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A short introduction to the cloud


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A short introduction to cloud computing, the different flavors of cloud services (iaas, paas, saas) and the future of cloud automation.

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A short introduction to the cloud

  1. 1. The Cloud a short introduction Laurent Eschenauer Café Numérique Liège S02E05 December 13th 2011
  2. 2. Laurent Eschenauer @eschnou Co-founder & Software architect at @comoditWe make IT simple. +32 4 372-93-15
  3. 3. Whats that cloud ?
  4. 4. Cloud is trendingAnd the ash cloud has (almost) nothing to do with this
  5. 5. Cloud is short for “cloud computing”
  6. 6. It has a growing impact on enterprise ITSources:1. IDC’s New IT Cloud Services Forecast: 2009-2013
  7. 7. And is definitively becoming mainstream
  8. 8. I mean... really really mainstream
  9. 9. One amongst... hundreds of definitions
  10. 10. 3 kinds of clouds
  11. 11. Software as a Service Platform as a ServiceInfrastructure as a Service
  12. 12. SaaSSaaS: On-premise software replaced by PaaS IaaSsubscription based web applications Key advantages  Pay per use (montly or annual fee)  Usage based pricing (not “seats”)  Competitive pricing (scale effect)  No software setup/upgrade  No infrastructure to manage
  13. 13. SaaS Example: Google Apps has 4 times lower PaaS IaaS TCO than on-premise MS ExchangeSources:1.
  14. 14. Software as a Service Platform as a ServiceInfrastructure as a Service
  15. 15. SaaSPaaS: A platform to deploy web applications PaaS IaaS Key advantages  Usage based pricing (request, space, ...)  Auto-scaling  Limited operations required  Increased availability  Added services like CDN, monitoring, ..
  16. 16. SaaSExample: Building your own stack and PaaS IaaSrunning your application with DotCloud
  17. 17. Software as a Service Platform as a ServiceInfrastructure as a Service
  18. 18. SaaSIaaS: A web service to launch new servers PaaS IaaSand pay per useE.g. Launch a new server with a simple command line call or an API call > ec2-run-instances ami-446abc01 -k my-keypair Key advantages  Usage based pricing (cpu, space, ...)  Per-hour billing (elasticity)  No infrastructure (network, cooling,..) to worry about  Added services like CDN, monitoring, ..
  19. 19. SaaSAnimoto: The first success story of IaaS PaaS IaaS Create a gorgeous HD video from your own pictures
  20. 20. SaaS Animoto: Scaling from 50 to 3500 servers in PaaS IaaS 3 days Facebook app was an instant success. Adding 20,000 users every hour. They needed to scale from 50 to 3500 servers in 3 days. How do you do that with conventional IT ? Can you imagine the upfront capital expenditure ?Sources:
  21. 21. One more thing... Public Cloud Private Cloud
  22. 22. The rise of the private cloudI.E. Using the same ideas but inside your own datacenters Private cloud solution SaaS PaaS IaaS
  23. 23. The rise of the private cloud I.E. Using the same idea but inside your own datacenters “Worldwide server revenue associated with private clouds is forecast to grow more quickly than that associated with public clouds.”Sources:
  24. 24. The future
  25. 25. Could IT become a commodity ?
  26. 26. Enabling the self-service enterprise IT Users request new services through a simple web UI Delivery is fully automated (provisioning, configuration management, scaling, etc.) Internal billing is usage based, resources are free as soon as unused.
  27. 27. We make IT simpleThe user describes his needs ComodIT takes care of the restComplete description of the IT needs including Automation of provisioning, configurationhardware, operating systems, applications and management and orchestration.their configurations. LB Web 1 Web 2 Web 3 DB1 DB2 The user describes its infrastructure using One click is enough for ComodIT to deploy the web client the ready-to-use infrastructure
  28. 28. We make IT simple Improve delivery and services Reduce risksBuild, deploy & configure complete Automate and simplify complianceIT infrastructure ● No additional workload required to keep● In one click exhaustive documentation up to date● Within minutes ● Centrally manage changes and audit● From OS to business applications ● Ensure complete control and consistency of the whole infrastructure life-cycle ● Adhere to standards with an ITIL orientedAutomatically manage dependencies approachbetween infrastructures components● Reduce human errors● Improve sysadmin performance Consolidate disaster recovery● Significantly improve your SLA ● Automate infrastructure duplication,● Improve TCO of your IT infrastructure recovery and roll-back ● Deploy on premise, on private/public cloud or in hybrid mode ● Reduce failure & downtime
  29. 29. Demo time !
  30. 30. We make IT simpleLearn how to easily create in minutes your fully configuredservers & applications with ComodIT Available at
  31. 31. Thats all Folks ! Follow us on Twitter: @comodit @comodit We make IT simple. +32 4 372-93-15