International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics)


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Presentation The iKNOW Politics network: How virtual networking is being used to foster women’s political participation by Piyoo Kochar Project Manager –iKNOW Politics & Barbora Galvankova, UNDP. Presentation presented at UNDP Regional Forum on Equal participation in decision-making, Istanbul, Day 1: Session 2 on Mobilizing and building alliances for women’s participation in decision-making

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International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics)

  1. 1. International Knowledge Network ofWomen in Politics (iKNOW Politics) Piyoo Kochar Project Manager
  2. 2. Preface: Women and Technology Women‟s capacity to exploit potential of new ICTs as tools for empowerment in constrained in different ways in different regions. Even the generalized ways in which both men and women may be considered equally affected, these overall constraints filtered through specific gender-based determinants cause women to be particularly disadvantaged. One resource that challenges status quo and empowers people is knowledge and its widespread dissemination. Engendering of knowledge networks opens up avenues for women to freely articulate and share their experiences, concerns and knowledge with the possibilities of their further enrichment as the same pass through a gamut of network users.
  3. 3. What is ICT? Information Communication Technologies include:  Radio  Video/ TV  Internet  Website  Socialnetworking through social media  Micro-blogging  Cellphone/Telephone  Online / Offline Newspaper
  4. 4. Technology and Politics: Possibilities Information Communication technologies are slowly becoming a part of life There is an information overload and people are always looking for a „one stop shop‟ Using technology in politics a nascent process but fast growing Like any other technology it can either serve the purpose or distract from the message – Key is to make it work for you!
  5. 5. If Politics is about Change then Technology can be an enabler Use of technology in politics requires “perfect matching of political philosophy, messaging and technology” Technology is NO substitute for content Technology is part of an overall political strategy, it is not a strategy in and of itself Best results from use of technology possible only when its use is made inherent to the system – it cannot be only seen as the „face‟ but has to be part of the body!
  6. 6. iKNOW Politics: An Example
  7. 7. iKNOW Politics: An Example  iKNOW Politics uses a combination of an online platform + social media tools to support women and those who are in politics. The online platform  Integrating Social Mediaprovides: enables:  Access to resources and  Reaching a larger information audience  Sharing of experiences  Cross fertilization of and building knowledge experiences from around  Current and up-to-date the world activities  Providing almost „real time‟ information
  8. 8. Online Network Experts  70 experts from 35 countries  Users and Diffusers Ongoing Discussions  18000+ subscribed members  Global + Regional  Over 185 contributions to ongoing discussions Free Library Resources  5000+ free resources in 4 languages
  9. 9. Using Social Media iKNOW Politics integrates :  Facebook  Twitter Along with its online platform in 4 languages  Live Webcast - English - French - Spanish - Arabic
  10. 10. Using Social Media Twitter  Firsttime used by iKNOW Politics during a 2009 launch event  Providing real time „mirco blogs‟ (in 140 characters) of presentations and discussions  Generated discussion on key messages  Building a network  Drew traffic to the online platform
  11. 11. Using Social Media Live webcast  Integrated with twitter  Visitors increased by 20%  Connecting with members around the world Facebook  Go where the audience is  Reaching audiences by providing information  Tapping on already existing networks  Building interest
  12. 12. “Earned Media” through internet Earned media, as opposed to paid media, refers to any time the mass media (television, newspapers, radio) repeat message as a news item. Internet is an effective way to disseminate messages that turn into earned media Eliminates the need for “big money” in advertising Earned media usually picks up items that are quirky, creative and controversial (example “culture en peril”)
  13. 13. Power of many: “going viral” Social Media is NO different in principal than traditional media – Letter to the editor, radio call ins The difference is: – Speed > – Audience > – Multiplier Effect > – Cost <*CAUTION: everything is public
  14. 14. Lessons learnt thus far… “New” Spaces for Women Connecting Women to Each Other Changing Stereotypic Roles All communication is “immediate” Crowd-sourcing
  15. 15. Network of Networks
  16. 16. Exchange Knowledge: Library
  17. 17. Video Testimonials
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