Wassup March 2011 Rev


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Ogilvy & Mather's Cultural Insights Trends Report - March 2011.

A brilliantly insightful report on what's hot, new and exciting across Asia. Explore Asia‘s dynamic culture-scape.

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Wassup March 2011 Rev

  1. 1. Issue 2 March 2011
  2. 2. The cultural trends magazine fromOgilvy & Mather Asia PacificEdited & designed by Kunal SinhaCorrespondents:Naima Hamid (Dhaka)Sabih Ahmed (Dhaka)Bubbly Encarnacion (Makati City)Donna Alcoseba (Makati City)Tania Chan (Singapore)Lisa Rosentreter (Singapore)Shafiq Pontoh(Jakarta)Astrid Savitri (Jakarta)Tari Rusbianti (Jakarta)Naoko Ito (Tokyo)Azusa Fukai (Tokyo)Nayumi Nagase (Tokyo)Serena Park (Seoul)San Vu (Ho Chi Minh City)Natalie Gruis (Ho Chi Minh City)Siddharth Roy (Colombo)Mei Wu (Taipei)Caryl Heah (Kuala Lumpur)Beatrice Yong (Kuala Lumpur)Josephine Phang (Kuala Lumpur)Maulshree Kalothia (Mumbai)Natasha Soonthornwiratne (Bangkok)© Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, 2011
  3. 3. Even as Asia is vast, it is interconnected.Korean pop is popular in Malaysia. There‘s a vibrantChinatown in Kolkata.Cricket has unified a subcontinent. Even as there isfierce rivalry between teams, its people have cometogether to stage a colorful spectacle from February toApril.Asian women are emerging from the shadows of maledomination to craft out an identity of their own.Through their entrepreneurship.Asian hotels are combining heritage with a tradition ofwelcoming guests; nature with urbanism.They are expressive. They get angry. They celebrateand protest with an equal passion.We invite you to experience Asia‘s dynamism throughWassup.
  4. 4. 14 countries. 20 correspondents deeply immersed in popular and leading edge culture. JAPANTAIWAN Bring you Cultural Insights that will make a difference to your business.
  5. 5. CONTENTS Look who‘s talking: Favorite hotels in Asia Knowing me, Knowing you:Women entrepreneurs in Asia Playing on my iPod Rage Against Waiting List Tense About Everyone‘s talking About Guest article: Building Brands in China – from Street to Store A Gastronomic Journey
  6. 6. Look who’s talking …The voice of the cultural commentatorIn this issue, we feature some of the favorite hotels ofour clients and staff, across Asia. They tell us whysome properties just stand head over shouldersabove the rest.
  7. 7. Look who’s talking …―B Villa is my go-to when I hit Bali. The location, service andambiance are impeccable. It‘s a little oasis in the heart ofbustling Seminyak. The resort strays from your run-of-the-millBalinese-infused décor and opts for a more modern, Zenapproach instead. Some great things that stood out were theircustomised B Villa playlists that are enqueued with loungemusic to help you unwind and relax . To top it all off, chefscome every morning to cook you breakfast in bed!‖Charmaine Seah, Resorts World Sentosa
  8. 8. Look who’s talking … What made this place so special, despite exceptionally consistent high quality of food, romantic atmosphere and breath taking view of Chao Phraya River, is the staff. One of my best memories with the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok staffers was at the night of my mother‘s birthday dinner at Lord Jim‘s. I quietly uttered to my sister that how forgetful I was to leave the camera at home. Without being aware of who have over heard the short conversation, there was a fully equipped photographer, dressed in an appropriate suit rushed to our table and quickly arranged us into a perfect family picture. A week later the pictures readily framed in the hotel‘s signature designs were sent to our home.
  9. 9. Look who’s talking …Royal Plaza Singapore. It‘s a modern 5 star hoteland the mini bar is already included in the roomrate. Free in room mini bar; maybe it‘s a simplething and mostly people do not pay attention to it.But for me who travels a lot and sometimes is toobusy or even tired to go out find drink, this is oneof my additional attributes to choose a hotel. Thelast time I stayed there was in November 2010. Iam always impressed by the express check in andspeed of service. They never keep a customerwaiting.Grant Wiryadinata,Appraisal fixed assetconsultant, Indonesia
  10. 10. Look who’s talking … ` Kagaya in Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the best places I have ever stayed in my entire life. The hospitality was just amazing. Everything I needed was there even before I noticed myself. Another thing I can‘t forget is the view from the Onsen (public bath). It was on the top of the place and overlooking Japan sea just like that. And of course the food!‘ Yuki Yamamoto, Tokyo
  11. 11. Look who’s talking …Moored on a historic stretch of Cochinsfamed harbor, The Brunton Boatyard Hotelwas resurrected from the remains of aVictorian shipyard. The colonial hangoverof Brunton Boatyard transports me toanother world – something that I lookforward to while traveling on leisure. Alsothe aesthetics of the hotel resonates with thecloset art & architecture aficionado, which Iam.Irwin WeerackodyChairman, Ogilvy Sri Lanka
  12. 12. ―I came back from dinner to find my room lit upLook who’s talking … with aromatic candles. Fresh strawberries and chocolates are laid out on the patio every night. Where else can you find such pampering? Details are what makes the holiday experience. And you‘ll be hard pressed to find another hotel that does details better than Banyan Tree Phuket. They always fold all the towels into elephant shapes. They even bother folding toilet rolls to resemble fans‖. Lin, Kuala Lumpur
  13. 13. The Nam Hai, in Hoi An is a Look who’s talking …decadent oasis inspired bytraditional Vietnamesecourtyard houses. Each beachfront villa combines simplicitywith extravagance –from theprivate spa, heavenly bed ofsilks, intimate garden andoutdoor shower, and bespokefinishes to the spacious hisand her bathroom with walk-in wardrobes and personalespresso machine with supplyof imported coffees – it is aneager and seamless transitionfrom the comforts of my couchto the stunning ocean view oftheirs.Ta Thuy Ha, MarketingManager, Kimberly-ClarkVietnam
  14. 14. Look who’s talking … ―I had to organize a meeting quickly and didn‘t have a venue in Bangkok. The Business Center Manager at the Four Seasons offered the Board Room of the Hotel (since all meeting rooms were booked) and even gave complimentary pralines, stationary pads and pens! This shows an extreme gesture of going beyond the staff‘s expected call of duty. They give you reasons to become loyal and committed to their hotels.‖ Alex Dan C. Tacderas, Marketing Manager – Beverages, Kraft Foods Philippines
  15. 15. Look who’s talking …There were several brilliant thingsabout the Crowne Plaza Lijiang. Thefirst was that the 4days and 3 nightscame free, as a result of our ten dayholiday in Italy earlier in the year. Noblackout periods, so we were able tohave the rooms in the notoriouslybusy October holidays. Then there‘sthe location – right next to the OldTown, leaving you free to explore onfoot or on bicycle. Each house, builtin the style of old Yunnan homes,lushly laid out, with unobtrusive butattentive service. There‘s an amazingview of the Dragon Mountain from theterrace (above). Icing on the cake – afree upgrade to a suite. What morecan a family want?‖Sumona SinhaCustomer care representativeLandseed Hospital, Shanghai
  16. 16. Look who’s talking …Fort Mahodadhi in Puri, Orissacombines heritage and deluxecomfort, while still being veryclose to the Jagannath Temple,local markets and the regulardin and bustle of Puri. The entirefort is 2 storeyed; all the roomsare on the ground floor and therestaurant on the first floor.Despite being on the groundfloor, you get a feeling that thesea belongs exclusive to you.When you sit on the balcony,you get a feeling that you are onthe sea beach. It lies amidst allthe hustle and bustle of activetourist life, without actuallybeing a part of it.Ayan Banik, New Delhi
  17. 17. Knowing me, Knowing youIntimate profiles of one group whoselives & opinions we believe matter.
  18. 18. Womenentrepreneurs in Asia
  19. 19. Knowing me, Knowing YouIf youve ever had trouble getting your kids to eat theirgreens, you need to head to Potager bakery in Nakameguro.This is where carrots, leeks, tomatoes and other leafy thingsbecome delicious desserts.Aya Karisawa started her own organic café at the age of 26;a big dream she had pursued for a long time. She trained inJapan and France, studied macrobiotic cuisine beforeopening her two shops in Tokyo‘s Roppongi andKamimeguro neighbourhoods.What made her very famous and special came from her lovefor vegetarian food. ―Vegetable Pastries‖, as you canimagine from the name, are sweet pastries made ofvegetables. Tomato short cake, Burdock Chocolate Brownie,Spinach pound cake etc, all sweet and delicious as regularsweets, but they are made of vegetables. Her restaurantsattract both locals and celebrities, and often, her dessertsare all gone by lunch time.These new innovative and delicate vegetable pastries - likethe Garland Chrysanthemum Opera - a chocolate cakelayered with bright green mousse priced at ¥480 – havecaptured women‘s hearts, as well as those of mothers whohave struggled to make their kids eat more vegetables veryquickly.Aya says ―Children these days lack vegetable nutrition. Iwant them to like vegetables and eat more vegetables‖. Hertrue passion for vegetables spread very quickly and she isnow invited to numerous food education meetings, magazineand TV interviews, and cooking schools.http://www.sushi-potager.com/en/concept/http://www.potager.co.jp/
  20. 20. Knowing me, Knowing You―You know exactly where to go to buy clothesor shoes. But not bed linen‖, quipped Priya –founder & owner of Legacy Linen, a companybased in Thalawathugoda, near Colombo.―All this started more than 15 years ago‖ shesays, ―with no formal education either in textile ―Soon a whole new world opened up in frontdesign or business management. In fact I of me‖, exulted Priya. ―And most of mycrashed my A-Levels badly‖! I just love customers– the affluent Sri Lankans andchallenges, have creative bent of mind & expats - started demanding more than justimmense faith in the Lord above. A boring quilts from me‖. She thought that it was timemechanical job with Freightlinks (a freight to spread her wings a little wider andforwarding company) including a tiresome 2 ‗Quilter‘ gave way to ‗LEGACY LINEN‘.hour daily commute intensified her love affairwith her bed. She decided to start something of Today Priya operates from a bigger locationher own. ―What‖ asked her boss. ―A quilt with her gang of 6-7 girls (& a couple guys) &business‖ she said. Her boss thought she had her clientele include the best knowngone insane - but she had made up her mind. designer furnishing stores & boutique hotels in Sri Lanka . Wallpaper Journal (theArmed with her mom‘s old sewing machine & a European style Bible) rates her bed linen asfew patches of fabric, she stitched her first quilt one of the 10 must have for a luxury hotel!sitting in her living room. It was sold for a Her work also finds mention in the Sri Lankaprincely sum of LKR 1000. Success. chapter of Luxe City Guide. ―I got to know about it from a European tourist couple whoWith a couple of borrowed machines & hired visited my workshop and showed it to me‖hands, ―QUILTER‖ was born (which her friends says Priya. But she still prefers to keep a lowmockingly mispronounced as ‗quitter‘). But profile.―I have never advertised & am too shyquitting was the last thing on Priya‘s mind. to give interviews ― she admits, and avoidsBeginning with her friends & relatives, her the lure of mass scale production. ―It‘llclient base soon caught the attention of Odel – always be quality over quantity for me.‖one of the biggest malls in Sri Lanka. asserts Priya. Last year, Priya‘s turnover was over LKR 20mn. Some legacy that is… Visit: http://www.legacylinen.com/
  21. 21. Knowing me, Knowing You One of the main reasons she continues to do what she does, is that Kinder Soaps has had a direct impact on the quality of life of many of her customers. ―I‘m not saying that I produce miracle cures, but it‘s great to receive honest feedback from customers who‘s skin problems have started improving after using my soaps.‖ The 2 year plan for Kinder Soaps is set up a physical retail outlet where she can also conduct soap making classes. What she loves most about her job is her getting to be with her kids all day and still being able to do her work. ―This afternoon I was making a batch of soaps with the kids playing in the living room next to me. It‘s priceless to be with them at this youngThere are three words to describe Michelle age,‖ says Michelle.Ho Chui-yean: Always In Motion.This does not just apply to her running ofher business, or how she thinks, but also www.kindersoaps.comhow active she is physically. In her youth,Michelle competed in national level swimmeets, received training in classical balletand currently continues to expand herphysical boundaries with her latestinterest: practicing yoga.Her business, Kinder Soaps, started fromher desperate hunt for all-natural skincareproducts for her daughter who developedeczema shortly after birth. “There didnt Dreamtimeseem to be anything truly natural in thelocal market, so I started learning how tomake soap from scratch. Whereverpossible, I use ingredients in their wholeand natural form I also try to keeppackaging to a minimum and be mindfulabout the environmental impact of mybusiness decisions and processes.‖ Clarity
  22. 22. Knowing me, Knowing YouZheng Yan wasn‘t cut out for the 9-to-5; she Zheng graduated and found a web design job.likes long backpacking trips and sleeping in. Keeping up with Taobao and her day job was tooIf she gets an idea, she has to act on it. By much. So after two months, she bid the office jobputting independence first, she converted a goodbye.part-time Taobao cosmetics store into a swiftoperation that turned over more than RMB3 Her parents, retired Shanghai factory workers,million last year. The basement of her weren‘t pleased. They came around as salesBaoshan home serves as her operations increased, and today they‘re part of thecenter. business, helping out with supplies and logistics. Today Zheng has seven employees, including―For three days I‘ve been working through her mother and father, and has more than 100the night preparing for a big Taobao promo,‖ customers a day. She‘s expanded her offerings toZheng says. include European and American brands and uses analytic tools to study clicks and improve sales.For a 28-year-old whose home has shelves Her web design background comes in handy forpacked with boutique beauty products, she that.wears little makeup. ―I‘m not especiallyinterested in cosmetics, but I thought I should ―Before it was easy,‖ Zheng says. ―All youpersist in what I started.‖ needed was a product and a good price.‖In college, Zheng had a friend studying in Competition is fierce now. Many ChineseJapan who thought they could make money studying abroad had the same idea, she says.through the online selling of Japanese face Plus the new Taobao Mall, where big businessesand hair products that were unavailable on can sell direct to consumers, is added pressurethe Chinese mainland. It was 2005 and on the small guys.Chinese e-retailing giant Taobao was just twoyears old. The friend went to little shops, Zheng stays on top with meticulous research inbought up Japanese cosmetics and mailed fashion media. As Taobao changes, she adapts –them to Zheng. At first they had five or six now she sends out microblog and textcustomers a day. By the end of the first year promotions. Despite the added challenges, herthey were up to 50 and buying bulk. business continues to grow.
  23. 23. Knowing me, Knowing You
  24. 24. Knowing me, Knowing YouOrange Bicycle is the brainchild of fourfriends who came together because theyshared a common dream – of being their ownbosses. They all came with their individualstrengths – each of which they believe makestheir idea possible. They share a belief inideas and the passion of turning these ideasinto creativity. Lalitha Lodaya, is a Chartered Accountant with over 9 years work experience in the financial sector and comes with the financial expertise (the backbone of their business idea). She holds the fort when the dreamers fly off the handle.Gunjan Khaitan is the one who sowed theseed of this idea. She comes from a businessfamily and armed with a communicationdegree from MICA (Mudra Institute ofCommunications Ahmedabad) and a 9 yearstint in advertising, media, and marketing. Isloaded with a passion to succeed and isalways brimming with ideas. She is theeternal optimist in the team.Torsha Banerjee is armed with acommunications degree from MICA andhaving worked in the advertising and mediaindustry for over 9 years, she now wants towork for herself. Having an innate passion forbeautiful spaces, she is in charge of ouraesthetics department.Leena Mitra, an alumnus of NIFT (NationalInstitute of Fashion Technology). She hasimmense knowledge and experience indesign, product development andmerchandising. She is the one with theindustry expertise and the skillset.
  25. 25. Knowing me, Knowing YouWhile studying at Universitat de Barcelona inSpain in 2006, Hannah Alcoseba taught basicEnglish to pre-schoolers to pay for rent. Herservice extended to working professionals whobadly needed to strengthen their English skillssince they dealt with clients all throughoutEurope. When the market crashed three yearslater, Hannah came home to the Philippines insearch for a job.The small but loyal base of students Hannah leftbehind in Barcelona still kept in touch, asking ifshe could help them compose letters orrehearse their English conversational skills.―That‘s how I came up with the idea of givingmy English class online. At such a challengingtime, many saw the value of learning English.‖According to Hannah, her friends in Spain wereworried about the bleak economic situation somany of them sought after better opportunitiesabroad. However, in order to be considered forthese jobs, they were informed that theyneeded to be fluent in English.‖ This is how 7English Forum Tutorials was born.What makes 7 English Forum Tutorials a cutabove other online English tutorials is that the Today, Hannah teaches English to people inline-up of topics are relevant and informative in different parts of Spain, which has led them toorder to make the class interesting and successfully close business deals with English-dynamic, without sacrificing grammar speaking clients. This year, she hopes to attractessentials. ―Before my trip to Spain, I worked as more customers not just from Spain, with thea TV news reporter and writer, covering crime launch of her website.and politics. In Barcelona, I also wrote for anEnglish magazine. Since the news has always Her current challenge is managing classes inbeen my passion, I decide to create lesson different time zones. ―I just adjust by workingplans that were based on current news items. odd hours here in Asia Pacific time to teachFor example, the Listening portion would be those in the regular time in Europe. It gives meabout a recent news segment on TV about free time during the day. In the afternoons, Iwhich football team won the Champion‘s have time to host a segment of a Spanish radioLeague, the Speaking portion would be show.‖expressing their opinion on the engagement ofPrince William and Kate Middleton.‖ www.7englishforumtutorials.com.
  26. 26. Knowing me, Knowing You When asked about the reason behind changing her profession from a corporate to an independent entrepreneur, she said ―We always find our negative points and downplay everything that is our own. We cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. People might have fantastic dreams to achieve but they step back whenever they face obstacles‖. ―I want to change that and create leaders‖. She dreams to contribute to the development of the country by making positive changes needed in every aspect.Not only Bangladeshis, but students from allaround the world want to go abroad for better Israt started her own management consultancystudies knowing that they can get satisfying firm ‗Mind Venture Management Consultancy‘jobs back home if they are certified from a and a property management company whereforeign university. Not only students, even well she trains and manages hundreds ofestablished people of Bangladesh prefer to people. She took inspiration from the leaderssettle abroad and therefore apply for who worked around her. Her business is basedimmigration. The reason being simple – the on growing leadership quality among workershope for a better future and the convenience of and employee relationships between upper,an easier lifestyle. It is rare to see people mid and bottom levels. She took the initiative tocoming back to their motherland even when resolve the problems through nurturing ‗humanthey know they can‘t achieve things easily. It is talent‘. She worked for different banks and mostrare to see people saying that they want to importantly she played the role of acome back and do something for their own motivational speaker and contributed to thecountry. Israt Akond is one of those rare betterment of livelihoods of thousands throughpeople. her ―expert solutions‖. Her work is to find loopholes in the manner we use our human capital and to show the active way of doingAfter completing her higher studies in business.―Training and Leadership Management‖ fromMelbourne, Australia, Israt decided to make it While her business focuses on many differentbig back home. She had worked on and off for fields, they all lead towards one goal – creatingGrameen Phone, Brac Net and many other leaders. As a woman, she has to constantly facevoluntary associations. Not only that, during her problems related to safety and security. Herwork tenure, she received several professional advice for women who want to becometrainings in different countries including entrepreneurs are that they should be: keen toAustralia, India, UK, and Norway which she learn, socially and culturally enlightened,believes helped her establish her own venture intrinsically motivated and well networked. Sheat the end. Based on her experience, skills and believes that the present situation isnetworking, she no longer wanted to work for advantageous for women entrepreneurs asothers rather do something on her own. government inspires banks to give loans. She believes that learning is a gradual process andIsrat wanted to break the norms of an orthodox her experience has taught her to become ansociety. She wanted to be an ―agent of change‖ entrepreneur. She believes in contributing andin the midst of a traditional way of thinking. prefers to be exceptional.
  27. 27. Knowing me, Knowing You 27 year old ―May‖ Kulapat Kanokwattanawan, is the founder and owner of the hugely famous ―After You: Dessert Café‖ in Bangkok. Her passion for baking has been with her since a young At 24, May graduated and felt that there child constantly found was no better time to start a business herself glued to a cooking than when she was young and there TV shows. Next thing she was time to make a big U-turn if things knew was how to bake tiny didn‘t go according to plan. cakes, creating her own recipes from Oreo‘s cream She opened her first store in the hip fillings. She already wanted eatery Thonglor area. It was an instant to have her bakery shop at hit. May was able to break even in less the age of 14. than 2 years.Unsurprisingly, her parents didn‘t May says that her success comes fromthink it was her time. She continued her passion, originality and patience.her studies in marketing, with hope Like, baking, it need loves, creativityfrom her family to run their secured and it needs time for success to shineand established business. May through.refused and insisted to go after herchildhood dream to own a bakerystore.A rare opportunity arrived whenher cousins newly started apublishing company asked May towrite a handbook on baking . Thebook was called ‗May Made‘.The series of books turned outsuccessful and she quickly made aname as a baking guru.
  28. 28. Knowing me, Knowing YouJennifer Nguyen – owner and designer of Candy ―I didn‘t have any formal training or educationRox – brought her business savvy to the fashion in fashion, design or retail, but it has beenfront by launching her own line of designs for something I have had a passion for my wholeyoung Vietnamese women. Candy Rox is not life – I am always looking for great clothes inonly the name of her style label but also her the latest style, and I am always buying themnew store in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. too. But I have always had to travel overseas to find the pieces that I like, that are on trend andJennifer [pictured centre with models wearing that I know that everyone won‘t be wearing.‖her designs] recognized a gap in the marketbetween the high fashion labels breaking From the beginnings of her small apartmentthrough the fashion scene and local retailers filled with sewing machines and fabrics to athat lacked design variety. With Candy Rox, she fully stocked floor space with limited pieces fordecided to create a new tier of fashion and each seasonal collection, Candy Rox ischoice in the market. frequented by mounting advocates and Jennifer couldn‘t be happier. ―It‘s hard work, but I loveCandy Rox makes international design and chic doing something that I have a passion for on aavailable to fashion discerning women in day-to-day basis – feeling good about the wayVietnam that want the opportunity to express you look is important to many woman, and it‘sand change her style as she feels like it. Her important to me to know that my customers feelflirtatious designs have even been featured on good when they walk out with a piece from myVietnam‘s Next Top Model, styling some of collection that they love.‖Vietnam‘s hottest upcoming celebrities. www.facebook.com/CandyRox
  29. 29. Knowing me, Knowing You Heeun says, ―There are more than 400 online dating services in Korea. The market is pretty big and is expected to grow continuously. However the current services do not satisfy many women, being focussed on either marriage or for casual fun-seeking. Many dating services are full of male members. We saw that wasn‘t a very good business model. So, we set up a site that could attract women, and emphasized that this service wasn‘t casual dodgy or too serious. Instead, it was trustworthy and sincere.‖ I-Um now has over 7000 men on its waiting list. ―We‘re kind of deliberate in delaying the speed of subscription‖, she adds. Many ventures strive to find a sustainable business model with a paid service. When she began, many warned that I-Um would lose or not attract subscribers in case it charged for its services. Heeun has a different story to tell. After just one month, she managed to break even. Last year, she won the grand prize in the female startups competition in Korea. ―I decided to start my own business with a couple of friends only a few months after I joined the company. They told me that they Heeun Park is the CEO of the dating service I- would accept me back when my business would Um, attracting 70 thousand subscribers. She go bankrupt in 6 months. Luckily, I don‘t have to ascribes the popularity of her booming go back,‖ she laughs. business to her site‘s ‗trustworthy matchmaking system.‘ http://www.i-um.net/ Born in 1986, a journalism graduate of Seoul National University, she worked in the NC Soft Global Business team before founding I-Um- Socius, an online dating service in May 2010. Subscribers of the I-Um service are introduced to one another at noon everyday, and must decide whether or not to accept the date within 24 hours. When both parties agree, they can meet in person. Since the launch of the portal in November more than seventy thousand people have subscribed.
  30. 30. Knowing me, Knowing YouHanifa Ambadar is a mother of two. Her main Apriasari Sasomo is also a mother of two.interest is to raise her two children full time, When her second son needed special attention,while she channels her passion in fashion and she decided to quit her job to take care andjournalism. always be there for her children. She became a full time mother.She began by documenting her recentpurchases, favorite shopping spots and trends Fortunately, her son‘s condition imrpoved.that caught her eyes in a personal blog. But as Although still she was committed to always bemore and more people get interested in her there for her son, she thought she was not thewritings, she created www.FashioneseDaily.com type of person who like to sit and do nothing.which has grown to be the most visited onlinemedia in fashion, beauty & lifestyle in Indonesia. Her hobby and passion for batik became an opportunity, when her friend asked her to joinA few months later she decided to open to open a batik boutique in Bandung. So sheFashionese Daily forum, which again, proved to found access to Batik Tasik (Tasikmalaya is abe a smart move: it is now one of the most active city in West Java) and started a boutique calledforums in the country with 6900+ registered ―Butik Batik Tasik.‖ Later, she expanded hermembers from five continents.Even though she collection to Damar Batik. Now she has alsoalready busy with Fashionese Daily‘s day-to-day started an online platform where people canoperations, she still sees there‘s an opportunity see her collection and order her creations:to take the company to the next level. www.butikunited.com. (currently under construction for updates.)Fashionese Daily Network now has 2 additionalsites under its wings : Mommies Daily and Fame She does lots of exhibitions around Bandung.N Frame, which has expanded Fashionese Daily When asked why she choose to becomereadership further, catering different needs and entrepreneur and not go back to work,interests of the audience. Sponsors are starting to Apriasari said, ―It is not because it is easy, it hasadvertise on her sites, making her piggy bank its own challenges and it is also very hard. it isfatter and fatter. about the need to have flexibility of working hour, not like office hours from nine to seven, orNow, her ‗little baby‘ (Fashionese Daily) is actually mostly from seven to nine. With thealready big. She refuses to be called as flexibility of time, I can work, gain extra income―business woman‖ and prefer to be called as a from my passion on batik and still look after mywoman who just follow her passion to do the best children.‖of her life.
  31. 31. Knowing me, Knowing You As a kid, she dreamed of becoming a soya bean drink seller. She put soya beans on the side when she reached college, however, and attained a degree in economics from the National University of Singapore. She then proceeded to work at a bank, but left after a year because she felt she wasn‘t cut out for the 9-5 work schedule, disliked the corporate structure and couldn‘t stand office politics. Immediately after leaving, Chua focused on how to get the funds to open up the day spa she had envisioned. With cut-throat dedication, she accrued $300,000 within one year, working as a real estate agent, andCynthia Chua is the entrepreneurial visionary consequently found partners to invest in the firstwho first introduced the holistic day spa Spa Esprit with her. Soon enough customerconcept to Singapore in 1996, with the very first demand was forcing them to open up anotherSpa Esprit in Holland Village, and then went on spa, and then another…to introduce and succeed with the concept ofthe ‗brazilian‘ and ‗boyzilian‘ in Singaporethrough her beauty group‘s waxing franchiseStrip. Just like Spa Esprit, Strip quicklyexpanded throughout the nation as the concepttook off among local and expat females, andeven males. Strip’s waxing service concept wasstrong enough to be transported beyondSingapore; Strip is now in nine cities worldwide,including New York, London, Dubai, and mostof Asia‘s metropolitan centers! It is Chua‘s SpaEsprit Group‘s biggest moneymaker, andclaims to have already groomed 2,000,000bushes!Today, the 36 year old entrepreneur has aburgeoning empire of 30 shops. Her latestproject, House, located at Dempsey road, is a$5-million, 35,000 sq feet lifestyle complex thatincorporates a café, bar, spa, yoga studio aswell as creative gallery to showcase up-and-coming artists. Chua wasn‘t always running abeauty group that annually pulls in 25 milliondollars though.
  32. 32. Knowing me, Knowing You The idea for Strip came to Chua when she was visiting New York in 2002. Her American guy friends would rave to her about Asian women but wished they would groom more ‘down there’. Chua took the idea to mind, and poured her energy into making the concept of waxing work in her conservative motherland. Waxing was either unconsidered or had a bad reputation in Singapore when Chua started out, and thus she had the task of changing perspectives on it. Success wasn’t quick, but with the help of quirky and educational marketing campaigns, Brazilians became cool. In explaining her past successes, Chua also exposes what she’s made of: "I dont let people tell me my visions are a fantasy. I make them real because I believe in them."
  33. 33. Playing on my iPod* * or at my favorite KTV parlor
  34. 34. Bangkok Mumbai Taio Cruz Bird, Tongchai McIntyre, a 52 year old forever-superstar “Dynamite” “Too Much So Much Very http://www.youtube.com/ Much” watch?v=VUjdiDeJ0xg http://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=9D103sB2mOk Usha Uthup Body Slam, a top hit Thai rock band. “Darrling” from the film ‗7 Khoon Maaf‘ “Sticker” http://www.youtube.com/ http://www.beemp3.com/i watch?v=Y5e-6jGgcco ndex.php?q=darrrling+saa th+khoon+maafColombo Tokyo Lahiru Perera. AKB48 “Enna Dinawanna” “Beginner” http://www.youtube.com/wat http://www.youtube.com/ ch?v=sKATaRw3Lk0 watch?v=HDn_EK7VRwQBathiya & Santhush. Kuala Lumpur“Hot and Spicy fun eka danila”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v http://www.youtube.com/=LlLdJO9gZRQ watch?v=o9tJW9MDs2M& ob=av2el http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=RcmKbTR-- iA&ob=av3el
  35. 35. Playing on my iPod*Shanghai Taipei Faye Wong & Eason Chan Liang Jingru “Because of Love” “Love More” http://www.youtube.com/ http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_X watch?v=pjFpTqsW7zQ MjQzODA1Njky.html Show Luo Xuri Yanggang “Only You” “Inside the Spring” http://www.youtube.com/ http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_ watch?v=3B1sqq4MTyA XMjQxMjUyOTgw.html ManilaHo Chi Minh City Katy Perry “Fireworks” Ho Ngoc Ha Live version: “Sao Ta Lang Im” http://www.yinyuetai.com /video/105171 http://mp3.zing.vn/mp3/ngh e-bai-hat/Sao-Ta-Lang-Im- Ho-Ngoc-Ha.IW6FUDC6.htmlSingapore Black Eyed Peas “Time” http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=JwQZQygg3Lk Lady Gaga & Beyonce “Telephone” http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=EVBsypHzF3U http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=hWjrMTWXH28
  36. 36. Playing on my iPod* Paputungan Bona, 32 year-old is a former inmate in class A II at the Gorontalo City Prison in Indonesia. Bona spent his time behind bars from 11, March 2010 and was released on January 5, 2011. When he launched the song ―Andai aku Gayus Tambunan‖ (if I Gayus Tambunan) on youtube, it went to the top of the charts. The song is about Gayus Tambunan (bottom left), a tax employee type IIIA prisoner, who was convicted in a high profile Indonesian tax fraud, money laundering & corruption case. During Gayus‘ time behind bars, he apparently bribed the police, the lawhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEKnyIddtDU enforcement agencies and politicians. So, he could go out of the prison anytime he wanted: some 68 times and on some of those occasions he even visited other countries. This event was a total disgrace of Indonesian justice system, hence the song‘s popularity. From street musicians to celebrities to news anchors to office workers, everybody talks about this song. The song is about how injustice the system is, and how justice can be bought by money. Bona himself ,as a former inmate, was treated very differently – he was often beaten up in prison. With that experience he created a song, as social criticism. Suddenly everyone wants to sing along… especially those who long for justice.
  37. 37. Rage against … What‘s making people really angry, and why?
  38. 38. Rage against … Monopolies Especially brands that have put a restriction on consumer choice and are dictating terms. K+ (a new satellite TV service) has upset Vietnamese soccer fans with their monopoly in broadcasting the English Premier League. Traditionally, the Premier League broadcasting right was shared among state owned paid TV services. K+ gained the exclusive right to broadcast all the Sunday‘s English Premier League matches and charge consumers three times higher than the normal monthly subscription people currently pay. For the first time in Vietnam, consumers (most of them are soccer fans) are boycotting a brand on theInflux of foreigners Internet through social media websites, most notably on Facebook. This has seriouslySingapore has the highest proportion of affected K+‘s business and demonstrates thatforeigners to locals in the world. As of 2009, Vietnamese are now leveraging the Internet toonly 52.3% of people in Singapore were exercise their power and rights as active, notcitizens. You can comfortably predict that passive consumers.only half of the people walking the streets ofCBD are Singaporean-born. Hence, the Consumers show their objection by making fungovernment‘s crack down on foreigner‘s of K+ logo and posting it on the Internet:applications for PR (the quota has beengreatly reduced in the last couple years), andtheir push to get Singaporeans into moresenior positions. Singaporeans are angrybecause ex-pats from developed countriesare taking up most of the senior positions atthe high end of the job spectrum, andMainland Chinese, Filipino and Thaiimmigrants are driving down wages at thelow end of the job spectrum. Resentment,particularly towards Chinese PRCs , is alsoboiling around the lack of service etiquette(good manners and ability to communicatewith customers) from some immigrantworkers.
  39. 39. Rage against … Corruption in the armed forces There was also strong evidence that M/Gen. Garcia stole from the UN PeacekeepingFilipinos are angered by the alleged misuse of Reimbursements, US-PH Balikatan Expenses,funds in the Armed Forces of the Philippines AFP Procurements, and Interagency Transfers.(AFP.) This is largely attributed to the low salaryand substandard equipment of Filipino soldiers Due to these suspicious circumstances, thedespite the sizeable budget allocation. However, new President, Noynoy Aquino ordered histhese suspicions have never been confirmed until office to investigate the plea bargain made bythe much-publicized case of Major General Garcia. Army Col. George Rabusa, a longtimeCarlos F. Garcia (above left). budget officer at the AFP office of the deputy chief of staff for comptrollership, claimed thatFormerly AFP Deputy Chief of Staff for they kept vaults with millions of pesos andComptrollership in 2004, General Garcia has dollars in their office to bribe visiting militarybeen indicted for amassing more than 300 million officers and officials of civilian agencies thatpesos from the funds of the armed forces. M/Gen. the military has been dealing with. RabusaGarcia entered a plea bargaining agreement and admitted to bribing known governmentpled guilty to lesser offenses of Indirect Bribery officials like former Defense chief Angeloand Facilitating Money Laundering. Reyes, who got at least P50 million pesos after retiring in 2001.Garcia‘s son was arrested back in December 19,2003 by the US Customs at the San Francisco Consequently, Angelo Reyes was instrumentalairport for failing to declare US$ 100,000. Other in the rise of former President Gloriaassets the general disproportionately declared in Macapagal-Arroyo. He held several posts inhis latest Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and the Arroyo administration, including Head ofNetworth (SALN) are 9 vehicles supposedly the Department of National Defense.valuing a total of P1,150,000.00, properties in Angelo Reyes committed suicide in front of hisOhio and New York, USA, valuing $1,420,000, an mother‘s grave, the same day he wasinvestment with the Armed Forces and Police scheduled to testify in the congressionalSavings and Loan Association (AFPSLAI) and the investigation hearing. While Filipinos join hisdividends he received from there, as well as family in mourning his death, there is hopelessmoney in dollar currencies approximately resignation in the case being unresolved sinceamounting to $193,400.00. These funds were Reyes may have taken the truth with him to thetransported by him, his wife, and his son Juan grave.Paulo to the USA.
  40. 40. Rage against …Clampdown on cultural diversityRecently the Government of Sri Lanka decided The Sinhalese original was then translated intoto do away with the Tamil language version of Tamil and English, but controversy continued.the national anthem. Sri Lanka Matha Sirimavo Bandaranike, Sri Lanka‘s first female prime minister walked out of an event in theVoices from the ruling party opined that ―no north when the Tamil version of the anthemother national anthem is sung in more than one was sung. President Rajapakse quoted thislanguage ― (quoted by the President) & that incident at a meeting, not for criticism, but as―India with 300 languages has a Hindi national grounds for abolishing the Tamil version.anthem ― (quoted by a certain minister). Thegeneral public have been aghast to witness The Sri Lankan intelligentsia believe that thissuch level of ignorance being exhibited by move by the govt. is insensitive to a Tamilsuch public luminaries (the Indian national population already demoralised and shatteredanthem is in Bengali and nations such as South by the bloody ending of the war against theAfrica, Canada, and New Zealand & several LTTE. At worst, it will be seen as yet anotherothers have multi-lingual anthems). racist move by a Sinhalese Buddhist- dominated government against the country‘sTraditionally, the Sinhalese version of the largest ethnic minority. The sheeranthem is sung in Sinhalese-majority areas, pointlessness of the decision might fuel theand the Tamil one in Tamil-majority areas. pro-Tiger and anti-president elements in theThere is an English version apparently, which diaspora who are already calling themost Sri Lankans have never heard or sung Rajapakses fascists. It might be seen by Tamilsheard sung. If the Govt. of Sri Lanka felt a need as one more bullet to follow the already firedfor some sort of standardization, the sensible ones about Sinhalese colonisation, military(and sensitive) option would have been to occupation, and religious suppression in thehave a verse in each of the official languages. Northern Province.Sri Lanka Matha has been mired in controversyever since it was penned. Originally titledNamo Namo Matha by its author, AnandaSamarakoon, in 1940, it was adapted as thenational anthem in 1951. A committee headedby Minister of Home Affairs and RuralDevelopment, Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne, gaveinto criticism of the original composition — aform based on the Vedic Meter — which wassaid to connote misfortune. He changed theopening line in spite of Samarakoon‘svehement protests, the new version going into From the blog of David Blacker – Creativeuse in 1952. A distraught Samarakoon Director of Phoenix Ogilvy & also ancommitted suicide ten years later. eminent Sinhalese blogger
  41. 41. Rage against … Corruption, and Eve-teasing It‘s a universal truth that most societies are male dominated. So naturally it‘s inevitable, that women and girls, over the past few centuries have not been able to display their expertise, passion or skill according to their potential. Women and girls have similar ambitions or the zest for achievement like men but the greatest drawback is the orthodox society and a preconceived stereotype of how a proper woman is supposed to be. But now when women are progressing and theIndonesia‘s Bank Century, in late October 2008, traditional belief is on a verge to change, theyfailed on several large loan payments and was are disheartened from the core because ofdeclared insolvent by the Financial Sector those ―few men‖. Now when we have realizedStability Committee which was led by Finance that women are equally important to developMinister Sri Mulyani and included the former our economic and political situations we holdBank of Indonesia (BI) Governor (now vice them back by making things difficult. ―Evepresident), Boediono. teasing‖, a euphemism for sexual harassment is one of the reasons girls are stressed now-a-Bank Century thereafter was taken over by the days; fourteen girls took their own lives as aDeposit Insurance Agency and needed a massive result of this over the last few months.injection of state funds into it, totalling 6.7 trillionrupiah or almost $700 million, over a period of Eve teasing is faced by women and girlsnine months. Minister Sri Mulyani concurred with regularly in Bangladesh. This is regularlythe BI Governors judgement. covered by journalists and makes headlines in newspapers every other day. Even little girlsAs the parliament became aware of the scale of are sexually harassed and forced to committhe bailout in mid 2009, the parliament held suicide to escape from ―eve teasing‖. Parentshearings with Mulyani and BI senior deputy do not feel secure sending their children togovernor Darmin Nasution, and soon ordered the school because of these child molesters. TheySupreme Audit Agency to launch an do not feel safe outside if they don‘t have maleinvestigation. relatives around. When they come home alone from office they are always looking over theirThe scandal revolves around not only the massive shoulder to check whether anyone is stalkingdrain on state funds involved, but questions of them. They always have questions in mindwhether some depositors had preferential when step out of their homes: ―Why is hetreatment or access to their funds after the bailout staring like this? Why is the CNG pullermoney had been injected, and whether some of looking back through rearview mirrors? Whythe money was diverted and embezzled. does a girl wearing a T-shirt have to hear comments from random street people?‖ EvenMeanwhile President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono though our government has taken a few steps(SBY), who retrospectively approves of the in order to awaken Bangladeshi citizens, therebailout as a sound financial decision, has been are girls committing suicide everyday; someaccused of being weak in handling the fallout stories get published in the newspapers,from the affair. others remain untold and barred.
  42. 42. Rage against … Bad drivers, bad attitude An National Taiwan University doctoral student deliberately blocked an ambulance and caused the delay of an old lady being transported to hospital; she was in a critical condition and had no vital signs in the end. All the process was captured on video, which was quickly uploaded online and went viral, outraging online users and generating interest in the media. The issue raised social attention, and was followed by a large-scale collective work by netizens to identify him. Although that forced him to stand up and apologize to the public, the offender still would not show up to face those responsibilities; even more, his fatherMonster parents claimed that it was not all his fault, which caused even more rage.Across Japan, teachers are reporting an Finally, the doctoral student released a letterastonishing change in the character of parents, of apology, but Taiwan‘s netizens would notwho have become a super-aggressive army of let him go. They created some works to mockcomplainers. his aberrant behavior as below:For example, an elementary school captured alot of interest when it put on the play ―SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs.‖ The curiosity ofit was that there were 25 Snow Whites, but nodwarfs and no witch. Giving in to pressurefrom parents, who launched a campaign ofbullying and harassment against them, schoolauthorities decided against favoring one girlto play the role of Snow White.In the past, Japanese parents would apologizeto the teacher and school for their children‘sbehavior. But nowadays, parents viewthemselves more as privileged customers andhorror stories of their behavior abound.Recently, some teachers are starting to fightback by suing them, claiming that as a result of―Monster parents‖, they have symptoms ofdepression and could not work anymore.
  43. 43. Waiting list …
  44. 44. Waiting listSo, what are people queuing up for?Very different things, really.Everyone in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India Malaysia is one of the many countries hit bywants a World Cup ticket. From February 19, the ‗Korean Wave‘ (a term describing thewhen the first ball was bowled in Mirpur, significantly increased popularity of SouthBangladesh, to April 2, when the champion Korean culture around the world). Korean popteam lifts the trophy in Mumbai, residents of culture is known to drive its devoted fan-basethe subcontinent will do their best to snag a into a frenzy!ticket to the matches, especially if their homecountry is playing. Telecommunications company Digi recently treated fans of Korean Pop (K-pop), to aPakistan, Sri Lanka and India have all won the performance by three of South Korea‘s mosttrophy before, and are eager to bring the cup popular artists: G.NA, 4 Minute, and BEAST.back. Meanwhile, fake tickets abound. A reporter noted ―I‘ve been to plenty ofFake tickets in Bangalore concerts and gigs, and I have never seen a fan like a true K-pop fan.‖ Queues to purchaseDon‘t get caught with fake tickets tickets started as early as 5 am, with counters opening only at 12 noon. Some true-blue fansFake tickets seized in Bangladesh even camped out at the venue the night before the concert. There was hardly a gender, age, or race divide among the concert goers. A reporter even wondered whether Kpop could be the formula to unite the ethnic groups within Malaysia. As she explained, ―You might think it‘s a far stretch but check out a Kpop concert next time and you might think so.‖
  45. 45. Waiting listIn our last issue, we reported the massive A customized Honda Cub from the 80s is onetraffic jams in China‘s cities and on its of the hottest items urban Vietnamesehighways. Of course, the government was youngsters have been craving for recently.noticing. Though having been replaced and swept away by motor scooters, Honda CubSo, starting January this year, the authorities in motorbikes are back and are seen as aBeijing decided to limit the number of new symbol of a long-lasting beauty and vintagecars that could be registered (and bought). design.From an everyday 2000 cars, to just 660.Slashed by two-thirds, just like that. It‘s not very easy to get a Honda Cub in these days. Most of the Honda Cub lovers hunt forProspective new cars owners have no choice old Honda Cubs in rural areas or metal yards,but to line up and bid when those registration then ‗revive‘ and modify them, which costsplates are auctioned every month. them a handsome amount of money.The day after the announcement was made,shares of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in farawayGermany fell. The first Krispy Kreme outlet at Paragon Mall in Bangkok was regarded as a ‗ crazy queuing phenomena‘ as the waiting line poured out of the mall onto the streets. Four months later, the donut worshippers are still around (left).
  46. 46. Tense about …
  47. 47. Tense about Shortage of maids Tens of thousands of Malaysian households have been thrown into domestic chaos as a shortage of maids hits a country with a long- standing dependence on cheap foreign labor. Nearly two million foreigners, mostly from Indonesia, are registered to work in Malaysian homes, shops, factories and plantations, and many more are undocumented, makingS.E.X. Malaysia one of Asia‘s biggest importers of labor.The Singaporean government has got itselfinto a bit of a dilemma. It is concerned with the Maids from Indonesia, who work for as little asrise of teenage pregnancies (now around 2000 400 ringgit ($130) a month, have no lawsper year for girls age 10-19), as well as the governing their working conditions and aspread of STIs among teens. However, if they increase in abuse cases prompted Jakarta toofficially promote contraceptive methods, they declare a ban on new arrivals since June 2009.implicitly recognize pre-marital sex. The As a result, 35,000 Malaysian households haverecent article in Life magazine about sex in been left without domestic helpers.Singapore has likewise stirred up muchcontroversy between the old thinkers and the This shortage in Malaysia has become a crisis,new. In the past, the Ministry of Education‘s as there are few childcare centers and elderlySexuality Department has turned a blind eye relatives are often cared for in the home.to teenage sex and demonized casual sex.According to them, sex should never becasual, but performed within a healthy ―I am struggling without a maid,‖ said Maz, arelationship with ‗family-building‘ as the main mother of three who is considering quitting hergoal. Teenagers and young adults see it job as a purchasing officer to take care of thedifferently, however. They see the sexual household and her children aged between oneliberation which their generation‘s and five. ―I have to send my kids to nursery andcounterparts in the West enjoy, and disagree baby-sitters now. All the household chores alsothat sex should only be ‗acceptable‘ if its in fall on me after my work, I‘m losing quality timeconnection to conceiving a child in wedlock. to be with the kids so that is why I‘m thinking ofHowever, the tension continues. quitting my job,‖ she said
  48. 48. Tense about Bullying In Taiwan, it all began when a female middle- school student ganged up on a fellow student, physically attacked her, forced her to strip and took pictures of her naked in a vicious case of schoolyard bullying. After that, more and more similar bullying cases were exposed by other students. It was also found that many of the parents of bullied students were living in the shadow of fear. Even though the Ministry of Education said the school and its members have cooperated withA Nation Divided by Shirt police investigations, they believe this mayColor not help much.Common people in Thailand are really worried Finally, the government gave a command toabout is the unrest and constant rallies from post police to stand guard in some seriouslythese colored shirts lovers, who use colors as a affected schools and conduct long-termsign of political allegiance. This endless battle educational activities to promote bullyhas not only divided once peaceful and united prevention. Meanwhile, all the videos on TV would be watched carefully and taken off air ifcountry, but has also affected the economy and they have any scenes that may suggestclaimed many lives. conflict or bullying. This is one TVC that was pulled off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyl_vdDlh Wo Filipino immigrants after voting
  49. 49. Tense about Child beggars Child beggars on China‘s streets have theDying alone nation‘s netizens in a tizzy. And they‘re doing something about it.In Japan, kodokushi, a phenomenon first An online campaign, which was launched bydescribed in the 1980s, has become hauntingly netizens on micro blogs on Jan 25 is proving tocommon. In 2008 in Tokyo, more than 2,200 be effective, assisting authorities to crack downpeople over 65 died when alone, according to on gangs that kidnap children and to helpstatistics from the citys Bureau of Social reunite kidnapped children with their families.Welfare and Public Health. Many old peopledie alone, sprawled on the floor beside Yu Jianrong, a professor with the Chinesecrumpled clothing and dirty dishes, tucked Academy of Social Sciences and the initiator ofbeneath flowery bedspreads, slouched against the campaign, called on netizens to takethe wall. Months — even years — can pass snapshots of children they see begging in thebefore somebody notices a body. street and of other children suspected of being abducted, and then post the photos on microThe deaths most often involve men in their 50s blogs in the hope that family members will seeand the nations rapidly increasingly elderly them.population. Today, 1 in 5 Japanese is over 65;by 2030 it will be 1 in 3. With senior citizens Within days of the campaign being launched,increasingly living away from family and a six children were identified and reunited withnationwide shortage of nursing homes, many their families.are now living alone. If anything, this underscores the phenomenonThis phenomenon is recently stretching to of social and economic inequity, but also anyounger generation: male in 40‘s and even 30‘s excellent example of how the China‘s rapidly- people who have lost all connection with expanding internet coverage can be put tofamily and society. good social use.
  50. 50. Everyone’s talking about …Campaigns & brands generating buzz
  51. 51. Everyone’s talking about …Happy Cats and The Force, in SingaporeWhat happens when you release a hundred cats From Superbowl to Singaporein an Ikea store? Launched at Superbowl, Volkswagen‘s TheYou end up with a completely emotional Force, features a child in a Darth Vader suitproposition. There aren‘t shots of the products using mystical powers (or The Force, madein this advert, no prices popping up throughout famous in the Star Wars films), to move thethe sixty seconds and no irritating voice-over. A homes washing machine, family dog, a doll andcombination of beautiful cats and slow motion his breakfast albeit unsuccessfully.shots emphasize the curiosity of these animalsin pursuit of their own comfort. The delicate Feeling dejected, the tiny ―dark lord‖ thansound of ‗Pianni‘ by Mara Carlyle on the piano decides to use The Force on his fathers parkedcompliments the dream like atmosphere VW Passat 2012 in the driveway and actually starts it, much to his surprise.Watch the TV commercial here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-- Unknown to the boy, the car is actually started2uiER1pw from a distance by his father via the vehicles remote control start button. Watch the TV commercial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55e- uHQna0
  52. 52. Everyone’s talking about …Pajama Party, anyone? Mobile MannersIn Japan, the younger generation has beenknown to consume less alcoholic drinks thanother generations, such as beer, wine, sake, etc.But the 20 somethings are enjoying sweeter,low alcoholic drinks just to enjoy a slight tipsyfeel (not like other generations who used todrink until they got completely drunk). This corporate campaign for ―dtac‖ aJinro Matkori launched this product in early telecommunication company in Thailand2010 and identified their targets as young aimed to promote it‘s long establishedfemales. They used models from female image of being a ‗Good Company‘magazines and developed their TVC around the (connoting goodwill and honesty) with aconcept of a ―girls get together‖, a popular tagline “Feel Gooood” .trend among all female generations in Japan. The campaign has caused a big stir amongThey used models from female magazines and smart phone users, and people arounddeveloped their TVC around the concept of a them. The increasingly irritating behavior―girls get together‖, a recent popular trend of mobile phone users and tendency toamong all female generations in Japan. The disconnect ourselves from what and whosong simply repeats ―pajamatkori (pajama + surround us has slowly changed to thematkori)‖ and ―Jinro‖, the last tagline says celebrated Thai‘s collective courteousness,―loosely enjoy‖. Jinro reached their annual as a result of the campaign.sales target in 2 months and played a big part indoubling the size of the matkori market in Japan, Watch the TVC here:which is believed to be on track to triple in 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17ZrK2 NryuQWatch the TVC here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsbxSZGHFQw&feature=related
  53. 53. Everyone’s talking about … Petronas in MalaysiaKik Cola in Sri LankaThe soft drinks market in Sri Lanka is flavor- Petronas‘ touching and meaningful festivedriven. And local player Elephant House leads the commercials are something every Malaysiansame. One of their biggest strategies have been to looks forward to during the festive season.ride on the ‗Sri Lankan‖ pride – repositioningCoke & Pepsi as ‗foreign‘. The latest Petronas Chinese New Year ad, inspired by everyday real-life scenarios,Kik Cola, is Elephant House‘s 1st foray into the cola have moved many viewers to tears. Simplyterritory. Their obvious intent is to ‗kick‘ Coca titled ‗Their Hope’, it explores the silentCola where it hurts. Local agency Triad handles wishes of a group of elderly parents in athe advertising (they incidentally also cater to changing society where they are often takenonly Sri Lankan brands & reject MNCs). Triad for granted by their children.coined the tag-line ―Lankan to the Last Drop‖ for These days many younger Malaysians opt toKik Cola. Interestingly most elements of the leave their smaller hometowns, moving tolaunch package, (i.e. logo design, packaging, bigger cities in search of better careerPOS, OOH, TVC script and production) were opportunities. Often occupied with their busyoutsourced to an Indian Agency (Taproot India). lifestyle, many don‘t bother going backThe visuals used in packaging/POS/OOH & TVC home to celebrate Chinese New Year withare anything but ―Sri Lankan‖ – thereby their family.contradicting with the brand‘s ―Lankan‖proposition. This has resulted in lots of online & The commercial strikes a chord withoffline conversation. Malaysians of different ages, both local and abroad, as it serves as a good reminder toWatch the TVC here: cherish their loved ones and ‗balik kampung’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDrEHc4pn9U (go home) this Chinese New Year. Watch the TVC here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MefB0wweAKI
  54. 54. Everyone’s talking about … Johnnie Walker‟s „Words of a Journey‟On January 5th 2011, Diageo launched a new To spark a nationwide cultural debate ahead ofcampaign for its Johnnie Walker brand in the release of the documentary series, JohnnieChina. Entitled "Yulu" or "Words of a Journey", Walker seeded a bold social media campaignthe campaign uses a documentary approach to across more than 40 digital platforms. Centraltell the stories of 12 Chinese pioneers, chosen to the success of the digital campaign was thefrom the fields of business and the arts. The involvement of Han Han, author of China‘sprotagonists (including Pan Shiyi - SOHO most popular blog and one of Time magazinesinternational, Xu Bin- Artist, Wang Keqing - most influential figures. His series of videossocial activist and Wang Yiyang - fashion for Johnnie Walker’s blog and initiation of adesigner) reflect upon their life journeys discussion on whether dreams still exist in theagainst the backdrop of modern China. lives of China‘s often conflicted 80s generation caused the conversation to spread like wildfireThe campaign is a departure from the across the web.traditional mainstream advertising approachthat most brands adopt. Taking a much longer In the last two months alone, more than 100form approach and using a strong digital respected Chinese bloggers and digitalmedia element gives the campaign more influencers, including media moguls, TVdepth and breadth and aims to spark a larger personalities, famed authors and culturalconversation on behalf of the brand. icons, participated in the online exchange and shared their dreams and what inspires them to"Each film tells the unique story of one person, “Keep Walking”.where they came from, how they got to wherethey are today and what it is that inspires them Watch the films here:to do what it is they do. Our hope is that these http://johnniewalker.tudou.com/yulujihua/stories will inspire people to reflect upon andtell their own stories,‖ said Jia Zhangke, notedfilm director associated with the project.
  55. 55. Everyone’s talking about …Vinamilk‟s „3 glasses of milk‟campaign in VietnamMilk consumption in Vietnam is amongst thelowest in the world, one third of Thailand andChina and one sixth of Japan. Vietnamese kidsdrink on average only 5 glasses of milk per week.The challenge was to get them to drink 3 glassesper day.Mums know that getting their kids to drink moremilk isn‘t easy or fun. At the same time they arekeen to provide the best nutrition for their kidsand liquid milk has long been linked to healthygrowth and development. In fact milk has becomesymbolic of development more generally.Currently Vietnamese know that they arephysically short in comparison to all othercountries – on average 20cm shorter in fact. Astheir kids grow taller, their confidence grows thattheir potential will be realized, and with them, thepotential of the whole nation.The commercial, conceptualized by Ogilvy, is setin a village, still the traditional heart ofVietnamese society (70% of the population stilllive in rural areas and work in agriculture). Butthis village is populated not by people but bycows; all singing, dancing cows. And the mayor ofCowville has a message in the form of a song forits youngsters, with 1 glass the difference is small,but 3 glasses can make you tall. (The language inthis catchphrase twists a traditional Vietnamesesaying about collective strength: 1 tree cannot amountain make, but for a tall peak 3 trees is all ittakes.)The commercial is spreadable because it‘s cuteand lodges itself easily into the deeper recesses ofthe minds of both kids and their mums, firing thedifferent synapses of joy, hope, pride andoptimism.Watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5hw8CmyfcM&playnext=1&list=PL9D8F0DBA5ED7FBD3
  56. 56. Everyone’s talking about …Life is an adventure, IndonesiaA tagline that recently became a topic ofdiscussion, both offline and online. It all started inmid November 2010 when three Nutrilon Royalmilk TVCs with the title ―Life is and adventure‖were aired simultaneously in some TV stations ,with heavy frequency.Viewers were captivated by ithe campaign‘sthriller movie looks, motivated narrative, dazzlingvisualization and touching music score. At first theywere not even aware that this is was an ad from amilk brand because of its touching narration. TheTVC not only captivated mothers and their kids, butalso teenagers, adult males, singles – everyone.Watch here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YyvOGKu6dsA few weeks later, accusations of plagiarism beganto surface: bloggers said that the ad had the samefeel, narrative technique, music scoring, andcinematography execution as the Levi‘s ‗Go Forthto Work‘ campaign.Despite that, even now people are still talkingabout how they love the ad., with many saying thatthe lively narrative describe the adventures and lifethrough a child‘s eye rather well.
  57. 57. Everyone’s talking about …THSR‟ s Fortune Teller in Taiwan The TVC broke subsequently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IpoWlLe2 cQ Thanks to the campaign, THSR broke all traffic records in the first two months of 2011.Although the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail)service successfully replaced the slow trains ondomestic routes, they realized that seats weregoing empty during off-peak timings. At first,THSR offered discounts to clients who didn‘t travelduring rush hours, but that created anotherdilemma – people started crowdingin off-peakhours. Therefore, THSR set up another salessystem called the ―Early Bird‖, through whichpassengers could receive discounts if they Clemon‟s Cricket Bat in Bangladeshplanned ahead and bought their tickets.In order to promote awareness of the ―Early Bird Girls in Bangladesh are getting especiallyDiscount‖, the campaign used a character to get excited about the ―Clemon‖ ad campaign foreveryone‘s attention – The Early Bird Fortune the cricket World Cup. Since eight matchesTeller, who wears a funny, ridiculous and foolish will take place in Bangladesh, Clemon fromhat. The campaign started through a music video: Akij Food and Beverages Ltd (AFBL) ishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlGD02mrhDM carrying around a big mobile bat, to different districts of the country, through whichwhich asked passengers to visit the website for youngsters and cricket fans will get thedetails. chance to wish Bangladesh cricket team. This campaign has generated huge enthusiasm amongst fans, since it allows them to have a stake in their favorite team‘s fortunes. http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/new s-details.php?nid=172228 Another campaign making waves around the World Cup is GP‘s ‗Shotto Asha‘ (real hope): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwAOico 1mpU
  58. 58. Guest ColumnBuilding Brands in China– From Street to Store Manita Khuller Regional Strategy & Planning Director OgilvyAction Asia PacificA vibrant market for brands until 20 years Often this has meant creating demand forago, China was a protected and ―closed‖ whole categories (not just building brands)market with few international brands widely like chocolate or confectionery and even tea!available or even affordable to the averageChinese consumer. The Communist However, China‘s 1.3 billion population doesgovernment‗s ―protectionist‖ policies largely not live in the large urban centers alone; thecontrolled consumer spending through geographic spread of this vast country bringssmaller disposable incomes and high import challenges to reach Chinese consumers induties on internationally advertised brands Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities as the marketand consumer categories. Today China is the continuously develops and the Chinese getsecond largest economy after the U.S. and the richer outside of urban centers.fastest growing in the world. In the 70-80s,many consumer categories were China – a nation that loves shoppingunderdeveloped compared to what we seetoday. Today, in modern China, especially in The rapid development of the retailthe urban centers of Beijing, Shanghai etc. landscape in China has further created theshoppers can buy anything they want in case for Chinese consumerism. China boastssophisticated Westernized hypermarkets and 2,500 hypermarkets across the country, withshopping malls. What is available to them is a the number expected to reach 4,000 by 2014.wide range of international or local Chinese A massive influx of well-known Westernbrands – offering choice and value. retailers and formats mingle with strong Chinese supermarket players. SuccessfulLarge and complicated challenge international retailers are careful to study Chinese shopping habits in developing theirIntense competition to capture the Chinese ―offer.‖ They employ a variety ofconsumer wallet in the fastest growing engagement methods to attract shoppers toeconomy in the world means aggressive their stores. Ranging from free transport oninvestments in building brands and shuttle buses to large displays, extensivecategories. No prizes for being second. The point of sale material and aggressivekey to success is not only via advertising to promotional activities in store. Seasonalachieve mass awareness, but also by promotions lead to crowds rushing to localunderstanding what drives Chinese supermarkets a few times in the year andconsumers to buy and what influences their promotional marketing events for major retailbuying behavior. chains.