Music video questionnaire results analysis


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Music video questionnaire results analysis

  1. 1. Music video questionnaire results analysisI asked a random sample of students at Eccles College to complete a questionnaire about musicvideos and these are the results that I got. Gender Male FemaleThere were more males than females that answered the questionnaire. However the split is quiteeven so I don’t think my results will be too biased towards male preference. Age 16-25
  2. 2. All of the people who answered my questionnaire were between the ages of 16-25. I will be aimingmy music video at this target audience age anyway so these results will be very helpful for choosinghow to construct my music video. Genre Rock Pop Metal RnB Indie Dance The most popular music genre seems to be dance, followed by the indie genre and then theremaining genres seem to have an even split. In spite of dance being the most preferred genre I willbe doing my video to the style of the indie genre, which was still the most second popular. Where do you watch music videos TV Channels Facebook Youtube The results show that the most popular way for people to view music videos is by watching them onvideo sharing site; I will eventually be uploading my finished product onto thesite.
  3. 3. What style of video do you prefer narrative performance abstract The most preferred style of video is one with an abstract theme. The video might be mildly relatedto the song or not at all. I will be relating my video to the song to an extent and will probably useconcepts from the performance and narrative styles as these proved to be popular too. Would you rather see an actor or the artist in a music video actor artistThe questionnaire results show that audiences would rather see an artist in a music video ratherthan an actor. I will be using a mixture of both but I will definitely be featuring the artist more thanany actors in the video.
  4. 4. How long do you like your videos to be up to 1 min 2-3 mins 3 mins+ The perfect time to have my music video running for would be between 2-3 minutes. No one at allwanted a video any shorter than a minute, and only a few people would like to watch a music videothat was more than 3 minutes long. I will definitely not be making a music video that is less than aminute as practically all of my audience would think this too short. How often do you watch music videos Every Day Every Week Every Month There is an even split between people watching music videos every day and every week. No oneleaves it a month in between watching music videos. I will be putting it up on a website to make it easier to view more often.
  5. 5. Do you prefer your music videos to be? fast slow A large majority of audiences prefer their music videos to be quite fast paced and lively rather thanslow. My video editing will be fast paced but the content throughout will be more relaxing.In conclusion the way my music video will be constructed will be catered to my target audience’sneeds. I will be using certain theories such as the Uses and Gratifications theory created byBlumler and Katz to subliminally make audiencesfeel more personalised to my video. I willhopefully be able to design and create my music video in a way that will satisfy specific needs ofmy audience. There will be elements of my music video that will be very metaphorical and will be able to beinterpreted by each individual audience member in a unique way. This is based upon Stuart Hall’stheory of encoding and decoding where certain messages and symbols have been encoded intothe text by a producer and the audience is left to decode it in a particular way. From my results Ican see that the most preferred video genre audiences would like to see was the abstract genre.This means a lot of my video will be more down to the interpretation of the audience as there willbe no properly structured narrative or story throughout.There are some occasions where I will be going against my results slightly. For example my mostpreferred genre to see in a music video was the dance genre. However “Indie” was the secondmost popular. I will be going with Indie as in my other results audiences said they would like anabstract video. By using the Indie genre this will make it easier to create an abstract feel to mymusic video as the indie genre is well known for its more abstract videos.Eventually when my music video is complete I will be uploading it onto popular video sharing siteYouTube as this is where the majority of my audience say they see their music videos and this willensure my music video being seen by more people.