TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                      1                       Team Member Role Assignments    ...
TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                                                      2                       ...
TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                                                   3                          ...
TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                                                     4the original IRTC legacy...
TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                                                      5will support the softwa...
TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                                                       6system issues and proj...
TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS                                                                      7project stakeholders th...
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Pm610 1103 b-02-schwappach-loren-p2-ip2

  1. 1. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 1 Team Member Role Assignments Loren Karl Schwappach PM 610: Project Planning, Execution, and Closure Colorado Technical University
  2. 2. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 2 AbstractThis paper introduces the roles and responsibilities of the IRTC billing system upgrade projectand team members assigned under each role.
  3. 3. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 3 Team Member Role Assignments Selecting team members to a project team is a critical task and can be one of the greatestfactors in a projects success or failure. This project requires several roles and will involveparticipation from IRTC employees and the vender. IRTC has a limited the number of humanresources available for this project limited to 2.5 FTE’s. This amounts to 100 hours of labor perweek that needs to be split by the roles of team leader, business analyst, software engineer,quality assurance lead, and end user/tester. The vender is contracted to add an additional expertsoftware engineer who will aid the IRTC team. The vender is also contracted to provide atechnical analyst and technical writer to the IRTC project. The team leader creates an environment of trust, open communication, and creativethinking between project team members (Crow, 1999). The team lead is responsible formotivating and inspiring members and providing a vision of project objectives (Crow, 1999).The team lead is able to coach and resolve non-functional behaviors and facilitate problemsolving within the team (Crow, 1999). The team lead is able to coordinate with the vender,Customer Service and Billing departments for use of resources and project deliverables. Theteam lead is responsible for coordinating team logistics, setting team schedules and organizingteam member meetings. Finally the team lead is able to provide status reports of team progressand activities that have project on the schedule and is responsible for keeping the projectmanager informed of task accomplishments, team dynamics, project issues/concerns and statusreporting. The team lead is also responsible for working with the end user and softwareengineers as necessary to ensure a qualitative and fully functional product results at theconclusion of the system upgrade. Terry is assigned as the projects team leader because of her background involvement with
  4. 4. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 4the original IRTC legacy system installation in addition to many of the past system upgrades.Terry has vast technical capabilities and has played the role of software developer and tester onmany projects. Terry is highly motivated about this project and has shown excellentmanagement and communication skills in prior projects. Terry has the necessary skills, andpersonality need to optimally manage, coach and communicate with project stakeholders and hasexpressed several ideas about how to ensure the project could best be utilized. Terry will workheavily with the software engineer and end user because of her knowledge and past experience inorder to ensure the new web based system and legacy system are fully compatible. It is expectedthat Terry will be working the full 24hrs/wk on this project. The business analyst is responsible for interviewing project team members and ensuringthat the correct proficiencies are placed in the correct areas necessary for the project to succeed(Babcock, 2007). The business analyst must understand what the business does, determine howto improve existing practices, determine steps needed, create functional specifications, andimplement the technical design of the new system (Babcock, 2007). The business analyst isresponsible for analyzing business records, operating manuals, and business guides. Thebusiness analyst is responsible for the creation of graphs, charts, and must analyze the changesthat are being implemented and their impact on IRTC organizational goals. The business analystis responsible for ensuring the project scope complies with corporate objectives and for ensuringthe project doesn’t stray outside of business objectives. Business analysts must be verythorough, good conversationalists, have strong attention to detail and be clear and concise intheir teaching and mechanisms. Robin is assigned as the systems analyst for this project because of her widely expressedpassion and outstanding role as systems analyst in the last two IRTC upgrade projects. Robin
  5. 5. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 5will support the software engineer/web programmer and possibly the vender programmer on alimited base as needed to advance this project and her skills in web programming. It is expectedthat Robin will be working the full allocated 30hrs/wk on this project. The software engineer is responsible for programming, designing, testing, checking, andmaintaining the IRTC Billing System Upgrade Project package. The software engineer musthave good communication skills and be able to work well with the business analyst, end user,and quality assurance team members. Chris is assigned as the lead software engineer / web programmer for this project. Chrishas an undergraduate degree in computer science and has vast experience in web programmingand software systems testing. Chris will work on this project twenty four hours a week and willwork closely with the vender’s senior primary programmer in order to ensure the software meetsall objectives. Chris worked under the Customer Service Department prior to joining IT and thushas a unique perspective on how best to design the software. IRTC will enhance Chris’s webprogramming knowledge through the use of the vender’s senior programmer who has beencontracted to train and work with Chris a maximum of 10hrs/wk of the project at a cost of100$/hr. It is expected that Chris will be working the full allocated 24hrs/wk on this project. The end user/system tester is responsible for ensuring that the desires of the CustomerService Department and Billing Department are articulated (Dean, 2007). The end user/systemtester is also responsible for verifying that the finished project meets all of the expressedrequirements. The end user is responsible for articulating requirements, thoroughly testingrequirements, ensuring requirements are satisfied, ensuring Customer Service and BillingDepartment staff is qualified and able to accept the system, and must promote and teach thesystem to users. The end user is required to aid the software designer and vender in resolving
  6. 6. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 6system issues and project problems. The end user will provide a written contract of requirementsand the qualifying criteria to the project stakeholders for delivery approval and approval ofinstallation procedures. The end user will review existing business practices, and developprocedures/policies as required to support the new system. The end user requires strong skills intechnical administration, should have good report writing skills, to include data analysis, entry,and correction. As a system tester the end user should also be able to troubleshoot problems andoffer continual feedback to the software engineer and project manager. Jan is assigned as the end user for this project. Jan has prior experience with similar webbased billing system projects and has extensive knowledge of the features, requirements, andfunctions the new system requires. Jan also has invaluable experience in process reengineeringand has worked on billing functions in the past. Jan will work with the vender’s instructionaldesigner and technical writer contracted to assist in the development of documentation andtraining materials for the Customer Service and Billing Departments. Jan is available to work amaximum of 16hrs/wk on the project at a rate of 115$/hr. When selecting the project manager and project team it is imperative that skills andexperience are placed with the essential project roles at beginning of the project. A case studyconcluded by Bourne (n.d) of [WHO] a large utility companies Internet Service Provider domainname registration and renewal project, [WHERE] completed by the Australian ISP, [WHAT]demonstrates the importance of matching experience to project roles and responsibilities.[HOW] In the case study the utility company wanted to automate aspects of domain nameregistration and renewal to reduce the likelihood of legal issues and promote socialresponsibility. However, seeing the project as easy an inexperienced project manager and teamwere selected to complete the project. There turned out to be a large conflict of interest between
  7. 7. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 7project stakeholders that the inexperience project manager could not recognize or deal with. Theproject manager was eventually replaced yet the project was still completed over time and overbudget and never completely met stakeholder expectations. [WHY] This study highlights theimportance of carefully selecting an experienced project manager and project team that are ableto communicate well and quickly/clearly define the project objectives necessary to ensure theproject’s success (Bourne, n.d).
  8. 8. TEAM MEMBER ROLE ASSIGNMENTS 8 ReferencesBabcock, J. (2007). Business Analyst Job Description. Retrieved September 9, 2011 from Practical Analyst Website: description/Bourne, L. (n.d). What Does A Project Manager Need to Deliver Successful Projects: Case Study. Retrieved September 9, 2011 from:, K. (1999). Team Leader Responsibilities. Retrieved September 9, 2011 from DRM Associates Website:, R. (2007). The End Users Role In Integration. Retrieved September 9, 2011 from Security Solutions Website: