Outbound call centre - How Value-Ad works !


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Shows how to increase the effectiveness of an outbound direct call centre. Get more out of what you already have!

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Outbound call centre - How Value-Ad works !

  1. 1. Increasing Outbound Call Centre Revenue
  2. 2. Fact 1 Salespeople don’t sell equally well to all prospects They sell to some but don’t get past “hello” with others.
  3. 3. Fact 2 You can’t change your resources on a whim It is difficult, timely, costly, and often almost impossible to change the technology, processes and salespeople you have.
  4. 4. So how can you take your Outbound Call Centre revenue to the next level?
  5. 5. With reference to Facts 1 and 2 Value-Ad can help you INCREASE YOUR STRIKE RATE • In a matter of months • Using your existing resources • Without revealing confidential client details • With No down time No training No upfront payments • And only paying a percentage of the uplift you get
  6. 6. The theory behind what we do? Adding the salesperson to the traditional propensity to purchase model has a profound effect on strike rate. Sales are not only driven by the quality of leads you have, but also by the kind of leads your sales team are able to sell to.
  7. 7. So what do we do? 1) Mathematically profile each salesperson’s past sales to determine which leads they will do best with. 2) Select these types of leads from the contact list your team is about to call. 3) Match the salesperson with the type of leads they specifically usually succeed with. 4) Measure the increase in strike rate.
  8. 8. Need more detail? • In the graph we compare the profiles of two sales peoples (TSR1 and TSR 11), when applied to the same 12 000 prospects. • Each circle represents a lead and each axis indicates the probability a lead will be sold to by that salesperson (either TSR 1 or 11) • The closer a lead is to probability of 0 (bottom left corner), the less likely either salesperson can sell to them. • Each lead’s positioning represents their probability of success with reference to each TSR. When assigning leads we select leads to assign to TRS11 from the shaded block and select from those in the white block to assign to TSR 1.
  9. 9. Need more detail? Impact on Bigger Teams • • In the graph are showing the impact of this model on bigger teams. Several factors have a significant impact on the overall improvement. The diversity of the prospect base and the diversity of the TRS’s to name two.
  10. 10. A Case Study Read how Value-Ad’s Smart Lead Allocation helped Aviva Singapore: • Increase strike rate by an average of 38.3% • Increase average deal size/agent by 25% • Increase outstandings by 22% Or click here to send Value-Ad your contact details.