How to Play - Gamification of the Classroom (Super Heroes) PDF


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How to Play - Gamification of the Classroom (Super Heroes) PDF

  1. 1. How to play Rules of the game
  2. 2. The Grading System *Per Dysart Unified School District
  3. 3. XP Points • Gain XP Points to Level Up • XP Points come from: – Homework and classwork completion – Positive classroom behavior – *Tests, quizzes, and projects • XP Points are not equal to your grade in the class
  4. 4. Levels • Do-Gooder (level 1) • Levels 1-24: Move up a level every time you gain +100 XP points (Multiple of 100)
  5. 5. Levels • Hero (level 25) • Once you reach level 25 (2,500 XP) • Turns to multiples of 500 • So now it takes 500 XP to get from level 25 to 26
  6. 6. Levels • Super Hero (Level 50) • Once your reach level 50 (15,000 XP) Turns to multiples of 1,000 • So now it takes 1,000 XP to get from level 50 to 51
  7. 7. Levels • Legendary Super Hero (Level 100) • Once you reach level 100 (51,500 XP) Turns to multiple of 5,000 • So now it takes 5,000 XP to get from level 100 to 101
  8. 8. Levels • Elder, Legendary Super Hero (Level 150) • Once you reach level 150 (301,500 XP) Turns to multiples of 10,000 • So now it takes 10,000 XP to get from level 150 to 151
  9. 9. Badges • Badges are awarded online at • You receive them for: – Your level status (Do-Gooder, Hero, etc) – Class Challenges – Duration on top the Leader board • Badges come with Rewards – Upgrades/unlocks
  10. 10. Leader Board • Each class period competes against each other to be at the top of the leader board. • These points are called “Hero Points” • The can be earned through: – Class participation and attendance – Class behavior and achievements
  11. 11. Players • Students are the players • Each Player creates a character – Name and bio – Back story – Strengths and weaknesses • Student is responsible for leveling the character up • The student is the character’s alter ego
  12. 12. Groups • Every student is a part of a group • Groups work together to complete challenges and missions. • Groups can achieve special badges and rewards • Groups can be responsible for gaining Hero Points for the class as well as losing them.
  13. 13. Training • Book work • Instruction • Group work • Class work • Homework • Think – X-Man like training
  14. 14. Missions and Bosses • Missions are made up of Formative Assessments – Quizzes, bell work, small stuff • Bosses are made up of Summative Assessments – Tests, projects, big stuff
  15. 15. Story Over the summer, you were exposed to a mutating chemical in your drinking water. It only affected young adults in your age group (13-18 year olds). So your parents and younger sibling were not effected. Strangely, not everyone at your school was affected. Only those in Mr. Bell’s English classes…
  16. 16. Story Upon meeting Mr. Bell, he explains that he is a Super Hero! His alter ego is Head Master Bell. He has super speed, super strength, invulnerability, super healing, flight, and super intelligence. Oh, and he is also a master combatant and super rich. He also explains that he is here to help you become a super hero too.
  17. 17. Story Your goal is to fight crime, protect the innocent, and rid the city of injustice. The City of Surprise is surprisingly corrupt and littered with wrong-doers. Most recently, the city has been plagued by a gang of thieves know as the “Wolverines.”