Matrix Video Surveillance Solution: SATATYA - The Persistent Vision


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about matrix video surveillance solutions.

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Matrix Video Surveillance Solution: SATATYA - The Persistent Vision

  2. 2. About Matrix • Established in 1994 • 250+ Security and Telecom Products • 500+ Channel Partners • 350,000+ Satisfied Customers • 50+ Countries Reach • 700+ Man-years of R&D Experience • ISO 9001-2008 Certified • Global Quality Certifications
  3. 3. About Matrix Corporate Office R&D Center Based at Vadodara, Gujarat, India Departments: Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Support, Finance, Customer Care, Purchase More than 40% of Manpower in R&D, 700+ Man-years of R&D Experience World-class Technology, Platform and Processes
  4. 4. About Matrix Manufacturing Unit Lean Production Unit with 73,000 Sq.Ft and 100+ Work Stations
  5. 5. Awards and Recognitions Product Awards Organization Awards
  6. 6. About Matrix Matrix Benefits Indian Manufacturer Successful Established Brand Own R&D Technically Advanced Products Technical Support Longer Life of Products Protects Investment Higher Return on Investment PAN India Presence Easy Availability and Local Support Internationally Acclaimed Products Value for Money Products with Best-of-Breed Technology Quality Certifications Complies International Quality Standards for Quality and Reliability of Products
  7. 7. Matrix Video Surveillance Solution: SATATYA: The Persistent Vision
  8. 8. SATATYA Surveillance Solution SATATYA CMS 4 Channel Centralized Management Software 8 Channel 16 Channel Web Client Monitor from PC/Laptop Analog Cameras Dome IR Dome Mobile Viewer IR Bullet Box Monitor from Phone/Tablet
  9. 9. Why SATATYA Key Features Matrix SATATYA Management Centrally Manage Multiple DVRs and NVRs Viewing Alerts CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer SMS/Email Notification for Motion, Camera Tampering and Hard Disk Space Connectivity 3G, DynDNS and Matrix DNS Server Integration User Interface Benefit Hassle-free Management Surveillance from Anywhere in the World Prevents Losses Saves Cost of Buying a Static IP Integration with Access Control and Fire Alarm for Pre/Post Recording and Snapshot Complete Security Solution Wireless Mouse and IR Remote with Extension Easy Wireless Control and Configuration Backup Scheduled and Manual Backup on FTP/USB Support Lifelong Support Safeguard Data Lifelong Investment Protection
  10. 10. SATATYA DVR Connectivity
  11. 11. Advantage of DVR Connectivity Connectivity Advantage Audio Input and Output Complete Proof as it Records Audio to Support Video HDMI Output Improves Security with Crystal Clear Images Alarm Input / Output Port Complete Security Solution for Enhanced Security RS-485 Covers Large Areas with Detailing to Improve Security USB 3.0 (Backup) Quickly Safeguards Data for Proof of Events Internet Dongle Saves Cost of Wiring by using 3G Connectivity USB Wireless Mouse for Easy Management IR Extender Operational with Ease from Great Distance
  12. 12. Benefits of Matrix Analog Cameras Feature Advantage Day and Night Cameras Records with Clarity 24x7 IP66 Rated Weather Resistant Suitable for Any Conditions Varifocal Lens Cover Larger Area Focus on Exact Area of Interest PTZ Camera Cover Larger Distance Detailed Analysis with Optical Zoom Sturdy Enclosure Reliable and Long Lasting Higher Return on Investments Enclosure Color Option Match your Aesthetical Needs
  13. 13. Centralized Management Software • 36 Channels/ Up to 10 Pages • Different Layout Styles • Audio/Visual Alerts • Video Alerts • Record Plan • Monitoring Plan • Device/Camera Group • Playback Search • Event Log Search
  14. 14. Web Client • Asynchronous/Synchronous Playback • Event Log • Camera wise Record, Search, Storage, Backup • Health Status of Device • PTZ Settings • User Account Management
  15. 15. Mobile Viewer • 2×2 Layout • Digital Zoom • PTZ Tour • Set Favorite Channel • Snapshots in Live View • Add up to 10 Devices • Main Stream and Sub Stream in Live View
  16. 16. Functions of SATATYA DVR
  17. 17. Functions of DVR
  18. 18. Feature Types: Manual, Scheduled, Alarm and Motion Based Pre and Post Alarm Recording Channel-wise Frame Rate and Quality Selection Privacy Masking Advantage Flexibility of Recording, Optimal Use of Storage Device Compilation of an Entire Event Benefit • Cost Saving on Storage Device • Save Time in Search of Videos • Enhanced Security Choice between Movements and Image Quality • Cost Savings on Bandwidth Conceal Unwanted Area • Maintain Privacy with Security
  19. 19. Feature Advantage Benefit Different Layout Options Effective Monitoring • Improved Security Sequencing of Cameras Monitor Large Number of Cameras Digital Zoom Closer Inspection Dual Stream Continuous Motion at Lower Bandwidth • Cost Savings on Bandwidth Remote Monitoring Stay Informed about Organization when away from Desk/Office • Improved Productivity and Efficiency System Health Status Catch any Fault in its Primary Stage Recording and Storage Status Available • Central Management for all Locations Effectively • No Missing Streams when Needed as Proof
  20. 20. Feature Date, Time, Event based Search Advantage Find Required Streams Quickly Simultaneous Playback of All Compiles an Entire Event for Channels Complete Proof Zoom and Pause Detailed Investigation Options like Fast Forward, Reverse, Next Video etc. Easy Navigation Between Events Benefit • Advanced Search Option • Enhanced Security incase of Emergency • Quick Response Time to Findings
  21. 21. Feature Advantage Benefit • Real-time Threat Detection Detects Events like Camera Tamper, Motion, Alarm Quick Reaction to Irregularity Detects Hard Disk Error or Hard Disk Full Safeguard Data and Never Misses a Recording • Data Safekeeping and Quick Retrieval when Needed Notification like Buzzer, TCP, Recall Preset, Activate Alarm Real-time Action • Protect Life and Safeguard Organization Assets Email Notification With Snapshot Proof for Each Event • Instant Action for Enhanced Security SMS Notification Notification at Any Place and Any Time
  22. 22. Feature Advantage Manual Backup on USB/FTP Safeguard Data for Future Reference Scheduled Backup on USB/FTP Never Worry About Loosing Data Backup on USB 3.0 Quick Backup Convert to AVI and Backup Not Required to Download Web Client/CMS Everywhere Benefit • Data Safekeeping • Ease of Data Retrieval • Play Recorded Stream Easily from Anywhere
  23. 23. Feature Advantage Benefit Matrix DNS Server/ DynDNS No Static IP Required • Cost Saving on Bandwidth and Wiring 3G Connectivity No Wiring Required Manage Remote Location • Improved Productivity of Branches
  24. 24. Feature Advantage Benefit Block Unwanted IP Safeguard Streams Data protection User Authorization Give Access only for Relevant Data Data Safety Password Protection for Restart and Reset Control Access by Users Enhanced Security
  25. 25. Integrated Security Solution SATATYA: DVR COSEC: Access Control and Time-Attendance PROPAC: Fire Alarm
  26. 26. DVR Integration SATATYA – COSEC Integration
  27. 27. DVR Integration SATATYA – PROPAC Integration