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Representation of disablity_in_the_street
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Representation of disablity_in_the_street


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  • 1. Representation of DisabilityThe Street (Jimmy McGovern 2009) the extract from The Street and answer the following: 1. Genre – real life drama 2. Target Audience – male and female 25+ 3. What are your first impressions of Nick Calshaw? – Frustrated with his appearance, feels like its holding him back. He feels like he’s a freak show as people are always staring. 4. How does Dee’s reaction to Nick help POSITION the audience and create a preferred audience response? The audience begin to empathize with him because hes upset that his appearance has caused the woman to have a reaction like that, also he becomes very defensive when she trys to apologies showing that it has really upset him deeply. 5. How does the director of the show encourage you to empathize with Nick? – Nick cannot get his job back because of his appearance, this is completely unfair so the audience can sympathize with Nicks frustration with the men who won’t give him the job back. Also Dees reaction to him
  • 2. might of just been out of genuine shock, however because he is sensitive about his appearance he really takes it to heart, and the audience begin to feel for him. 6. What type of representation does the extract construct, in terms of disability? The disability of Nick’s appearance is viewed in quite a negative way. The public’s reaction to him is very stereotypical, see him as a freak show instead of another normal human being. 7. Write down at least one example from camera, sound, mise en scene and editing which support your argumentCamera SoundThe camera has a shallow depth of field Non diegetic sound is tense andwhen the barbed wire and fence is more intimidating as he walks through thedefined than the building site in the town and has people looking at hisbackground –this could represent how disability.his disability is holding him back, likefencing him in. And the barbed wiregives a negative connotation towardshis disability.Editing Mise en Scene Actor proxemics in the scene – we never
  • 3. see Nick smile throughout the whole clip, showing he is very unhappy with his appearance and how it is preventing him from leading a normal life. The costume that Nick and the other characters in the scene are wearing are bland colours, no one is dressed up, it seems like a typical working class area where the location is based.Now in groups of 4 design a powerpoint presentation which argues howdisability is represented in the extract. To be finished and given in classtomorrow.