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Superhero powerpoint

  1. 1. All the superheros,villions, and groups
  2. 2.  The man of steel is what they call them  He is origanaly a krypton,a allien when his home plant was about to crash into the sun his father sent him to Earth  His Earth name is Clark Kent  He fell in love with Lowice Lane  His powers are strenth,flight,x-ray Vision,heaatvision, and ice bregth His weekness is kryptonight
  3. 3.  Bruce wayne allies batman  His parent’s were murdered as he was a kid,he wanted vengence  He relly does not hafe any powers but he is a super detictive and has a utilty belt  He is a part of many groups Justice Leagie and Super Friends.
  4. 4.  The super soilder captine america  Fonder of the Avengers and the All-winners squade  Frozen a iceburge for many years  He has had a supersoilder serimre to make him stronge  He has gone threw 2 sidekiks 1 Bucky And falcone
  5. 5.  Wonder Women ia a amozone a group of wemon that live on a island togethor and worship greek gods  Her armor makes her superstrong  Her mother is Hera the Greek god of love witch alowese her to fly on wind
  6. 6.  The muntant frome Canada Wolverine  He is one of the oldest memders of the X-Men  He is a muntant because he has healing powers  He is Muntant X that means he had a experement on him that allowes him to hafe alumenome bones a long age and retractible claws  Logon allis Wolverine dos’nt know Anything about his past
  7. 7.  Peter Parker is not a muntant he was bitten by a radio active spider giving him the abilty of a spider  His wedslingers are fake but nothing else  He started out as the human spider a pro resiler  After his Uncle got murdered he Became Spiderman a crime fighter but Descoved the black suit and starting Getting rughf
  8. 8.  A African American Storm can control the weather  She joined the X-Men at a age of machety  She is one of the main leaders of the X-Men
  9. 9.  Bruce Banner was a scientist  In a experament he transphormed into The Hulk  He has brawn and not any brain  Later in his life Bruce controls The Hulk
  10. 10.  The Green Lanturns are a force of a ring  There are many Green Lanturns  One covers each galexsy  They include Kologe,John Jones and Harper  Most Green Lanturns are aleins  They are amue to a yellow force  Some Lanturns are in groups