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Why Linux

Why Linux






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    Why Linux Why Linux Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome To The Cajun Clickers Computer Club Linux Desktop Special Interest Group
      • The Future of Computing
    • Have You Ever Used Linux?
      • Have You Ever Used a
        • Tivo?
        • Cell Phone
        • Copy Machine
        • ATM Machine
        • Personal Digital Assistant
        • GPS
        • Router or Wireless Access Point
        • Done a Google Search
      • Then You Have Used Linux!!
    • Why Linux??
      • Forget About Viruses!
    • Why Linux?? Cost, Or Lack Thereof!!
      • You Won't Have To Pay For Your Operating System, or Application Software!
      • People have said “ Well, I Didn't Have to Pay For Windows either”!
      • Linux, and all of the tens of thousands of programs that are available for it, is FREE!!! And, free is good!
    • Why Linux?? Protection!!
      • Open Source Software, Of Which Linux Is A Part, Protects Your Computer!
      • Windows
        • Viruses
        • Trojans
        • Adware
        • Spyware
        • 40 Minutes Average
      • The Linux File System
      • The Open Source Community Eyes
    • Why Linux?? Stability!!
      • Blue Screen Of Death – Not In Linux
      • System Slow Downs – Not In Linux
      • Disk Fragmentation – Not In Linux
      • Frequent Reboots – Not In Linux
      • System Crashes - Seldom
    • Why Linux?? Updates!!
      • Update your ENTIRE computer system in a single click.
      • No Reboot Required!
      • No EULA's To Have To Agree To!
    • Why Linux?? Add On Software Not Required!!
      • After Your Operating System Is Installed, Why Should You Have To Install More “Stuff”?
      • You Can Also Throw Away Your Drivers Disks.
      • Once Linux Is Installed (About 20 Minutes), You Have A fully Functional Computer With Just About Every Software Package Imaginable Already Installed.
    • Why Linux?? Need Additional Software?
      • Windows – Search The Web – Find The Site – Pay For It – Download It – Install It – Accept The EULA – Reboot The Computer – Use The Program
      • Or – Get In The Car – Drive To Store – Find Program – Buy It – Drive Home – Open The Pkg – Break The Seal – Insert CD – Start Installation – Agree to EULA – Reboot – Use The Program.
      • Linux – Open Add/Remove Applications – Search For The Program – Click Install – Use The Program!
    • Why Linux?? Need New Software?
    • Why Linux?? Use One Program For All IM's
      • MSN
      • AIM
      • ICQ
      • IRC
      • JABBER
      • YAHOO
      • Gadu-Gadu
      • GroupWise
      • SMS
      • WinPopUp
    • Why Linux?? Give Your Older Hardware A New Life
      • Windows requires newer, bigger, faster, more powerful, more expensive hardware!
      • Linux Runs On Anything From A 386 To The Latest 64 Bit Dual Core Processors
    • Why Linux?? Support!!
      • Enjoy Free And Unlimited Support
        • Users Groups
        • Local Communities
        • Forums
        • Wiki's
        • IRC Chat Rooms
        • Tutorials
        • Podcasts
        • ScreenCasts
        • Google!
        • Mail Lists
    • Why Linux?? Your Desktop, Your Way!!
      • With Windows, What You See Is Pretty Much What You Get.
    • Why Linux?? Your Desktop, Your Way!!
      • With Linux, You Can Make Your Desktop Look AND Behave Any Way That You Want It To Work!
    • Why Linux?? Your Desktop, Your Way!!
    • Why Linux??
      • Too Many Windows On Your Desktop? Use Workspaces!
    • Why Linux?? The Learning Curve!!
      • You will have to learn:
        • Linux Ain't XP, But Then XP wasn't Win98, and Vista Isn't XP either. So, if you have to learn a new OS, why not learn one that you can live with for a LOOOOONG time.
    • Why Linux?? The Learning Curve!!
      • You will have to learn that:
        • You don't have to reboot your computer when you install software.
        • You don't need anyone's permission to add or remover hardware from your computer.
        • You don't need anyone's permission to install your operating system and/or software on a different computer or on additional computers.
        • You don't need anyone's permission to store or play your media on your computer.
        • You will rarely need to agree to an EULA, and certainly not ones that are as restrictive as are required for closed source software.
    • Why Linux?? The Learning Curve!!
      • You will have to learn that YOU are in control of your computing experience!
    • Why Windows??
      • If You Absolutely MUST use Proprietary Software
      • If You Are A Hard Core Gamer
    • How Does The Linux Desktop Special Interest Group Operate?
      • “Geek-Speak” not allowed
      • Point 'N' Click
      • Hands On Workshops in the Club Linux Lab
      • Frequent InstallFests
      • Twice Monthly Workshops
      • SIG Wiki - http://cccclinuxsig.pbwiki.com
      • SIG E-Mail List
      • 1-On-1 Assistance
    • Linux Desktop Special Interest Group Workshop Schedule
        • The First and Third Mondays of each month at 6 PM in the Cajun Clickers Computer Club Linux Lab. Check the Club Calendar.
        • Linux Beginners SIG – The First Saturday Of Each Month at 9:30 AM in The Linux Lab
    • What Next?? Try Linux Without Touching Windows
      • Try A Live CD
      • See One Of The Club Members For A Free Disk.
    • What's Next??
      • Install Linux And Keep Windows Too.
        • Install Linux “beside” Windows in a dual boot senario.
        • Install Ubuntu Linux “inside” Windows using Wubi. This installs Ubuntu into a virtual machine and installs and uninstalls just like any other Windows program.
    • Join Us Monday August 18 st At 6 PM In The Linux Lab For The InstallFest
    • Questions Please!