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Как за счет социальных медиа усилить ваш потребительский маркетинг

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Social online&offlinerw

  1. 1. Viv•id – adjective producing powerful feelings and strong, clear images in the mindLondon . Hong Kong . Melbourne
  2. 2. “Hello Moscva!”
  3. 3. Leveraging Social NetworksTo connect with your Shoppers
  4. 4. Leveraging Social Networks to connectwith your Shoppers1. Introduction2. The Social Shopper3. Integrate Social Cross Channel, to connect with your Shoppers & Consumers4. Best Practice Examples5. Top 10 Vivid Brand Tips
  5. 5. 1. Introduction
  6. 6. Social Networking is not new....
  7. 7. “I say!Where can I buy one of those newTelephones Betty? ”
  8. 8. “Ooh Ethel! It says here thatTelephones are only £1.50 at Selfridges”
  9. 9. So what’s changed?
  10. 10. People still have human and emotional needs
  11. 11. We all love to chat
  12. 12. We like to show off
  13. 13. Everyone wants to be part of something
  14. 14. We are proud of our kids
  15. 15. Money is tight
  16. 16. Digital technology helps us to Connect
  17. 17. 2. The Social Shopper
  18. 18. 2 billion Social media accounts are actively used worldwide on a daily basisNielsen 2012
  19. 19. Russians are the most avid Social media users in the world. At 9.8 hours per month, you spend more than twice as much time on social media networks than the global averageSource comScore data
  20. 20. Social media and e-commerce are growing in Russia...
  21. 21. E-commerce is growing rapidly in Russia... Countries with the largest predicted e-commerce growth by 2013Source: 2012
  22. 22. 48% check of 18-34 year olds check their Social profilesas soon as they wake upEnsure that your Company, Brand and Productsare top of mind, first thing in the morning
  23. 23. 3. Integrate Social Cross Channel,to connect with your Shoppers & Consumers
  24. 24. Understand how to target your Shopper- Age- Socio-Demographic- Lightstyle- Device Ownership- Income- Digital savvy-ness1. Choose your communicational Channels2. Select Platforms to communicate3. Consider your Shopper and their lifestyle Mrs Sarah Case, 364. Think like your Shopper Married Mum of 3 Children5. Develop offline and online Works Socio Demographic B-C1 creative content & tools Owns an iPhone, Mac and iPad > Busy > tired >time poor
  25. 25. * * Identify the key Social Opportunities: * * * * ** * * The Shopper’s Multi Channel Journey
  26. 26. Integrate Traditional Media with Social Networking Social Media vs. Traditional MediaSource: 2012
  27. 27. How to Socialise SuccessfullyDrive Content Brand Build Brand Enhance & RewardPreference Love Loyalty Chat
  28. 28. Engaging with your Social Followers Content Brand Advocacy Dialogue Fan Brand Acquisition Engagement Love Apps Propensity to Purchase Offers & Rewards
  29. 29. 4. Best Practice Examples
  30. 30. Inspiring everybody: Nike for the London 2012 Olympics
  31. 31. Inspiring everybody: Nike for the London 2012 OlympicsNike were not official sponsors ofthe games, however by usingdigital channels and creatingquality video content, Nikecapitalized upon the Olympicopportunity.- Nike connected directly with millions ofamateur sportsmen and women’s desire to winand be the best.- 7million + hits on Youtube(10% of UK Population!)
  32. 32. Giving Back: Pepsi RefreshPepsi had $20million to spend.This was usually used to sponsorthe Superbowl. But in 2010, PepsiUSA did something radical....- Pepsi gave away $20 million to fund good ideas,big and small, that move communities forward.- Pepsi became one of the most talked aboutbrands during the Super Bowl, despite notadvertising. (Nielsen)- Generated over 3 billion audience impressionsin eight months, more than 140,000 tweets,whilst Facebooks ‘likes’ increased 600%+
  33. 33. Giving Back: Pepsi Refresh
  34. 34. Building Advocacy: ConverseAt shelf there is minimalspace to ‘sell’ Sports Shoes.Social media allows the brandto build brand advocacy- 100 Club Gigs- Regenerate Skateboard Parks- Converse Tracks: eg: Gorillaz- Unique Events via Facebook / Twitter- Unique Content
  35. 35. The personal touch : Coca-ColaVia Facebook, Coca-Cola invitedAustralian shoppers topersonalise Coke Bottles- Traffic on Coke’s Facebook page increased by870%- 378,000 custom cans were printed- Sales went up by 7% - making 2011 Coca-Cola’smost successful summer in Australia
  36. 36. The personal touch : Coca-Cola
  37. 37. Generate Buzz: Grey Poupon MustardGrey Poupon’s Does not want justANYONE to be a fan.Can you ‘Cut the mustard’ and beaccepted into this exclusivesociety?- A Facebook app searches and judges potentialapplicants profiles based on their proper use ofgrammar, restaurant check-ins, and movieselections, to name a few.- Those who do not qualify, will have their likedeleted, and be asked to refine their profilebefore trying again."The result: 5x average fan engagement
  38. 38. Be fun: Compare the / MeercatMeet Alexsandr Orlov,An Aristocratic Meercatfrom Russia - Fun / Irreverent Market brand mascot- Treated as a ‘real’ individual- Amplified via social media and Yotube- Supporting App ‘iSimples’- Hello magazine supported campaign- Compare the Meerkat spoof website- Highly shareable - Get toys from website / Facebook page- Consistent ‘tone of voice’ (Russian Style)
  39. 39. Be fun: Compare the / Meercat
  40. 40. Be fun: Compare the / Meercat
  41. 41. Clever Engagment: BurberryBurberry have introduced severaldevices to engage lovers of theirbrand involving the Trench coat1. The Art of the Trench- Browse a selection of trench coat images- Like and comment on the style- Share
  42. 42. Clever Engagment: BurberryBurberry have introduced severaldevices to engage lovers of theirbrand involving the Trench coat1. Create your own Trench- Interest canvassed via e-mail- Facebook app- Links to the website to purchase
  43. 43. Bring the brand to life: Old SpiceOld Spice is an aftershave thathas been around for generations.‘ The man, your man could smelllike’ campaign re-invented theproduct with humour.- Youtube was used to share the TV adverts- Spook ads were created by users- Old Spice responded with further spoof Ads inresponse on Viral Channels.
  44. 44. Bring the brand to life: Old Spice
  45. 45. Tweet Shop: KelloggsTo support the launch of newSpecial K Crackers Crisps,Kellogg’s set up a pop-up “TweetStore” in Soho, London- Tweets became social currency- Shoppers tweeted to get free Crisps- Cheap Activation- Promoted on Twitter and Facebook- Merging physical with digital- Letting consumers become the advocates
  46. 46. Images and Video Sharing: PinterestPinterest is the fastest growingand 3rd largest social networkIt is the second highest driver of traffic to retailsites, accounting for over 11%.The average order for a buyer referred byPinterest is $168, vs. $94 for Facebook.83% of Pinners are women.- Diesel pin Fashion shots, behind the scenesimages and magazine spreads.- Pins are themed clearly.- Diesel considers what pinners browse for.- Cutler and Gross are utilising pins to re-inforcetheir quirky immage.- Surrealist images are pinned with very artyimages and also trendy magazine layout shots
  47. 47. The Power of Viral: “Gangnam Style”South Korean rapper Psy hasreceived over 460 millionYoutube hits, via his hit“Gangnam Style” (or RublovklaStyle!!)- The song’s dance has become a viral hit,parodied by politicians, sportsmen and thegeneral public alike- It is the most ‘liked’ video in Youtube history- Showing the power of viral video networks tospread the word, worldwide.- Spawned hundreds of spooks - PhilippinePrisoners ganging style, Western Gingham,etc..
  48. 48. The Power of Viral: “Gangnam Style”
  49. 49. Vivid Brand’s Top Tips
  50. 50. 1. Don’t leave your social media in the hands of the Intern!- Clear Strategy: content & engagement- Brand expression- Values, attributes, style- Tone of voice- Writing style- ContentLeaving your accounts to an intern is tantamountto handing them the keys to your most importantPR assets.
  51. 51. 2. Choose your Platform and Channel - Who is your Shopper? - What does she like to do / share? - What devices does she have? - What websites does she visit? - What eCommerce sites does she shop on? Make it easy for her to see your brand or your content and for her to Pin / Share / Digg / Like your content with HER friends
  52. 52. 3. Create quality, unique content- Video- Events- Rewards- Comments- Links to like minded events- Activations- By offering well curated content alongside offersand promotions, shopper are more likely to act asbrand advocates.- A smaller network of fans, who engage with andshare your content, is a more valuable asset than alarger, less focused spread.Amplification Engagement
  53. 53. 4. Use the ‘like’ function/re-tweets as a gate to offers- Friends of fans are assets to accrue!- Content ‘ Liked’ by your fans will be viewed by their extended network. By asking fans to share posts. . Providing them a genuine incentive
  54. 54. 5. Engage in a conversation- Shoppers are reluctant tofollow brand pages whichfunction as direct marketing- Driving conversation is criticalto the success of social sites- Ask you fans questions andencourage discussionBe relevant.Talk about stuff that is brand appropriate.Talk in the tone that is brand appropriate.Don’t PUSH the brand. EngageThis is a DIALOGUEAllow freedom of speech... But censor rudebits!
  55. 55. 6. Multi Channel Approach- Your Social should be relevant tothe big idea and widercampaigns.- Integrate across online andoffline channels-  Mobile is your friend!Social media platforms are increasingly enablingcross-media sharing - for example, Youtube linksare instantly embedded on Facebook timelinesand Twitter feeds can be linked to otheraccounts. Jack Wills, London
  56. 56. 7. Include social widgets on eCommerce and Brand sites92% of shoppers checkonline reviews,recommendationsand price comparisonsites before they buyanything- Ensure that your Websiteproduct pagesFeature a ratings andrecommendations platform. - Make it easy for your customer to share, like and tweet about productGoogle ZMOT 2012
  57. 57. 8. Monitor and respondAlways monitor and manageyou’re your social sites!www.Amazon.comBic for her Biro reviews
  58. 58. 9. React to current events-Topical issues account for over 50%of Social Media chatter- Reacting to current events is aneffective way of generatingdiscussion and buzzDuring the London 2012 Olympics, the North Koreanwomen’s football team came onto the pitch to begreeted by a South Korean flag - such was theirindignation, that they walked off the pitch and onlyreturned an hour later, after the error was corrected.In a masterstroke of ambush marketing, Specsaversimmediately ran an ad which sent up the incident -the image quickly went ‘viral’ and subsequentlyspread across the major social networks.
  59. 59. 10. Develop your social presence now! Online reviews are the most trusted source of information after friends and family...Source: Nielson
  60. 60. Is it time to make your brand Vivid? Rachel Wilkinson +44 (0)20 7421 1750 London . Hong Kong . Melbourne