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Media evaluation powerpoint

  1. 1. MEDIA EVALUATIONELIZABETH BRADYQUESTION FOURHow did you use media technologies inthe construction and research, planningand evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Introduction…During the research stage of the development of my media product I useda number of different media technologies to help find out what I needed tocater to my target audience. Due to technological convergence I found itvery easy to complete all stages of creating my music video and jointproducts such as my album artwork and magazine advertisement. This isbecause I was able to complete all of my research editing and distributionfrom one machine.My finished media products…
  3. 3. Microsoft Office…Firstly I developed a questionnaire to aim specific questions towards myaudiences to find out exactly what they wanted. To do this I used MicrosoftWord to design a music video questionnaire which I distributed to a mix ofstudents at Eccles College. I found this particular software very successfulwith regards to creating my questionnaire; it was very easy to use andmeant I could present my questionnaire in a clear and focused way easy foraudiences to answer. Once I had my feedback I used Microsoft word againto properly look into my results and analyse them to get a betterunderstanding of what I would need to start doing for my planning stage.Using a mixture of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel I was able to put allof my data into pie charts making it easier for me to evaluate my results.A screenshot of my questionnaireMy questionnaireresults analysisshowing the pie charts Icreated using excel andhow I presented it onMicrosoft Word
  4. 4. YouTube…I also used video sharing site YouTube to look at real music video productsand look into the alternative conventions of different genres of music video.This way I could easily look at conventions I wanted to put into my ownmusic video which is from the “indie” genre.An example of a real music video on YouTube that I used to analyse conventions.
  5. 5. Photoshop…Before I began to create my music video I began to design and create myalbum cover, inside disc, and back cover. I also began to construct mymagazine advertisement for my album. To do this I mainly used Photoshopto edit images to add to my media products. Using Photoshop made iteasier for me to properly organise my layout and edit my images to exactlyhow I wanted them to look.The Photoshop toolbar that I used toedit and manipulate my images andan example of one of my ancillariesthat I created using Photoshop.
  6. 6. Construction with camera…To begin to construct my music video I used a Nikon D3100 and a tripod tocapture all my footage. Using the Nikon camera made it easy to get goodclear footage as I could set the zoom and the focus to exactly where Ineeded it, and using the tripod helped to keep everything still during thescenes where I did not want a hand held effect.The tripod and camerathat I used to captureall my footage
  7. 7. Adobe Premiere…After I had gained all of my footage I uploaded it onto a computer and thenonto the Adobe Premiere software. Here I could view all of my footageproperly, organise the order of my clips and sort through my usable andunusable video clips deleting the unusable ones. I started to put the clipstogether and started to begin my editing. Using the Adobe Premieresoftware I was able to change the speed and colour of my clips. I haveslowed down the time of certain clips and also added a black and whiteeffect to some parts of the footage that I wanted to stand out.The Adobe Premieresoftware that I usedto edit my musicvideo
  8. 8. Mp3 and USB…To add the audio track to my music video I put an mp3 version of my song ontoa USB stick and then transferred this onto Adobe Premiere as well to goagainst my footage.
  9. 9. Social Networking…Once my music video was finished I added my music video this way I could get feedback from my audiences for myfocus group. My limitation with using YouTube was that I couldn’t advertisemy music video as much as I wanted to. So I used social networking sitesFacebook and Twitter to share the link of my music video with a lot morepeople to see.
  10. 10. Blogger…Throughout all my research, planning and construction Iuploaded all of my work on so thatmy work could be more easily viewed.Hyperlinks todifferentsections of myblog so mywork could beviewed moreeasily
  11. 11. I used a variety of media technologies to bring my media product together. Due to using to manydifferent types to create and present I needed ways to merge them together all on the samemachine. I did a lot of my researching work on both computers at home and in college. Totransfer my work between the two I used my Hotmail email account. I have used MicrosoftPowerPoint to present this section of my evaluation as it allows me to design my answer in a waythat is not just a traditional essay. To get my PowerPoint onto my blog I used SlideShare to getthe code I needed to be able to embed my PowerPoint onto my blogger account. Afterwards Iused Prezi which is another presentation software so I could answer question 3 of my Evaluationin a slightly different way.How I used different technologies to completemy media products