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Presentation held by Ms. Elena Stamatovska as a part of the Specific e-Government solutions for better business environment Session at the 8th SEEITA and 7th MASIT Open Days Conference, 14th-15th …

Presentation held by Ms. Elena Stamatovska as a part of the Specific e-Government solutions for better business environment Session at the 8th SEEITA and 7th MASIT Open Days Conference, 14th-15th October, 2010

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  • 1. eGov Project eGov Project paved the way for modern Macedonia Elena Stamatoska October 15, 2010 Chief of Party, USAID eGov Project Ohrid elena@egov.org.mk The eGov Project is funded by USAID and implemented by Internews
  • 2. eGov Project About the Project  Funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID)  Implemented by Internews Network  Duration – Initially 5 years (October 2004 – September 2009), extended until January 2011  Mandate - To assist the Government of Macedonia and the public institutions to increase efficiency and transparency by using ICT, thus making Macedonia more attractive to foreign investors  Team of eight local experts – IT, economists, lawyers 10/17/2010 2
  • 3. eGov Project eGov Project - Objectives  Improve the quality of the Government service  Efficiency  Transparency  Eliminate corruption  Strengthen the ICT and e-Gov capacities of:  Recipient institutions  Local software developers  Legislators  Businesses and citizens 10/17/2010 3
  • 4. eGov Project Project Areas of Work  Development of e-government applications that will increase the efficiency and transparency of the recipient government institutions  Promotion of the use of ICT – activities aimed at improving and creating conditions for efficient development of e-government. 10/17/2010 4
  • 5. eGov Project Main preconditions for successful e-Government development  Strong and articulated political will  Good cooperation between the donor and the Government  Matching investments by the Government  Willingness to reengineer the business process – e-government is not only about turning paper processes into electronic; it requires simplification and streamlining of procedures.  Intensive promotion of new electronic services  Interest for ownership over the application by the recipient institution 10/17/2010 5
  • 6. eGov Project ICT Development Trends in Macedonia 2009 numbers (State Statistical Office)  54.1% of the households uses computers  41.8% have access to internet  93.5% of the companies uses computers  83.4% have access to internet  Until recently, Macedonia was among the countries with highest Internet price in Europe. As a result of the liberalization of the market, prices are going down 10/17/2010 6
  • 7. eGov Project How the Project operated when implementing e-government services?  Close cooperation with Government institutions that are implementing e-government services  Worked only with local IT companies for the software development  Business process reengineering  Legal modifications  Intensive promotional and training activities  Providing conditions for sustainability of the developed 10/17/2010 applications 7
  • 8. eGov Project Challenges/Obstacles while implementing e-gov solutions  Reluctance to change  Unwillingness to invest the additional effort to learn the new concept  Legislation based on paper procedures – seal and sign  Inaccurate databases  Rudimentary level of data exchange among institutions  Security of systems and data  Problems with infrastructure 10/17/2010 8
  • 9. eGov Project What we have today?  Number of operative e-government applications that are being increasingly used by the companies/citizens  Legal and institutional framework for successful implementation of electronic government services in place  Strategic vision on e-government development in Macedonia 10/17/2010 9
  • 10. eGov Project www.eGov.org.mk G2B G2C G2G e-Procurement Apply Online e-Budgeting https://e-nabavki.gov.mk http://prijava.ads.gov.mk e-Tax Accountability e-Health Registries http://etax.ujp.gov.mk through Transparency www.skopje.gov.mk ; www.resen.gov.mk ; www.strumica.gov.mk; www.kavadarci.gov.mk ; Online system for distribution www.gazibaba.gov.mk ; www.bitola.gov.mk ; www.kocani.gov.mk ; www.stip.gov.mk ; of International Cargo www.gostivari.gov.mk ; www.e-struga.gov.mk Transport Licenses http://dozvoli-mtc.gov.mk Site Builder Single Window for http://raspredelba.gov.mk Export/Import licenses and tariff quotas - EXIM e-Learning ICT www.exim.gov.mk www.ucenje.org.mk Online Employment Registration https://www.avrm.gov.mk/PrijavaOdjava 10/17/2010 10
  • 11. eGov Project Statistics on the use of eGov Project’s applications (1)  e-Procurement – all CAs are registered users of the system; number of companies increases daily; around 7% of all procedures are carried out electronically; almost 20% of procedures end with an e-auction; around 6 million US$ of public funds have been saved through the use of the e-auctions.  EXIM – more then 80% of all requests for export/import licenses are submitted electronically and directly by the companies.  ORE system – around 200 companies and 2,000 physical persons are registered users on the system; more than 25,000 registrations and terminations of employments have been made 11 10/17/2010
  • 12. eGov Project Statistics on the use of eGov Project’s applications (2)  CEMT – four successful online and free-of-corruption distributions have been completed through the system  e-Tax services – around 5,000 taxpayers are registered and submit their tax returns electronically. More than 23,000 tax returns have been submitted directly by the companies.  Apply Online – 98% of all applicants for work in the state administration are using the system.  Trainings – more than 100 trainings attended by 5,500 representatives of the government institutions and businesses 10/17/2010 12
  • 13. eGov Project Direct impact on the increase of online sophistication of e-government services 10/17/2010 13 * source: Online sophistication growth of the business services in Macedonia in 2004-2008 - Gusev M., Spasov D., Armenski G., “Benchmarking e-Government services in Macedonia – The results from the fourth measurement”, Available online at www.metamorphosis.org.mk, Accessed September 5, 2009.
  • 14. eGov Project Impact on the Business Climate  Transparency and Fight Against Corruption  Business Environment  World Bank: Doing Business 2007-2010  Increase of +60 in the country rank  Beneficial changes in the legal framework  Basic laws and regulations relevant to development of e-government in Macedonia are in place.  Strong political commitment for e-government applications development articulated for the past ten years. E-government development is long-term 10/17/2010 orientation of the country. 14
  • 15. eGov Project Sustainability  Strong efforts for sustainable provision of the e- government services supported by USAID  Significant matching investments  E-services included in the legislation  Dedicated persons within the institutions  Independent efforts for development of new services by the Government  Recognition of the benefits from e-government  e-Government Strategy 10/17/2010  Demand by businesses and citizens 15
  • 16. eGov Project Future plans of the eGov Project Vision to continue to operate in the e-government development area in Macedonia and the region: Created a Sustainability plan for the future work and works on its realization As of August 1, 2010 3 staff members transferred to Metamorphosis Foundation Both teams started to work together, in order to create a space to continue doing work in the e- government sphere, with the ability to expand to related fields 10/17/2010 16
  • 17. eGov Project USAID eGov Project www.eGov.org.mk Thank you! 10/17/2010 17