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Opening presentation about ChangeMedium for #cmToronto

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  • We’ve seen this before
  • As Om Malik observed:
    “Twitter is ... the start of an interaction society.”
  • And already it is becoming essential public infrastructure.
  • Already people are talking about it topping Google
  • We’ve seen this before
  • Printing press
  • Telegraph
  • Telephone
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Web
  • This time is different
  • In July 2008 at a Nesta Web Science event Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the web, said...

    “I no longer understand my own creation”

    He also implored the audience...

    “Ask not whether we're asking too much of the web, but whether we're asking too much of us”

    Indicating that what this is and where it’s going is about people.
  • This time is different
  • So simple that grandmas can use it.
  • Being sms compatible, it can be used anywhere, anytime from mobile phone
  • And being public
  • and 1 - 1
  • Which leads us to...
  • creating the most accessible, participatory, public medium in history.

    Public micro-messaging merges the extensible/emergent nature of the web with the 4B person reach of SMS.
  • anywhere...
  • and everywhere.
  • Which leads us to...
  • - links to news photos and videos
    - primary sources of things that are of interest
    - intelligence -> earthquake notification and pinpointing before any other public sources
  • It also enables unprecedented reporting...
    - faster
    - more perspectives/sources
    - more public engagement (the twitter wall - twittering questions)
  • And finally we have unprecedented opportunities for flash mobilization like #hohoto where, in 18 days, over a dozen people came together over twitter to co-led the creation of a sold-out party to 600 people which raised $25,000 and 2t of food for the local foodbank.
  • So...
  • If most of this happened with less than 5million users...
  • If most of this happened with less than 5million users...
  • If most of this happened with less than 5million users...
  • And what happens when Twitter goes down - again - and again.
  • And what happens when there are more services that we want to use?
    How do we access all these public messages?
    How do we search for everything everyone is saying about the next major event?
  • So where do all those public messages sit?
    - in Twitter’s private servers
    And for how long?
    And what what if I want to use a different service like
  • Researching what makes the medium work
    - how do people use it?
    - how can it be used for change?
    - how does it change change itself?
  • And convening labs to experiment and evolve the medium for maximum public benefit.
  • Building a network-grade infrastructure
  • ChangeMedium - #cmToronto intro

    1. 1. ChangeMediumToronto October 24th, 2009 Convening researcher + development in the medium for change
    2. 2. Industry
    3. 3. Finance
    4. 4. Politics
    5. 5. Some big statements
    6. 6. “Twitter... spells the end of communications and start of an interaction society.” Om Malik April 14th, 2009:
    7. 7. "They announced they were going to shut down their system for maintenance, and we asked them not to.”
    8. 8. The Next Google
    9. 9. We’ve seen this before
    10. 10. Printing Press
    11. 11. Telegraph
    12. 12. Telephone
    13. 13. Radio
    14. 14. Internet
    15. 15. Web
    16. 16. This time is different
    17. 17. “I no longer understand my own creation” ~ Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the Web
    18. 18. So what’s different?
    19. 19. Simple
    20. 20. Spontaneous
    21. 21. Public
    22. 22. Participatory
    23. 23. 4B people connecting Web Many-Many Public Micro-Messaging Radio TV E-mail SMS One-One Tel. REACH Restricted Emergent
    24. 24. Anywhere
    25. 25. Everywhere
    26. 26. “Medium of the Movement”
    27. 27. Discovery
    28. 28. Journalism
    29. 29. Flash Mobilization
    30. 30. If most of this happened with less than 10 million users...
    31. 31. What happens with... 100 million users?
    32. 32. or... 1 Billion users?
    33. 33. Pro ble ms
    34. 34. Disruptions
    35. 35. Incompatibility
    36. 36. Fractured Data
    37. 37. ChangeMedium Convening research and development in the medium for change. A charitable initiative hosted at Tides Canada Foundation
    38. 38. Research
    39. 39. Hacking
    40. 40. Understanding
    41. 41. Network-Grade Infrastructure
    42. 42. Kick-ass Applications
    43. 43. #cmToronto October 24th, 2009 Text researchers + hackers in the medium for change
    44. 44. #cmToronto October 24th, 2009 Text Convening researchers + hackers in the medium for change
    45. 45. What are some of the trends you see developing in the micro-messaging/social change spaces? As a group decide on what you think is the most significant trend.
    46. 46. With your new group share what your group felt was the most important/significant trend. As a group, discuss your thoughts on what these trends   mean for the future, where are we headed, what becomes possible?
    47. 47. With the future possibilities in mind, discuss what technology roadblocks exist today that need to be remedied/overcome to achieve this future vision. As you have this conversation make note of any ideas that could be used as development projects/ activities for this afternoon’s hacklab.