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  1. 1. Eavesdroppin Arman Sharma
  2. 2. ID X• Permian–Triassic extinction event informally known as the Great Dying, was an extinction event that occurred 250 million years ago.• Many models have been proposed to explain its cause like:• Impact event, Volcanism , Methane hydrate gasification , Sea level fluctuations ,Anoxia , Hydrogen sulfide emissions• the theory that “all these” factors led to the Permian- Triassic extinction event, the largest mass extinction in Earth history, is called the “X Model."
  3. 3. What is this feature called?• Twitter unveiled its new feature allowing users to click on stock symbols and see what the Twitterverse is saying about, say, $GOOG, $AAPL or $FB. The system works the same way as Twitters already well- known # hashtags. It require a "$" followed by the ticker symbol.
  4. 4. Cashtags
  5. 5. • X is a mock or real award, usually given to an individual or team which has come last in a competition, but sometimes also to runners-up. Examples range from the academic to sporting and more frivolous events• And while he lives, he wields the boasted prize Whose value all can feel, the weak, the wise; Displays in triumph his distinguishd boon, The solid honours of the X.—“X" from The Cambridge Tart (1823)
  6. 6. Wooden spoon
  7. 7. What does the blue region depict??
  8. 8. What is being talked about• The author of the tune is unknown, and it may originate in plainchant, but a 1619 attribution to John Bull is sometimes made.Under certain conditions the pronoun gender is changed and the line “to sing with heart and voice” is replaced with "With heart and voice to sing".
  9. 9. Variations of X• Gainsboro• Light X• Silver• Medium X• Dark medium X• Dim X• Davy’s X• Jet• Off-X• Platinum• Ash X• Battleship X• Charcoal• Glaucos• Xanadu• Slate X
  10. 10. • McDonalds Katra and Amritsar outlets which would start functioning next year would be the first of their kind world-wide to adopt something that may by a culture shock for its fans, but its not the first global chain to do so as Subway adopted this concept at its Amity University outlet in Noida last year, followed by another at Ghatkopar in Mumbai two months ago.
  11. 11. All Veg Menu
  12. 12. Pokemon
  13. 13. Connect
  14. 14. Bradbury Landing
  15. 15. • She made her singing debut by lending her voice to the song "Ullathai Killadhe" in the Tamil film Thamizhan. In August 2011, she signed a worldwide recording agreement with Universal Music Group. As part of this global deal, she will release her debut album in North America through Interscope Records, and in other international markets on Island Records• She has collaborated with artists such as Sam Watters, Matthew Koma, Jay Sean and producer RedOne. The album is currently in the final stages of mixing and production and is scheduled to release in December 2012. Her first single "In My City" will debut on 13 September on the NFL Networks Thursday Night Football. The single features rapper and is produced by RedOne.