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iMoot: Building a Mobile Moodle Course in 30 Minutes


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iMoot: Building a Mobile Moodle Course in 30 Minutes

  1. Build and upload a Moodle Mobile CourseMark AberdourHead of Open Source Solutions
  2. AgendaMobile – web or native?Building mobile learning using GoMoLearningDelivering mobile learning using Moodle 2.2The MyMobile theme for MoodleA Novice, How-To Session!
  3. Ourapproach toMobile
  4. Web or native app?NATIVEOfficial and unofficial Moodle appsStandard Moodle only, cannot customise.Where does that leave your customisations?WEBOfficial support through theme selector for mobile devicesMyMobile theme shipped with coreEasy to tweak and rebrandMix of web and native CONTENT apps
  5. GoMoLearning
  6. Easy to Use Native and HTML5 formats Save on development costs Easy to brandThe only authoring tool in the LMS integrationworld that allows you to Media-richdesign once, but deliver tomultiple platforms Constant improvements Easy to maintain Great ROI – sell your content
  7. MoodleDesktopaccess
  8. Desktop accessStandard Moodle 2.2 installationAllows easy configuration to loadin ‘themes for desktop, tablet andsmart phone users.Epic theme is simple, unclutteredand intuitive for end-users.
  9. MoodleMobileaccess
  10. Tablet accessThe same Moodle site on iPad:Toggle for two-column or single-column displayFewer graphics for low-bandwidthusageSide blocks automaticallycollapsed, click to expandRotates gracefully betweenlandscape and portrait
  11. And toggle tosingle column...
  12. And access youre-learning course...
  13. ContactMark AberdourHead of Open Source
  14. Resourceshttp://www.gomolearning.com