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Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU ATAs
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Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU ATAs


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Matrix feature-rich ATAs offer connectivity to VoIP, GSM and POTS networks. An ATA user can plug standard analog telephone devices to the ATA and the analog device(s) will connect transparently to the …

Matrix feature-rich ATAs offer connectivity to VoIP, GSM and POTS networks. An ATA user can plug standard analog telephone devices to the ATA and the analog device(s) will connect transparently to the IP and GSM networks. An ATA thus provides a user with the ease of using a standard telephone instrument, yet make VoIP and GSM calls. The ATAs can also be interfaced to existing PBX system, offering GSM and IP line to be shared among the PBX users.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Avoid VoIP Carrier Charges associated with Proxy Calling
    No SIP Proxy Involvement
    Cost-effective VoIP calls among geographically distant branch-offices
    500 Direct Dial Access Codes Instead of Long Numbers or IP Addresses
  • Transcript

    • 1. Warm Welcome
    • 2. Matrix SETU ATA VoIP Adaptors with FXO, FXS, GSM Ports and Multiple SIP Accounts
    • 3. SETU ATA Presentation Outline  Introduction  Variants  Target Customers  Applications  Key Features  Technical Specifications  Matrix Gateway Range of Products
    • 4. Introduction  Open Standard SIP based VoIP to Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA)  Feature-Loaded for Residential and Business Applications  Standard Connectivity with Analog Phone or any PBX  Simultaneous Voice and Internet Accessibility
    • 5. Variants SETU ATA211G  1 GSM Port  1 FXS Port  1 LAN & 1 WAN  3 SIP Accounts SETU ATA211  1 FXO Port  1 FXS Port  1 LAN & 1 WAN  3 SIP Accounts SETU ATA2S  2 FXS Port  1 LAN & 1 WAN  3 SIP Accounts SETU ATA1S  1 FXS Port  1 LAN & 1 WAN  3 SIP Accounts
    • 6. Target Customers Multi-Site Scenarios Call Shops Small Businesses Home Users
    • 8. Residential Applications Need: Residential users want to browse internet and make international/local calls to connect with family and friends Solution: SETU ATA can make cost-effective calls over IP by registering voice service provider and allow easy access to browse internet on PC with broadband connection PSTN Internet Modem/Router Users SETU ATA PC SIP Proxy (ITSP) Home
    • 9. Business Applications Need: Head office users want to make calls to their branch offices located at different locations national/international Solution: SETU ATA can be integrated with the existing PBX at head office or branch office and SIP trunking services can be used to connect sites
    • 10. Peer-to-peer Applications  Place VoIP calls without involving sip proxy server  Point-to-point calls without availing SIP trunking services  500 direct dial access codes to map IP addresses into short codes Modem /Router Modem /Router Internet Switch Switch User PC PC User PC PC
    • 11. KEY FEATURES
    • 12. Auto Provisioning  Automatic configuration and periodic firmware update of all ATAs from a central location  Configuration and upgrade files can be downloaded from centrally located Matrix Redirect Server  Hassle-free mass deployments eliminating the configuration individually Auto Provisioning Auto Configuration Auto Firmware Upgrade
    • 13. Auto Configuration  Auto Configuration helps SETU ATA to get the configuration file from ACS Redirects to ITSP’s Auto Configuration Server (Auto Configuration Server) Sends the MAC Address to Matrix Redirect Server Internet Matrix Redirect Server Customer Premises ITSP’s ACS Sends Configuration File
    • 14. Auto Firmware Upgrade  Auto Firmware Upgrade helps SETU ATA to get the upgrade from Matrix Firmware Upgrade Server Sends Firmware Upgrade File Checks for Update   Internet   SETU ATA Firmware Upgrade Server
    • 15. Auto PSTN/GSM Fallback  Continuous network connectivity  Less dependency on a single network  More reliable communication User dials Called Party Call automatically gets placed through PSTN SETU ATA User GSM/PSTN Internet gets down Called Party Internet
    • 16. Caller Line Identification and Presentation  Caller ID Types - DTMF Detection, FSK ITU-T and FSK Bellcore  Caller ID presentation for external and internal numbers  FXS Port can be configured for CLIP protocol as per use
    • 17. DHCP and PPPoE  SETU ATA can be configured with any ISP (Internet Service Provider) offering different connection-method such as DHCP/PPPoE or via static IP
    • 18. Multi-Stage Dialing  Avoid dialing multiple access codes and strings  With Multi-Stage Dialing, caller can dial the complete number (i.e., SIP-ID of ATA and extension number) at a time  SETU ATA will internally process the dialed number in two stages
    • 19. Multi-Stage Dialing : Application EXT-101 PBX PBX EXT-201 Internet User First ATA accepts the call and forwards it to the SIP-ID of the Second ATA On Call Maturity, Second User ATA dials the destination Extension Number  EXT-101 wants to call EXT-201  Caller dials 22 (SIP-ID of first ATA) and then 201 (extension to be called)  First ATA dials SIP-ID of second ATA (22)  On call maturity, second ATA extends the call to called device
    • 20. Point-to-point Calls  Place VoIP calls without involving SIP proxy server  Free VoIP calling between two remote sites  No need of static IP, Point-to-point calls can be established with dynamic public IP address  500 direct dial access codes to map IP addresses into short codes
    • 21. Return Call to Original Caller  When a caller leaves a missed on the GSM/3G or VoIP trunk, SETU ATA automatically gives a call back  On receiving the call, user is provided to call the operator to further connect the call to the required person  Boost productivity by avoiding human intervention and time-delay GSM /UMTS(3G) /VoIP Caller Leaves Missed Call on SETU ATA Trunk Port and System Initiates Auto Call back Sales Member Operator SETU ATA
    • 22. Enhanced Voice Quality  Toll quality voice with all industry standard codecs support  G.711 A/µ-Law, G.723, G.729ab support  Voice Activity Detection (VAD) offers proper bandwidth utilization  Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) and Echo cancellation ensures superior voice quality  Noise-free, clear voice quality with least bandwidth consumption 22
    • 23. Simplified Configuration and Management  Auto provisioning for faster deployments  East installation with remote programing and upgrade  Quick troubleshooting with LED indication and signal strength indication  Enhanced system security with alphanumeric password
    • 24. Basic and Supplementary Features  3-Party Conference  Caller ID/CLIP (DTMF, FSK-ITU-T V.23, Bellcore 202A)  Call Forward  Call Hold  Call Toggle  Call Waiting  Call Transfer  CLIR (SIP/GSM)  FAX over IP - T.38 and Pass-Through
    • 25. Advance Features  Auto PSTN Fallback (SETU ATA211)  PIN Authentication  CLI Display  Port Forwarding and DMZ  DHCP Server and Client  Programmable Call Progress Tones and Rings  Digest Authentication  SNMP Monitoring  Dynamic DNS  SRTP/TLS over SIP  MAC Address Cloning  Supplementary Calling Features  Message Wait Indication  VLAN Tagging  NAT and STUN  WAN and LAN Ports for Internal Routing
    • 26. Specifications Description SETU ATA1S SETU ATA2S SETU ATA211 SETU ATA211G FXS Port (RJ11) 1 2 1 1 FXO Port (RJ11) - - 1 - GSM Port - - - 1 Ethernet Port (RJ45) 2 2 2 2 DC Power Input Jack 1 1 1 1 VoIP Protocols SIPv2 SIP Accounts 3 Peer-to-Peer Table 500 Entries Dial Plan 100 Entries 100 Entries 100 Entries Phone Book 100 Entries 60 Entries 60 Entries Fax over IP Voice CODECS T.38 and Pass-Through G.711 A/µ-Law, G.726, G.729A, G.729B G.723, G.729A, G.729B, PCM-A/µ G.723, G.729A, G.729B, PCM-A/µ
    • 27. Matrix GATEWAY RANGE OF PRODUCTS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SETU VGFX Multi-port SIP based VoIP to GSM/3G-FXO-FXS Gateway SETU VGB Multi-port SIP based VoIP to GSM/3G-BRI Gateway SETU VTEP VoIP to T1/E1 PRI Gateway SETU VFXTH Medium-Density Multi-port SIP based VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateway SETU VFX Low-Density Multi-port SIP based VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateway SIMADO GFX Multi-port GSM to FXS Gateway SIMADO GBR Multi-port GSM to BRI Gateway
    • 28.  Type of Presentation: Product Presentation  Number of Slides: 29  Revised On: 1st April 2013  Version-Release Number: V1R2 For Further Information Please Contact: Email ID: Visit us at