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This webinar was presented to BC Campus members. In the presentation we demonstrated how to make your Moodle installation mobile by using Moodle's mobile theme that comes with Moodle 2.2. We reviewed the different Moodle modules and what to expect of them in a mobile environment. We also touched on the features of Moodle Mobile Apps.

Lambda Solutions offers a Mobile theming package and provides support and training to help customers get more out of their Moodle.

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  • We look forward to hearing from you want to learn more or if you would like to join us at a future presentations on Moodle Mobile.

    You can contact us at 1.877.700.1118
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  • Welcome everyone to the Lambda Solutions sponsored webinar for Bccampus Moodle Users Group. We are very happy you were able to take the time to join us for a half-hour today.

    This is the second “Half hour how-to” in a series of webinars we have planned in partnership with BCCampus Shared Services. To help Moodle users understand and utilize some of the features of Moodle 2, we are hosting, once a month, short targeted webninars key Moodle 2 features. Our goal is to support you in best utilizing some of the great features of Moodle.

    Introduce the Webinar Tool.
  • From a student standpoint, this can provide clear guidance to where they should be focusing their attention. It also helps address the confusion that can arise from a long course page of resources.

    From a teacher standpoint, this can ensure students have completed assigned work and demonstrate desired learning outcomes.

    From an administrative standpoint, tracking of completion at the course level can be extremely value for pre-requist and other purposes.
  • Lambda Solutions is proud to partner with BCcampus Shared Services for the provision of Moodle to BC post-secondaries. Lambda Solutions is an accredited Moodle Partner. We have been providing Moodle hosting, configuration, customization, and have contributing Moodle since 2003.

    We realize that some of today’s participants are not part of Bccampus Shared Services. For any and all attendees, if you need assistance supporting Moodle, from installation to customization, systems integration, training and hosting and support, please contact Ben Young at Lambda Solutions.

    When you exit this webinar, a feedback survey will load where you can provide feedback regarding this session. It also gives you an option to opt into future communications from Lambda regarding Moodle information.

    Thank you for your time!
  • Making your Moodle Mobile

    1. 1. Making your Moodle Mobile Lambda Solutions @lambdasolutions
    2. 2. @lambdasolutions •
    3. 3. Mobile Moodle – MyMobile  Moodle 2.1 introduced the ability to set different themes to be used when different devices are detected.  Moodle 2.2 now has a standard theme as part of the core which was designed for smartphone and tablet browsers screens.  MyMobile was developed by John St. *as of Moodle 2.3 @lambdasolutions
    4. 4. The Value of Mobile Themes @lambdasolutions  Important to consider if:  Learners are on the move / learn outside of classroom.  Staff that need resources while out of office.  In 2012, Smart phone sales surpassed PC sales Source: Smartonline  World population: 7 Billion  Cell phones: 6.6 Billion Source: Wikipedia
    5. 5. @lambdasolutions MobileMoodle  Navigation dropdown  Completion Tracking  Settings – very clean  Simple, center pane
    6. 6. @lambdasolutions Forum  Can add threads  Reply  Subscribe  Can’t upload docs
    7. 7. @lambdasolutions Page Resource  Text displays well  Video works*  Embedded pictures show
    8. 8. @lambdasolutions Page Resource
    9. 9. @lambdasolutions Folder  Open in new browser window, which…  Allows for other apps to hook in.  Don’t embed
    10. 10. @lambdasolutions Book  Simple Navigation  Previous & Next at top and bottom  Finish takes you back to course page
    11. 11. @lambdasolutions Assignment  Online text works  Can’t upload a file  File picker works but clunky
    12. 12. @lambdasolutions Quiz  Multiple Choice  Written  True / False  Results
    13. 13. @lambdasolutions Quiz
    14. 14. @lambdasolutions Calendar  Can view.  Can’t create new calendar entries.  Can export as iCal
    15. 15. @lambdasolutions Messages  New messages pop-up on login  Can read, reply, create new messages  Can add people to contacts  Not best IM client
    16. 16. Mobile Moodle Scorecard Activity Notes Resources Works Well – Text, Video, pictures Forum Can read, respond, create new; beware of upload; Glossary Can read, search, create new; Loads all by default; Folder Open’s resources in new window Book Straight forward Quiz Multiple choice, written, true/false Assignment Can’t upload Calendar Can see events; can’t create new ones Messages Pop-up on login, can respond and create new. @lambdasolutions
    17. 17. MyMobile Limitations @lambdasolutions  Enjoy Login!  File-picker does not work.  Meant for Student / Teacher; not Admin / Designer.  Browser back / forward buttons.  Quiz “Browser Security” will cause issues.
    18. 18. Moodle: Apps for that? Lambda Solutions @lambdasolutions
    19. 19. @lambdasolutions Moodle - Apps  iOS  My Moodle (official)  mTouch  Android  mDroid  Moodle for Android
    20. 20. Moode Apps – Server Settings  http://YOURSITEHERE.COM/admin/search.php? query=enablewebservices  http://YOURSITEHERE.COM/admin/settings.php ?section=externalservices  http://YOURSITEHERE.COM/admin/settings.php ?section=webserviceprotocols (turn on REST) @lambdasolutions
    21. 21. @lambdasolutions My Moodle  Upload – picture, video, record audio  Participants – see who is in your course and save to phone  Contents – Browse site, download files for later access  Web - Course is embedded mobile browser at site page  Multiple logins  No longer being developed
    22. 22. @lambdasolutions mTouch  Lists whole course without section breaks  Can upload to Assignments (but not repositories)  Often loads embedded browser of resource
    23. 23. @lambdasolutions MDroid  Installs StartApp (search monetization App, changes web browser homepage)  Really only for fetching files and reading (not posting to) forums  Crashed fairly often
    24. 24. Moodle for Android (YCIS) BETA @lambdasolutions  Beta just launched  Only seems to work with test site  Shows course by content type  Forums opens mobile web browser  Upload option shows temp internet files
    25. 25. Discussion – mLearning Best Practices Lambda Solutions @lambdasolutions
    26. 26. @lambdasolutions Questions  What type of learning activities would work well for students with mobile devices?  What do students want from a mobile class experience?
    27. 27. Best Practices – mLearning  Medium is the message - graphics size, text length, etc @lambdasolutions  Link, don’t embed, resources  Video: mp4 / YouTube  Retention of information is limited on mobile devices
    28. 28. mLearning Resources  Free, open course on mobile learning best practices: http://tempus-efa.  Paul Hibbitts - Mobile Learning: A User Experience (session was earlier today) @lambdasolutions
    29. 29. For support with Moodle, contact: @lambdasolutions