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Marsha presentation writing



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  • 1. Marsha Walker AL 8620 February 2, 2010
  • 2.
    • A learner needs to increase their writing ability in order to effectively communicate
    • Practicing writing can help a learner’s overall language ability
    • There are 6 tips that can help a learner on their way
  • 3.
    • Choose appropriate writing texts as models.
    • Choose CALL material that teaches genre as well as linguistic knowledge and strategies.
    • Teach learners how to benefit from the help and feedback functions on a computer.
    • Create opportunities to expand knowledge of English through writing for a real audience.
    • Include explicit evaluation.
    • Help learners develop their writing strategies.
  • 4.
    • Remember that the model texts should:
      • Contain examples of specific linguistic structures specific to the type of genre
      • Be at the right level for the individual learner
    • Understand research states:
      • Genre-specific instruction for writing is useful (Paltridge 2001)
      • Learners can gain access to texts that are too difficult for them using “easification” (Bhatia 1993)
  • 5.
    • All products cost
    • No free trial
    • Only available applications for demo do not appear to focus on writing
    • For all levels
    • Easy Writer led to this other FREE magnificent site:
  • 6.
    • Good source for seeing genre-specific texts
    • Definitely for advanced learners
    • Great tips for writing
    • Teacher would have to preteach specific materials, such as vocabulary and grammar forms
    • All essays 250-400 words
  • 7.
    • Remember specific linguistic forms for genres should be:
      • Explicitly taught
      • Emphasized
      • Practiced repeatedly
    • Understand that research states:
      • Specific conventions must be taught (Swales 1991)
      • Emphasis is important for learning
  • 8.
    • (wrong website listed in book)
    • Program costs
    • Best Application for writing: Business writing
    • Great and thorough program
  • 9.
    • Teaches basic parts of a paragraph
    • Has practice quiz
    • Definitely higher level students
    • Here’s a site with more exercises:
  • 10.
    • Program costs
    • Great demo
    • Extremely detailed instruction provided
    • Really makes the writing process clear
    • Worth the cost ($9.99 per year)
  • 11.
    • Remember that:
      • Writing on the computer provides the opportunity for help and immediate feedback
      • Vocabulary and grammar errors become extremely salient when learners attempt to use them in their writing
    • Understand research states:
      • Noting the errors and correcting them is helpful for the learners (Ferris 2004;Doughty & Williams 1998; Swain & Lapkin 1995)
      • Students do not use the computer’s feedback to do error correct without the teacher’s help (Burston 2001)
  • 12.
    • Suggests words the learner could use
    • Gives feedback to help you find your mistakes
    • Makes the learner responsible for fixing mistakes
    • Program costs
    • Can download 30-day trial
  • 13.
    • (wrong website listed in book)
    • Could be for beginners - advanced
    • Students sign-up for a classroom based on their actual teacher
    • Program costs
    • Focus is on Literacy – mainly pronunciation and vocabulary
      • Video:
  • 14.
    • Program costs
    • Grades Student Writing
    • Often used for more advanced learners
    • Has videos as demos
  • 15.
    • Remember that:
      • Working in collaboration is key
      • Creation of an email message, blog, web page, and more can boast interaction
    • Research states that:
      • Writing is essential to language learning because it provides “comprehensible output” (Swain 1985)
      • CALL opens up opportunities to write to real audiences (Egbert & Hanson-Smith 1999 and Warschauer 1997)
  • 16.
    • (Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment)
    • Invokes collaboration
    • Students can edit each others papers
    • Product Costs
    • Can get free trial mailed to you
    • Great demo on Tips for Teaching CALL cd
  • 17.
    • Can sign-up for pen pal
    • Lists age range, proficiency level and native language
    • When student receives contact from a possible pen pal they can approve of reject them
    • Great way to collaborate and learn a language together
  • 18.
    • (wrong website list in book)
    • 2 learners wanting to learn each others language become pen pals
    • Must complete registration form to find a partner
    • For serious learners only
  • 19.
    • Remember why a score is given:
      • To inform learners about the quality of their writing
      • To help learners improve overall writing and language ability
    • Research states that:
      • Assessment is important in the learning process (Cheng & Watanabe 2004 and Skehan 1998)
      • Students will plan and anticipate tests which will improve their language (Crookes 1989)
  • 20.
    • Product costs
    • Evaluates learners essays
    • Provides only a holistic score
    • Errors are highlighted for learner to fix
    • Online demo:
  • 21.
    • Remember that:
      • Good writing develops over a period of time so a set of strategies is needed
      • Self-evaluation strategies are important
    • Research states that:
      • Writing strategies are studied from 3 different angles: psychological, sociological, and linguistic perspectives (Grabe & Kaplan 1996)
  • 22.
    • The teacher can:
      • Help prompt the learners with DIWE
      • Help learners plan and organize My Access!
      • Write and revise on Microsoft Word
      • Provide model essays that learns can use as a basis for their own essays Click into English
  • 23.
    • Remember to choose the right material!
    • Choose CALL that teaches genre specific texts with specific focus on linguistic knowledge and strategies!
    • Teach learners how to benefit from feedback and help!
    • Create opportunities to expand knowledge of English through real-world situations!
    • Include explicit evaluation!
    • Help learners develop strategies for continuing to learn writing!