andshared with animals Ekman (1972) confirmed universality of 6 core expressions Ekman & Friesen (1978) developed Facial Action Coding System to consistently code facial expressions & movements
  5. 5. FACIAL CODING HELPS US UNDERSTAND EMOTIONAL RESPONSESTO ADVERTISING IN GREATER DETAIL Survey metrics are extremely good at capturing overall response to a piece of advertising Adding facial coding allows us to investigate what is driving these emotional responses on a moment-by-moment basis
  6. 6. AUTOMATED FACIAL CODINGTechnology from Affectiva enables us to: • Record respondents‟ facial reactions to marketing stimulus • Automatically code them for emotional and cognitive states • Diagnose emotional reaction, moment by moment, without relying on verbal report MAKES NON-VERBAL EMOTIONAL DIAGNOSIS AFFORDABLE AND SCALABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME
  7. 7. HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS Panelist turns on Facial features Facial expression Expression Emotions webcam identified recognition aggregation and experienced analysis THE SYSTEM WORKS SIMPLY AND QUICKLY AS PART OF A STANDARD COMPUTER INTERVIEW
  8. 8. THE SYSTEM CODES FOR AN ARRAY OF EXPRESSIONS DIMENSIONS OF EMOTIONS RESPONSE Enjoyment Expressiveness (Engagement) Confusion / Dislike Valence (Net Positivity) Surprise Attention Disgust (Concentration on task)
  9. 9. THE REAL POWER COMES FROM THE INTEGRATION WITH SURVEYRESPONSES Results from facial coding are interpreted alongside Link™ findings into an interactive dashboard
  10. 10. FACIAL CODING HAS ADDED INSIGHT IN MANY DIFFERENTSITUATIONS Highlighting the power of key Optimising Ad length moments Understanding wear-in and comprehension First Second view view
  11. 11. CREATING A SCALABLE TOOL LETS US BUILD UNDERSTANDINGACROSS A LARGE NUMBER OF ADSACTIVELY ENGAGING ads generate stronger expressionsPOSITIVE EXPRESSIONS relate to increased enjoyment and likelihood of short term salesSURPRISE & DISGUST can indicate disbelief & distrust of ideas
  12. 12. TESTING MORE ADS HELPS US EVOLVE OURUNDERSTANDING AND INTERPRETATIONVariation can be more informative than magnitudeContext is key to interpreting what is driving expressions
  13. 13. HOWEVER...Integrating „funky data‟ and survey responses has not been without itschallenges!For the approach to succeed it needed to be:RESPONSIBLE: Making sure what we are measuring is meaningfulRELIABLE: Making sure it works in the real world, with real respondentsREPEATABLE: Making sure our teams are equipped to sell and interpret projects on their own
  14. 14. “This is the future… right?”