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View this webinar as our guest speaker, WCG’s Tricia Lalli, will take you through everything you need to get your users from Login to Course Completion. Don't miss this one!

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  1. 1. WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET The Pro’s Guide to LMS Implementation Presented by: WCG Services and Lambda Solutions
  2. 2. Meet Our Presenter Tricia Lalli, LMS Administrator WCG Services I worked as an LMS Administrator at the University of British Columbia for thirteen years. In February 2019, I started my current role as an LMS Administrator where I was in charge of implementing the LMS in four months. 2 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  3. 3. Agenda 3 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Part 1: Before Implementation • 6 Steps of Implementation Part 2: During Implementation • LMS Troubleshooting Part 3: After Implementation • LMS Best Practices • How to Measure Success? Q&A
  4. 4. Poll What is your biggest challenge when it comes to LMS administration/implementation? 4 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET ● Getting Users to actually use the LMS ● Having enough time to complete all the admin tasks ● Managing the LMS with a small team ● Reporting with unclear or incomplete metrics ● Other (please type your answer in the question box)
  5. 5. 6 Steps of LMS Implementation 5 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  6. 6. 6 Steps of Implementation Start Date: end of January 2019 6 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  7. 7. 1. Staff: Totara is used for professional development, role-based training, and lunch and learns. 2. Clients: Totara is used as a platform for clients to register for workshops, receive certificates of completion after a workshop is attended, and self-directed job search courses. Our company has two end users: 7 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 1: Understand End Users
  8. 8. 1. Gather the information that will be needed to create the staff position and organization hierarchies. 2. Create an organization hierarchy for all the programs in our company 8 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 2: Build Users Structure
  9. 9. ● Build out the hierarchies and start populating in Excel for HR Import. ● The following is an example of the tabs used to build our hierarchy In numeric order each tab was populated with the required information to prepare for the HR import. The HR import was completed in the following sequence 1. Organizations and Positions were uploaded first to created the structure of the site 2. Staff Users were uploaded along with their job assignment 9 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 3: Set Up HR Import
  10. 10. 1. Staff users were emailed their usernames and a password to access to Totara 2. Clients- self-enrol into Totara using their unique email In addition, group specific audiences and dashboards were created for each specific group in order to guide the user into the Totara areas that were specific to each group. The two user groups gain access to Totara by: 10 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 4: Establish Enrollment
  11. 11. The creation of courses were divided into two parts based off our user groups ● Staff: courses for professional development, role based training, and lunch and learn training ● Client: workshop courses and self-direct courses 11 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 5: Build Courses
  12. 12. Defining what is a Learning Management System (LMS) for staff. We defined an LMS to staff as: ● A collaborative platform used to manage online learning and support training ● The LMS provides a centralized location for learning and training content 12 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 6: Putting It All Together
  13. 13. Here is the onboarding training and documentation established prior to launch date: Training ● Multiple daily training webinars with demonstrations on how to perform each task that was expected by staff. ● The webinars were recorded so staff could go back and review the sessions later ● Being available virtually to walk staff through various steps 13 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 6: Putting It All Together - continued
  14. 14. Documentation ● Step by step handouts and videos for staff based on the following topics ○ How to log into Totara ○ Add a workshop ○ Register a client in a workshop ○ Register a client in a workshop after the event has taken place ○ Confirm workshop attendance ● Handouts for clients ○ How to create an account in Totara ○ How to register for workshops 14 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Step 6: Putting It All Together - continued
  15. 15. April 1, 2019 Our company successfully launches Totara with the name Learning for Work Launch 15 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  16. 16. LMS Troubleshooting 16 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  17. 17. LMS Troubleshooting • The LMS is new for many users, so having patience goes a long way to help minimize the frustration of users • Let users know the benefits of using an LMS • Creating different types of training that is helpful to all learning types Problems/Issues During Launch 17 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  18. 18. Anticipated Problem #1 Problem: Within in the first few weeks of launch it was evident that many clients struggled with technology so having them try to register for a workshop online created a barrier. Solution: Our Employment Counsellors began registering clients in workshops to minimize the frustration for clients. Going the extra step for our clients showed we are there to support them What if clients do not sign up for workshops? 18 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  19. 19. Anticipated Problem #2 Problem: Staff were too busy to attend the role-based training. Solution: We offered a series of three webinars over lunch and recorded each of the webinars. If staff could not attend the webinar they could listen to the recording of webinar. To increase engagement we hosted a contest by creating a quiz on the webinars and offering a prize on which office scored over 80%. Will staff attend role-based training? 19 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  20. 20. After the Launch 20 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  21. 21. After the Launch... Staff • How to log in? • Is the LMS being used? • What barriers are preventing the use of the LMS? • Which individuals need one on one support • Receive feedback that will enhance the user experience … An LMS Administrator should pay attention to the following: Clients • Complete the self-enroll fields properly • Identify barriers that prevent clients to self-enroll on their own • Update documentation to be intuitive • What barriers are preventing clients from signing up for workshops on their own? 21 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  22. 22. LMS Best Practices 1. Ask for feedback from users on how to make the LMS work better for them. 2. Walk through the path of a users experience to ensure the path is easy and helpful. 3. Review courses to ensure the material is up to date and content has not been changed or deleted 4. Create a user manual with videos and handouts to engage all types of learners Strategies to Maintain and Improve LMS 22 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  23. 23. Here are some Zoola reports that are created to track engagement and measure success: 1. Staff Activity 2. Client Workshop Attended 3. Annual Compliance Training 4. Training Assessment Results 5. Training Assessment Breakdown 6. Most Attended Workshops How to measure success? 23 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET After Launch
  24. 24. Conclusion and Main Takeaways ● Being organized will help all the steps to be completed successfully ○ Ensure you have all the information to complete your user structure ○ Map out your hierarchies in advance ● Build the courses so you are able to get data for Zoola Analytics ○ Use Lessons ○ Choose different activities for the users to participant in ○ Ask senior management what type of reports they would like to see ● Have fun! Quick Tips 24 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  26. 26. What’s Next? Thursday, December 12, 2019 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET How to Utilize Data to Improve Operational and Learning Effectiveness 26 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  27. 27. Thank You! 27 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET