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Flexible work options


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PPT about a case study

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Flexible work options

  1. 1. Flexible Work Options:Enhancing the Quality of Work Life Chinchu viyyath
  2. 2. Introduction• It is very difficult to maintain balance between the personnel life and the work life of people.• The women employees suffer more than the men employees.• They need to look after their in family members and at the same time they need carry out their work properly
  3. 3. • When employee is under stress it will affect the work also.• The family problems leads them tensed and which may leads to misbehavior and conflict among the employees.• Many companies are providing flexible work time to solve this problem and to enhance the quality of their work
  4. 4. Summary of the case• Federal technologies is a leading player in the software development industry with more than 800 people across the nation.• They introduce a new concept of FWO .• Bajaj also providing its employee the facility of telecommunication, which help to balance between personnel life and work life.
  5. 5. • Another company introduce a new concept which helps the women employees to attend their domestic chores at home and take care of their elders and children.• Some other FWO are part time jobs, job sharing, partial retirement scheme, reduced work life, leave option etc.
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis Strength• Employee satisfaction• Increased morale• Make employees more committed towards work.• Low employee turn over• Less absenteeism.
  7. 7. • Good coordination and smooth transfer of work.• Good atmosphere• Achievement of organizational goal• Retention of talented employees
  8. 8. Weakness• Chance of conflict among workers• Difficulty in decentralization• Salary sharing• Non corporation• Difficulty in introduction of motivational technique
  9. 9. Opportunity• Increased profit• Better image to the concern
  10. 10. Question for discussion1. The strategies used to enhance the quality of work life: compressed work weeks, part time jobs, job sharing, phased and partial retirement schemes, voluntary reduced work time, leave options, flexi place, annualized hours, work in longer shift, allow employees to work from home.
  11. 11. 2. Possible ways in which employees and organizations might benefit from FWO:• compressed weeks allow employees to work in a long shifts, so they can have the rest of the week days off.• Phased and partial retirement option which help the senior employees work for fewer hours a day and postpone their retirement.
  12. 12. ConclusionBy providing FWO the employees canbalanced their work life and personnel life,which help them to reduce their stress and itmade them more productive which help theorganization to achieve their goal