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Arvato sytems supply chain Excellene overview_telco vers.3.1.1 Arvato sytems supply chain Excellene overview_telco vers.3.1.1 Presentation Transcript

  • Transforming Supply Chains into Integrated Value Systemsarvato Supply Chain ExcellenceTelecommunication – Overview Vers. 3.1Guetersloh, December 2011 arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 1
  • Overview Some Key Questions to Supply Chain Managers Agile Organizations Global Trends and Impacts on Supply Chain Management Process Landscape Telecommunication / Digital Supply Chain arvato´s Supply Chain Excellence Why using arvato Templates? Industry Templates Supply Chain Template Layers Carbon Footprint – Green Logistics Telco specific Processes Business Intelligence & Performance Measurement Architectural Benefits Financial Benefits arvato Service Offerings arvato Trusted Partner for Market Leaders arvato Value Proposition Contactsarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 2
  • Some Key Questions to Supply Chain Managers  Is your Supply Chain influencing your business strategy?  Is your Supply Chain really connected?  Are you adapting and agile?  Do you manage Supply Chain complexity? Is customer and supplier on-boarding complicated, time consuming and expensive? Does your IT architecture support your supply chain strategy sufficiently?  Does your Supply Chain Strategy serve your customers better? arvato as your Supply Chain partner gives the answers by implementing the SAP based Supply Chain Template. A Best Practice based IT solution adapted to your requirements. Supply Chain Templatearvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 3
  • Agile Organizations Characteristics Supply Chain Challenges  Agile organizations establish synchronized inter- Supply Chain Networks require: organizational processes, designed to enable a rapid  Forecast Collaboration response to shifts in demand or supply.  Capacity Collaboration  Processes and systems that facilitate real-time-transfer  Inventory Collaboration of information and plans among multiple functions.  Transportation Collaboration  Cross-functional synchronization is especially critical,  Controlling Collaboration with shared goals and metrics that support agility. When opportunities arise, agile companies respond quickly if they have designed processes in place. From Enterprise Resource Planning to Supply Chain Collaborationarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 4
  • Global Trends and Impacts on SCM Global Economic Situation Global Networks Increased Risk Trends Global Battlefield Fluctuating Demand & Lack of Network-wide Impacts Inefficient & costly Logistics Supply Collaboration SCM Inventory Control Distribution Strategy Visibility and Collaboration Challenges Prepare the Enterprise Reduce and optimize Drive greater flexibility Supply Chain Template for rapid Change costs across the enterprise Stakeholder´s Goals Slash operational and Increase organizations ability to Become comfortable with maintenance expenses by make advantage of new unpredictability and adept at maximizing everyday efficiency revenue opportunities and anticipating and managing to survive the current economic address competive threats as change. climate but also to succeed they occur. over the long term.arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 5
  • Process Landscape Telecommunication Upstream Logistics Downstream Logistics D2C Supplier Terminals & Sim Cards Buy Move Sell POS (own shops) Supplier Accessories Retail Core Processes Order Management & Order Tracking Affiliation of Contract / Channel Allocations Blacklists Confidential Customers Airtime Management Commissions Pull Replenishment Acquisition / Retention Warranty Management Value Plan Source Putaway Manufacturing Putaway Added Pick Pack Ship Returns Services Article VMI / VMR Kitting Labelling Zooming Activation Substitution Third Party Serial Number Serial Number De-Kitting Auctioning Swap Devices Business Handling Handling Master Data Management Distribution Shops Serial Numbers Article Numbers Vendors Customers IMEI MSISDN Centersarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 6
  • Process Landscape: Digital Supply Chain Upstream Logistics Downstream Logistics Order-to-Cash Processing, Integration Order Management & Order Tracking Order Components Production Finished Transportation Order Order Order Payment Placed available Executed Goods Planned Picked Shipped Delivered available Physical Supply Chain Value Plan Source Putaway Manufacturing Putaway Added Pick Pack Ship Returns Services Digital Supply Chain Production & Content Management Ordering & Content Ingest Tracking & Reporting Transcoding & Integration Transmission Media Asset External Service Integration physical Customer Service Accounting Management Providers Supply Chain Digital Supply Chain involves the process of transferring digital content from the content provider to the end consumer online and in a suitable format. arvato Business and SAP Standard Components Supply Chain Template Process enhancementsarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 7
  • arvato´s Supply Chain Excellence leverages your business arvato Supply Chain Excellence Logistics Execution Supply Chain Excellence Returns Management Program Management Value Added Services Network Management Warehousing Inventory Management Transportation Distribution Performance & Functionality Flexibility & Customizing  Moving from ´make & sell to ´sense & respond`  Customer centricity becomes increasingly important  Build IT system to enable modular setup of business requirementsarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 8
  • Supply Chain Excellence Supply Chain Excellence Supply Chain Consulting Processes Best Practices IT Architecture Technologies Business Intelligence arvato Supply Chain Template arvato provides an integrated architecture based on leading IT- solutions offering highest client value.arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 9
  • Why using arvato Templates? Advantages  The template comprises the whole bunch of functionality a specific industry needs to fulfill their business successfully and competitive;  Template based technology is faster, more stable and more secure as well as easier to maintain;  Template based implementation is adaptive and does not require detailed and time consuming as-is-Analysis;  Template based implementation in conjunction with a prototype provides additional security to guarantee optimal requirements realization; Goals of Template Roll Outs  Harmonization of IT landscape Industry specific Templates  Reduction of integration gaps Logistics Service  Reduction of maintenance costs Total Cost Providers  Reduction of hardware costs of Ownership Telco  Reduction of license costs  Implementation of new technologies Media  Process optimization Retail  Process harmonization  Improvement of data quality Business Pharmaceuticals  Improvement of transparency and monitoring Improvement  Centralization of global support Foodarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 10
  • Industry Templates Supply Chain Template Chemicals Pharma Food Retail Automot. LSP Media Telco Customer Relationship Processes Configurations Management SAP Business Suite SCM SRM Supply Chain Planning Interfaces Integration Business Models & Consolidation CRM PLM Industry and Best Practices & Industry Solutions (IS) process specific Technology ERP adaptations and Output Reporting Supply Chain Execution Financials Operations enhancements Human Resources Corporate Services Business Intelligence & Master Data Bespoke Work Performance Measurement Innovation Carbon Footprint Supply Chain Architecture The template based development and implementation strategy guarantees that all relevant core processes for each business model will be implemented in SAP as a process template to ensure that future customer/business model implementations can be carried out with a minimum need of time and cost with a high level of flexibility.arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 11
  • Supply Chain Template Layers The Supply Chain Template is comprised of 4 major process layers:  Contact Managment Customer Relationship  Opportunity and sales history Management  Order Tracking  Customer Analytics SAP Standard Components Customer Integration  Customer Life Cycle Management  Global view on all orders Supply Chain Planning  Available to Promise and Replenishment &  Order consolidation Consolidation  Supplier assignment Fourth Party Logistics (4PL)  Billing and Controlling Supply Chain Template Supply Chain  Distribution Execution Execution  Transportation Management  Warehouse Management Third Party Logistics (3PL) arvato Business Business Intelligence & and Process  Key Performance Indicators Performance Measurement enhancements  Business Analytics Reportingarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 12
  • Carbon Footprint – Green Logistics Methodology for optimizing the Carbon Footprint  Quantifying existing carbon emissions from Supply Chains and Distribution Networks Value Plan Source Putaway Manufacturing Putaway Added Pick Pack Ship Returns Services Supply Chain Carbon Emissions Supply Chain Template  Calculation of the proportional Carbon Emission per product/product group arvato Supply Chain Template provides Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) methodology and tools to optimize the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint . Optimization Measures  Evaluating alternative modes of procurement, manfucaturing and distribution with a lower level of carbon emissions.  Developing plans to reduce CO2 emissions, by modifying transport and facility usage in the Supply Chain.arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 13
  • Telco Specific Processes Processes Functions Process Integration  Telco Data Integration in Sales Order, e.g. Order-to-Cash zooming and activation flag, IMEI  Main processes are being conducted maintenance through an integrated IT architecture  Logistics execution is embedded in Purchase-to-Pay  Sales Channel Allocation (Pre- and Post process activities via well defined Allocation)  Replenishment and Forecast interface scenarios (Partner On-  Kitting / VMI boarding)  Substitution Monitoring and Repporting Store Supply  POS Integration  Planning decisions have to take into account a variety of variables and information that are generated along Financial  Affiliation of airtime / contract management the processes Integration  Commission Handling  Distributed End-to-End processes are build based on Process Integration Returns / Lust-to-  Warranty Management Infrastructure Dust  Article status (swap device, refurbished) Master Data Management Sales Channel and Organizational Structure Listing / Exclusion Serialnumber Handling / IMEI / MSISDN Confidential Customers Customers Digital Asset Management Vendors Articles Master Data Distributionarvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 14
  • Business Intelligence & Performance Measurement SCPM Scenarios Standard SAP Extractors & Data SCOR Plan Source Make Deliver Return Supply Chain Council Services Integrator Order Supply Chain Return on Return on Cash to Cash Perfect Order Cost of Goods Fulfilment management Working Supply Chain Cycle Time Fulfillment sold Cycle Time Costs Capital Fixed Assets Pre-defined SCPM cubes and mapping rules SCOR Model KPI hierachy Work books & Flex Reports Admin Workbench SAP Business Objects Supply Chain Templatearvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 15
  • Architectural Benefits Traditional Supply Chain Solution Template driven Supply Chain Solution  Batch process  Real-time data  Fragmented systems  Integrated systems  Blind spots  End-to-end supply chain visibility  Outdated systems (legacy)  SAP standards solutions  legacy systems with tangled processes  modular approach with sourcing option  Inefficient Logistics processes  Improves logistics efficiency  Slow response to inventory outages  Improved inventory accuracy  Delays in customer response  Improved customer response  Expensive and time consuming integration  Cost effective alternative also for small projects and midsize suppliers and customers Supply Chain Templatearvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 16
  • Financial Benefits arvato´s Supply Chain approach addresses shareholder targets. Shareholder Value Supply Chain Metrics Supply Chain Impacts  High margins Revenue  Improve customer service and  Customer retention response  Optimize inventory flow, Profitability utilization and productivity  Obsolescence Costs  First time fix  Best-in-class customer Shareholder Value relationships Return on  Differentiated service  Inventory pooling Invested Capital Working  Speed instead of inventory capabilities Capital  Virtual warehousing  Information instead of inventory  Best-in-class strategic Invested supplier partnerships Capital  Leverage outsourcing of business processes Fixed  Outsourcing  Centralization  Unique supply chain models Capital and asset utilization Logistics has a significant impact on shareholder value. Effective Supply Chain Management can increase Return on Invested Capital by 30% and more.arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 17
  • arvato Service Offerings arvato Supply Chain Excellence Consultancy Analysis & Planning Supply Chain Check Logistic Check Business Strategy Analysis & IT Green Logistics – Carbon Footprint Strategy Performance Improvement Designing the Supply Chain Template Optimization & Implementing the Supply Chain Template & Change Management Implementation Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Application Management SAP Services ERP Projects & Implementation Managed Services Financials Manufacturing Business Process Application ERP & Managed Outsourcing Maintenance Services Supply Chain Customer Management Management Business Process Off Shore Human Resources Business Intelligence Optimization Center of Excellencearvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 18
  • Supply Chain Value Proposition arvato is one of the leaders in advanced supply chain management for several industries. Our unique insight and long term experience into what is required and expected allows us to fulfill supply chain requirements very effectively. We have Our risen to the top of our sector because of our extensive industry knowledge, as well as where our focus is placed: our Proposal customers – we listen to what your needs are, and meet those needs. As a result, we provide the most predictable and cost- efficient way toward the complete delivery of your supply chain – on time and on budget. We manage the project, co-ordinating all activities and taking full responsibility to ensure your supply chain is in production on One schedule. Cost overruns, time delays and unwanted surprises typical are thus minimized, making the whole process more Partner effective and, more importantly for you, far more economical and transparent. Predictability means you get what you expect. When you work with us you know you’re dealing with agreed conditions and schedules. Everything is transparent from the very beginning. Time delays and unexpected difficulties are minimized through Total our delivery process, and quality requirements are met. Our projects finish on time and on budget. This predictability is our Control guarantee that your business requirements will be met, without fear of hidden costs or delays. We have proven it over and over again. Our project delivery methodology ensures a fast delivery based on using business process templates, and thus greatly compresses the schedule. Our approach to integrated qualification (process specialists instead of function specialists) Shorter Time leverages our efforts in the workshops to a maximum, drastically reducing spent time. This translates into tying up capital for a to Market shorter period of time, advancing speed-to-market and revenue generation, as well as, conserving valuable company resources. Also, by being faster, you may defer your investment decision. Modular services and IT systems allows maximal flexibility for your supply chain. Accessibility for operation is addressed and Flexbiility future modifications of your business becomes easy. With the modular system your business can easily and with minimal disruption be expanded when market demand grows or can be adapted to any other changes.arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 19
  • Contacts arvato systems | Technologies GmbH An der Autobahn 220 33333 Gütersloh Michael Eckensberger Christoph Tieben phone: +49 5241 80 888 16 phone: +49 5241 80 89336 mobile: +49 171 319 5636 mobile: +49 174 323 5249arvato systems_Supply Excellence_Overview_Telco 20