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Pm610 1103 b-02-schwappach-loren-p2-db3

  1. 1. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 1 IRTC Project Role Assignments and Outsourcing Loren Karl Schwappach PM 610: Project Planning, Execution, and Closure Colorado Technical University
  2. 2. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 2 AbstractThis post discusses the role assignments needed for the IRTC billing system upgrade project andthe consequences of outsourcing roles with IRTC’s vender.
  3. 3. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 3 IRTC Project Role Assignments and Outsourcing IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises legacy billing system upgrade project will involve agreat amount of cooperation and technical expertise from project team members and the vender.This project is expected to be completed with a limited budget of $100,000 USD set aside forvender resources. It is expected that IRTC will require the use of at least one technical writerand instructional designer due to lacking availability and proficiency at IRTC, as well as thepossible use of a vender programmer to supplement IRTC expertise and provide a trainingopportunity and communication resource for IRTC team members. This project will offer an opportunity for employees to gain experience in leadership,business analysis, web based programming, and system testing, while improving employeesatisfaction and involvement in the billing system upgrades. IRTC also believes that using inhouse expertise in this project will result in a more effective and usable system for IRTC billingand customer service employees, and will reduce the use of monetary resources for venderexpertise that will not stay at IRTC. Five IRTC FTEs were looked into for inclusion into the project team. However, due tothe authorization limit of 2.5 FTE’s for this project, I selected four employees that I believe arebest suited to ensure this projects success. Terry was selected to act as the projects team leader due to her involvement in theoriginal legacy system’s installation as well as all system upgrades. She has technical experienceas a developer and tester, is extremely motivated about the project and will be able to effectivelycoach and communicate with the vender, project manager, and project team members. She willalso be heavily involved in the legacy system upgrade and will work with Chris and Jan toensure the web based system and legacy system is fully compatible.
  4. 4. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 4 I have selected Robin to act as the systems analyst for the project due to her love andinvolvement as systems analyst in the past two system upgrades. Robin will also assist Chris andpossible vender programmer in the development of the web based version to further develop herknowledge in web programming. Chris will act as the projects web programming expert / leader due to his degree incomputer science and his past experience in web programming and software systems testing.IRTC will augment Chris’s web programming expertise with a vender programmer whom willtrain and work with Chris for a maximum of ten hours each week. Jan has been selected to act as the end user / tester of the legacy and web based billingsystems due to her experience with the similar web based billing system projects. She will workwith Chris and the end users (customer service and billing departments) to ensure the systemmeets all organizational goals, features, and usability requirements outlined by the project scope.Jan will also work with the vender hired instructional designer and technical writer in developingdocumentation and training materials. The vender will be contracted to provide a skilled programmer, technical architect, andtechnical writer to train, offer limited assistance, and core competencies to IRTC’s project team.The vender team members will be utilized on an as needed consultant basis and should only beused to develop IRTC team members and ensure the quality and integrity of the IRTC system. The project team will also be responsible for the development of the projects changemanagement program. “Change management is about starting up activities needed in order toget people ready for change” (Smith, 2011). The project management team will need to bringpeople up to speed on the upcoming software and process changes, to include getting them toengage and participate in the change process in a positive manner so that conflicts and resistance
  5. 5. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 5are reduced. This will require excellent communication between the PMO and the projectmanagement team. This will require the project manager and project team to “communicate earlyand communicate often” (Smith, 2011).Results of Outsourcing Corporations should be clear about their core competencies. If an organization does nothave the resources, capability, or functionality to deliver the required products or services, thoseproducts or services should be outsourced (Smith, 2011). Actively training employees is aneffective method for reducing employee outsourcing. This can be accomplished by bringing incontractors to coach, mentor and train employees and can offer tremendous overall savingscompared to what is sometimes lost through employee outsourcing (Smith, 2011). Usingcorporate FTE also offers a moral boost for employees and can accelerate positive changemanagement results. According to Bucki (n.d.) in an article about the top seven advantages of outsourcing,advantages include focusing on core activities, cost and efficiency savings, reduced overhead,operational control, staffing flexibility, continuity and risk management, and the development ofinternal staff (Bucki, n.d.). In a case study completed by Dahl (2006) of [WHO] Contract Counsel, a lawyercontracting company created by David Galbenski, [WHERE] in Royal Oak, Michigan, [WHEN]and founded in 1993, [WHAT] showed that even small companies could gain a tremendouscompetitive advantage through outsourcing. [HOW] Companies like Contract Counsel couldoffshore their work, in this case to include legal consulting services, to other countries such asIndia. Outsourcing Contract Counsel legal services resulted in an explosion of growth andincome for Contract Counsel and allowed the corporation to expand from a small consultant firm
  6. 6. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 6into a national legal consulting business. [WHY] This case study illustrates the competitiveadvantage of price, reach, and flexibility offered by personnel outsourcing (Dahl, 2006). Disadvantages of outsourcing include reduced client / organizational communication,employee dissatisfaction, hidden costs, loss of managerial control, timeline problems, ill-will andbad publicity, and treats to confidentiality (Meehan, n.d).
  7. 7. IRTC PROJECT ROLE ASSIGNMENTS AND OUTSOURCING 7 ReferencesBucki. J (n.d.). Top 7 Outsourcing Advantages. Retrieved August 30, 2011 from: D. (2006). Case Study: Was Outsourcing to India the Right Move? Retrieved August 30, 2011 from: C. (n.d.). Advantages and Disadvantages to Outsourcing IT. Demand Media. Retrieved August 19, 2011 from: outsourcing-it-764.htmlSmith, G. (2011, August 21). PM610 Live Chat Session 3 with Professor Gigi Smith [Online Presentation]. Retrieved August 30, 2011 from Colorado Technical University Online Virtual Campus, PM610-1103B-02: https://campus.ctuonline.eduSmith, G. (2011, August 22). PM610 Live Chat Session 4 with Professor Gigi Smith [Online Presentation]. Retrieved August 30, 2011 from Colorado Technical University Online Virtual Campus, PM610-1103B-02: