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Ubiquisys at Femtocells Americas 11


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Enterprise femtocells: Using SON to open new market segments and transform customer satisfaction

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Ubiquisys at Femtocells Americas 11

  1. 1. Enterprise femtocells: Using SON to open new market segments and transform customer satisfactionMonty JohnsonGeneral Manager Americas
  2. 2. Introduction to Ubiquisys• A recognised leader in 3G/LTE small cells and femtocells – Femtocell and small cell operating software and support systems – Femtocell and Small Cell reference designs• A company of firsts – First real‐time interference mitigation system – First self‐organising network of femtocells – First femto‐powered small cell hotspots• 50 operators launched, contracted or under commercial trial• Established supply chain ecosystem – Operator solution providers: – CE manufacturers: SerComm, Gemtek, Tecom – Silicon providers: 2
  3. 3. Powering the full range of femtocells and small cellsFEMTOCELL SMALL CELL Residential Enterprise Public space hotspot Rural coldspot Stand-alone femtocell G3 micro-mini Integrated Home gateway 83 x 62 x 15mm USB accessory to ADSL-3G-WiFi-Router with ADSL-WiFi-Router OSGi apps platform SFR 3G-Home | small cell intelligence
  4. 4. FemtoEngine™ small cell systems portfolioCloudBase™lifecycle  Build | Activate | Download | Augment | Recover | Re‐assignmanagementsystemEdgeCloud™computing  Local content Uplink spooling  Presence appsapps platform caching & app proxy & advertisingActiveSON ™  Autonomous coordination to form seamless gridautomatic grid system of capacity and coverage complementary to macro layerActiveRadio™dynamic self‐ Continuous adaptive behaviourorganisationSmall cell devices3G/LTE/WiFi | small cell intelligence
  5. 5. What do we mean by Enterprise Femtocells?
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL © Ubiquisys 2011 6
  7. 7. Case study: Network Norway Full Coverage
  8. 8. Target Customers• Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME),  especially in “mixed‐use” buildings• Businesses prepared to/or looking to exchange  their fixed line PABX with mobile Centrex – Their customers want to communicate with a  person, not a company – Saving PABX costs and expensive PABX service  agreement fees• Those who would consider Mobile Centrex if  mobile coverage could be guaranteed – Every dropped call might be a  missed business opportunity• Taking care of the whole company, also employees with bad coverage at home
  9. 9. The building challenge• Large buildings Event drivers:• Steel or concrete walls + metal layer  • Customer relocating to new offices windows • Customers expanding their offices • Swapping to 3G phones changes • Large storage or workshop areas customer perception of their indoor • Administration areas with partitioned  coverage offices • Coverage at home for key personnel• Economically viable solution
  10. 10. Our femtocell product: ”Full Dekning”• A unique product – at a low price  Pricing compared to alternative coverage  Contract solutions Start fee €0,-• Enterprise SON system: automatic grid of 2‐20+ femtocells with no  Monthly fee per box €12,50 radio planning and no central controller Period 24 months• Aimed at SME fixed line replacement• Over 350 companies deployed,  all by IT dealer channel Access to new customer groups for dealers – Femtocells is a unique anti‐churn tool – Installation and support can be  offered from dealers• Bundle option with smartphone  mobile centrex service
  11. 11. What is SON? The Self‐Organising Network in ActionFeature Network Norway requirementSelf‐configuration:Connectivity establishment, and download of  ✔configuration parameters and softwareSelf‐optimisation:Adjustment of output power and neighbour lists  ✔based on base station outputSelf‐healing:Adjusting parameters and algorithms in adjacent cells so that other nodes can support the users  ✔that were supported by the failing node (or a femtocell that was moved)
  12. 12. Mobile centrex bundle Main Functions Attendance Colleague  availability
  13. 13. Sales, Delivery and Support: Dealer channel owns customer interaction Dealer withSales Dealer orders Delivery Dealer installs Support operator support • Centralized storage• Femtocell certified dealer 1st line: Dealer/ Customer Service • Dealer present at installation• Dealer or Customer Service orders 2nd line: Technical Support • Dealer tests solution and the  in Online order and logistics system 3rd line: Engineer/ Product coverage throughout customer  premises 13
  14. 14. Simple installation process Offices Storage area2 Good Ec/No Handover zone Staircase Outdoor coverageMinimum preparation Simple installation• Get floor plans and establish  • Choose inter‐femtocell distance  coverage needs according to attenuation in • Establish capacity needs per floor building• Verify fixed broadband connection  • Challenging spots: throughput (downlink/uplink) • Doors• Run automatic network checker to  • Closed staircases establish if ports open in FW • Sharp corners
  15. 15. Small Cell Services and the EdgeCloud™ initiative
  16. 16. Location‐aware servicesCell intelligence provides easy presence and media integrationfor mass market apps• Battery friendly: presence triggers  without  GPS or polling• Automatic: invisible sign‐on  anywhere in the world• Universal – all customers,  all phones Residential Enterprise Metro Retail geofence • Home media integration • Seamless P2P • Social Location  • Automatic push  • Security and automation • Mobile centrex (SoLo) auto  offers • Remote control • Enterprise apps  check‐in   • Local social  integration and tags networking • Location  advertising | small cell intelligence
  17. 17. Intel‐Ubiquisys initiative: EdgeCloud™ devices and applications  EdgeCloud™ Small Cell hot‐spot • Ubiquisys cell intelligenceWith small cells, backhaul is the  • Intel® compute platformlimiting factorLimited capacity, heavily loaded with 3G/4G/WiFi traffic, highly variable performance High quality mobile signal  Small cells provide high‐speed,  short‐range signal with low contention   EdgeCloud™ Applications Harnessing a powerful compute platform to reduce backhaul traffic, improve user experience and open new app opportunities: Web Services Network Services • Local server • DPI/analytics • Downlink cache • Anti‐virus /URL blocks • Uplink proxy • Voice/ video rate adaptation • Video transcoding | small cell intelligence