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Why Australian Organisations Should Embrace Workforce Diversity: Interview with: Kate McCormack, Executive Director of People, Learning & Culture, Mercy Health


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Why Australian Organisations Should Embrace Workforce Diversity: Interview with: Kate McCormack, Executive Director of People, Learning & Culture, Mercy Health, a speaker at the marcus evans HR Summit 2013, on why Australian companies need to embrace diversity to ensure they have a workforce for the future.

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Transcript of "Why Australian Organisations Should Embrace Workforce Diversity: Interview with: Kate McCormack, Executive Director of People, Learning & Culture, Mercy Health"

  1. 1. Why Australian Organisations Should Embrace Workforce Diversity backgrounds and cultures can bring. HR At Mercy Health, we know we have a directors are struggling to fully high female workforce, half of whom are embrace diversity, but employees can part-time. We are also aware of the fact learn so much from each others’ that if we do not do something drastic cultures and from the more mature around flexibility within the next few members of their team. years, we will not have enough nurses and midwives. Our signature process is Organisations need to develop a around our people and how we value strategic plan to address workforce their choices, so we try to support that. shortages and the impending challenges We need to have a compelling argument of an ageing workforce. Organisations as to why people need to work at Mercy need to review their attraction and Health. retention strategy to ensure itInterview with: Kate McCormack, addresses how the skills and knowledge We have less than three per centExecutive Director of People, of mature employees are transferred to turnover, low sick leave and highLearning & Culture, Mercy Health those entering the workforce, and how engagement. That cannot be by chance. they will attract a broader, more diverse pool of candidates. It is imperative that“With nationwide workforce shortages, it Australia finds a way to accept andis imperative that organisations embrace diversity.embrace workforce diversity, otherwisethey run the risk of not having a How can HR make sure everyoneworkforce at all,” according to Kate fits in?McCormack, Executive Director ofPeople, Learning & Culture, MercyHealth. Embracing and managing thediversity agenda can be challenging for Mercy Health has a Diversity and Equity Committee which is chaired by our Chief Executive Officer and operates at a Australia has tothe Human Resources (HR) function, strategic level to ensure commitment tohowever it can yield huge benefits for diversity. We continue to roll outorganisations and employees, she adds. cultural responsiveness training in order find ways to educate our employees on how toA speaker at the upcoming marcus communicate and work with peopleevans HR Summit 2013 in the Gold from different backgrounds andCoast, Queensland, Australia, 13 - 15 cultures. Our recruitment processes areMarch, McCormack discusses howorganisations need to embrace thediversity challenge in order to attract also designed to be more transparent. How does Mercy Health extract to workand retain a talented workforce.What are HR directors in Australia value from this approach to diversity? diversity inchallenged with today? Why should Although we are a not-for-profitthey embrace diversity? organisation, all projects and programs we run have to have a business benefit.The attraction and retention of a For me, this comes down to finding yourworkforce is business critical and for signature process, what sets you apartorganisations only considering Anglo- from competitors, looking at yourSaxon workers this limits the talent pool demographics, understanding youreven further. HR needs to broaden their business, then looking at how you willsearch for talent and embrace the ensure you have a workforce in thebenefits that people from different future to meet your customers’ needs.
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