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  • Brilliant - really makes you think about the value of social media - when, where and how to use it.
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  • 1. Social Media – Social Marketing McAllister Master theand create and build relationships art, Co Maureen McAllister McAllister and McAllister and Co 2012
  • 2. SOCIAL MEDIA – the strategy McAllister Social media – simple, free and quick tool and Co  Reach the right audience (mass and/or niche)  Keep your audience up to date  Build relationships  Send out a message with a call to action  Direct traffic to your website (and other portals)  Maintain your profile – highlight your expertise  Start and maintain a McAllister and Co 2012
  • 3. SOCIAL MEDIA – the strategy McAllister and Co BUT it is not a standalone tool – needs to be part of an overall strategy. AND the most important part of social media is … …. being sociable! McAllister and Co 2012
  • 4. Social media – choices, choices, choices McAllister Twitter and Co  Blogs  Facebook  Linkedin Plus, plus, plus Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, Pinterest, Twylah, slideshare … the list is endless and growing You need to know who you are targeting, what you want to say to them, how you want to say it, and where they will see and hear McAllister and Co 2012
  • 5. Have a plan, and consider how sociable are you? McAllister  Where does this fit with your current work? and Co Have a plan – don’t bite off more than you can chew!  What do you want to say? Clear messages, fully prepared – to give and receive.  Who do you want to say it to? Which channels do your customers use?  When are you going to say it? Sending your message when people want to, and can, read McAllister and Co 2012
  • 6. Have a plan, and consider how sociable are you? McAllister  Where can you say it? How many can you manage and where are your consumers likely to be? and Co  How often should you do it? Be regular, but not all at once – time your messages, have breathing space between your updates, blogs and discussions.  What do you want customers to do once they have heard you? Make sure you have a clear call to action. Be prepared to target them directly and to respond to them directly – good or McAllister and Co 2012
  • 7. Have a plan, and consider how sociable are you? McAllister champions  Make your customers your The importance and Co of social media word of mouth.  Be visible, be relevant and stay on message Make sure you are part of the place, time and conversation.  How long can you keep going? Don’t start out on the social media/marketing route if you can’t sustain it! McAllister and Co 2012
  • 8. Be sociable, be engaging McAllister What is interesting about what you do? And what you offer? and Co sell it – BE it! Don’t just Tell your story, engage others and be interested in other people’s stories. If you wouldn’t do it in the real world, don’t do it virtually! © McAllister and Co 2012
  • 9. Be sociable, not desperate! McAllister and Co © McAllister and Co 2012
  • 10. Be sociable, seriously sociable McAllister  It’s not a personal facebook page and it’s not a personal group on Linkedin and Co  Don’t spam it – think about what you’d want to read and try to keep your rants to yourself  Share your expertise – your presentations and papers  Set up a group – based on your expertise or interest – invite others and start debates  Share media clips, images and topics relevant to your business You’re not just sociable, you’re an McAllister and Co 2012
  • 11. The professional and social stage and your impact McAllister Think about how big your professional stage is on Linkedin: and Co Give the performance of your life. How big is the twitterverse? Make sure your nugget of information is interesting enough to make an impact. How many other facebook pages are you competing with? Make sure yours is engaging and engaged with – what’s not to like? McAllister and Co 2012
  • 12. Make sure you can manage it …. McAllister You need to be able to control it, don’t let it control you! and McAllister and Co 2012
  • 13. …. and don’t bite off more than you can chew …. McAllister ….. as Cavog the caveman says ‘I tried that with a mammoth and Co burger once, and won’t be caught out again’ Don’t start what you can’t McAllister and Co 2012
  • 14. Social Media – Social Marketing McAllister and Co For more information about McAllister and Co, please  Follow on twitter @mcallisterandco  Read the blog  Like us on facebook Company profile on Linkedin: McAllister and Co 2012